18 Qualities of a Nanny – Because Your Child Deserves the Best

Top qualities of a nanny

Hiring the right nanny for kids has always been a difficult choice for parents. The problem is not the dearth of options but the difficulty in finding the right one. Parents often look for a nanny who creates a safe and secure environment for their kids and at the same time make some value addition to their personality. Understanding your needs and requirements further makes the nanny desirable. So when you are looking for a nanny, you should look for certain qualities in her. These qualities are as follows.

She Has a Positive Attitude

Good nannies have a positive attitude and they carry it wherever they go. As nurturing a child is a difficult task, this positive attitude help them sail through it. They immediately take charge of the situation and start planning activities for children to keep them engaged.

She Loves Her Job

A large number of working professionals are in wrong jobs. They don’t love their jobs. It is what keeps them stand out in the crowd. People who love their jobs are highly committed and keep excelling at work. So you should prefer hiring a nanny who loves her work.

She Has Patience

Having patience is one of the utmost qualities of a nanny. Dealing with small children is difficult and a nanny has to be patient to shape their personality. Some children may not obey to commands and it is where a nanny’s patience come to the test.

She is Punctual

Punctuality is another another quality for a successful professional and nanny is no exception. A nanny arriving late causes severe inconvenience to parents. Parents heavily rely on nannies that are punctual.

She is Organized

A nanny should be highly organized. She has a definite plan for what to do throughout the day. They have definite plans for when to give snacks, food and when to take them out for activities.

She is Flexible

Besides being organized, flexibility is another quality that sets a nanny apart. They know the importance of being organized but they also understand that things don’t always go as planned. It is why they are a little flexible.

She is Adaptable

Adaptability is one of the major qualities of a nanny. Most nannies have a style of their own but they are not averse to adapt to the requirement of children. Initially they adjust to existing parenting style of the children and make strategies in consultation with the children so that new things can be introduced.

She is a Good Communicator

Good nannies are always great communicators. They have to communicate their viewpoint to the parents as well as children so they can’t do without good communication skills. As sometime they have to take the children to hospital and outdoor activities where they have to communicate with professionals, nannies have to be good at written and oral communication. Besides being a good communicator, they should also be a good listener.

She Loves Children

A good nanny should have a natural tendency for love for children. Education and training are also important but these qualities wouldn’t be effective unless, the nanny has love for children. It is their love that inspire her to come up with positive strategies for well being of the children.

She Is Responsible

As a nanny we look for someone who is responsible in her conduct. As a nanny she would be taking several decision so she should take the decisions responsibility. A good nanny takes decisions and proves them right.

She is Trustworthy

Trust is the currency of any profession and nannies are no exception. No one wants to leave their children with someone who is not trustworthy. They prefer someone who has a great track record for trustworthiness and who takes decisions that are for the well being of the children.

She is Proactive

Good nannies are always proactive. They have a vision that help them come out with a solution to the problems that have not even come to the lives of children and their parents. For example, if a child has a physical or psychological difficulty she knows it and take them to a hospital to treat it in early stage.

She is Creative

Creativity is one of the essential skills for a nanny. Their creative skills help them plan activities to keep children engaged. When children are getting naughty it is the nanny’s responsibility to come up with fun activities to distract them.

She Has Common Sense

They say common sense is very common and there is nothing wrong in it. There are several moments when a nanny has to take critical decision on behalf of the children.So she should be good with common sense.

She is Passionate

Nannies have to work for long and sometimes at unsocial hours. Such a situation could be frustrating for some but not a nanny who is passionate about her work. Being passionate and enthusiastic about the work is one of the top qualities of a nanny.

She Is Easy To Get Along

Being easy to get along is one of the top qualities of a nanny. As a caregiver, she has to maintain a cordial relation with children as well as parents. No doubt, the quality of getting along is one of the essential qualities of a nanny.

She Has a Knack Of Nurturing

Good nannies have a knack for nurturing. They known how to connect children at a deep level and form an emotional bonding with them. She makes his/ her day engaging, fruitful and rich with fun activities. She knows how to nurture a child so that he can emerge as a world class citizen.

She Has Problem Solving Skills

Last but not the least, a good nanny has great problem solving skills. During their work as a nanny she will come across several things that demand immediate attention. She will be faced with several problems that could appear as the end of the road. Here a nanny should have great problem solving skills. Make sure a nanny is equipped with these skills.

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