20 Duties and Responsibilities of a Nannies for Your Child


Planning to hire a nanny and want to know about nanny’s major roles and responsibilities before hiring her? If yes, you are not alone. Many parents like you want to know the scope of a nanny’s work. What will they do, how much time will they spend with your children and what extra responsibilities they will they shoulder are major concerns. Here we have compiled a list of major duties and responsibilities of a nanny.

Makes Environment Safe and Secure

Let’s put the first thing first. The first and most important role of a nanny is to create a safe and secure environment for the child. And they are quite good at it. They make sure that hazardous materials is kept out of the reach of the people. They make sure that sharp edged things like knife and other potential things that can make injury remain out of the reach of the children. They cover the electric sockets and other susceptible points.

Ensures Personal Hygiene

Nannies play a pivotal role in maintaining the personal hygiene of the child. Besides they are also responsible for inculcating personal hygiene habits in children.  She teaches him/her how to maintain personal hygiene, wash hands, brush teeth and take bath.

Potty Training

It is an age specific responsibility of nannies. If the children are smaller in age, a nanny has to take the tedious task of potty training. Nannies are trained in these skills. But potty training requires effort and a lot of reinforcement.

Prepares Meal Plan

A nanny is also supposed to prepare meal plans for the child.  It is nanny’s responsibility to come up with a nutritious meal plan for the child. She is the one who prepares a meal plan

Plans Sleep Time

Sleeping habits of the children affect their health. Nannies are experienced at managing the sleep schedule of the children. The create a serene sleep environment and narrate bed time stories so that your child can get desired sleep. Through their efforts they maintain a consistent sleep cycle for your children.

Planning Learning Activities

Good nannies understand the importance of learning for kids.  To do this, they plan learning activities so that their kids can be taught new skills and things without much effort. Through their efforts, they create curiosity among the children. It goes without saying that curious children learn faster.

Assisting with Homework

The roles and responsibilities of the children are very vast because they play a pivotal role in shaping the personality of children. As children are burdened with the homework and assignment from the school and parents are away for work, the responsibility of helping children with their homework lies with the nannies.

Improving Imagination

Not all nannies are equal. The quality of nanny has a direct bearing on the children. It is why parents should be extra careful while hiring a nanny. Good nannies know how to improve imagination and creativity among the children. They plan various games and activities to nurture their imagination.

Improving Cognitive And Motor Skills

Improvement in cognitive and motor skill are highly important for the growth of the children. Good nannies know how to improve these skills so that foundation of a successful future can be laid. Nannies with such skills are not easy to find but you should try to get them onboard.

Looking After Emotional Health

Apart from ensuring his physical health, a nanny is also responsible for the emotional health of the children. She is the one who teaches to trust others, be honest and treat others with respect.  We all know that man is the product of their habits.

Improving Communication Skill

Communication is they key to success for whatever field you are. So the good communication skills should be inculcated in children from the very beginning. A good nanny teaches children how to communicate with others. Apart from speaking she also teaches them how to be a good listener.

Disciplining Children

One of the major responsibilities that separates nannies from babysitters is introducing a sense of discipline among the children. Nannies sets boundaries among the children and make them believe that their demands will not always be met.

Teaching Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving is an important personality traits for successful people. A good nanny teaches problem solving skills to children. This skill help children find a solution when faced with adversity.

Transporting as per Requirements

One of the major responsibilities nannies have to carry out is that transporting them for activities. Nannies make arrangement for transporting children for activities. Children might have to go out for medical check-ups, learning and other extracurricular activities.

Working on Small Stuff

The work of nanny also involves doing small stuff for the children. These small stuff include buying grocery, cleaning and doing other things that are not mentioned here.  To put it simple, they make the life easy for children and their parents.

Scheduling Appointments

The lives of the children are no less happening. They have to meet trainers and go on play dates.  This add to the responsibilities of nannies as they have to manage appointments for them.

Teaching Social Skills

Nannies are there for overall development of the child. And teaching social skill is one such department where the skills of nannies. They own the responsibility of teaching children how to behave in different social situations.

Managing Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs require more focus and it is why the responsibilities of nannies caring for them is very high. Most of the times such nannies are trained to care for children with special needs. These nannies have the responsibilities to understand the abilities and limitations of such children. Sometimes these children require to visit a therapist, and the onus of taking them to the therapist lies with the nanny.

Taking Them For Outdoor Activities

Nannies need to take children for outdoor activities from time to time. These outings may be for playing, exercise or nature walks. A nanny has to make arrangements for it besides ensuring the safety of the children. They have to keep a vigil on what is going around. They go to the extent to see if the  vehicle carrying child is in good condition and the driver is doing his job properly. They don’t tolerate drivers flouting safety norms.

Instilling Independence

Nannies are there to help children with their daily activities. But good nannies go a step further and try to make children independent in various aspects. They teach them that the most of the things they can manage on their own.

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