Are you planning
to build your dream house? Then you must be looking for a strong construction.
It requires a good construction team and quality materials like cement, brick,
stone and TMT bars. As steel makes the framework of construction, you must be
searching for quality TMT bars. Here we suggest ways to choose the right TMT
bar for your construction.

Toughness and Flexibility

Strength and
resilience are two major characteristics you must take into consideration while
choosing the right TMT bars for construction. The strength and resilience help
your structure absorb the shocks during earthquake. You should make it a
priority to buy TMT bars from a fully integrated plant.

Take Grades
into Consideration

selecting the right TMT bars for your building, you must see the TMT grades.
The grade symbolises the strength of the steel. A right balance of flexibility
and strength is the chief characteristic of a good quality TMT saria.

Know the

Ductility is
also a major feature of a top-quality TMT saria. It makes the transportation of
the bars easy and also worthy to be used in construction site. Highly ductile
bars can be easily bended that makes its useful for construction sites.


While buying
TMT saria or bar for your building you must consider the resistance quality of
the bars. The thermal stability of the bars keeps your building safe when unfortunately,
it catches fire.

to Earthquake

resistance is the quality of the TMT bars that helps it withstand the
earthquake. TMT bars couples with cement concrete increases the tensile
strength of the building. By use of good quality TMT bars the loss of human
live during the earthquake can also be minimized.


Want to know
more how to choose TMT bars for your construction? Let us consider another
point. Weldability of TMT bars is also a major property. TMT bars with low
carbon content are easy to weld. You must know the cutting and welding features
of the TMT saria while you are finalizing these bars for your building

Listen to Your

While selecting
the right TMT bar for your construction you must take your architect advice
into consideration. An experienced architect can better decide on type of TMT
bars as per load factor. He also takes into account structure and physical

Choose the Right

 A new construction requires different kinds of
TMT saria, so you should choose a supplier with good stock. But before buying,
you should check the quality of bars on your own or with an architect. You
should also check the price from different suppliers.

Buy from a Primary Manufacturer

While looking
for best TMT bars for your building, you should make sure that you are buying
the TMT saria from a primary manufacture. Avoid buying it from a secondary
manufacturer as the quality may differ.

Brands and Certifications

Brands and
certifications are the major factor to consider while choosing the right TMT bar.
You should check the brand and certifications. Make it a priority to buy brands
with ISO and BIS certifications.

Check It with
Naked Eyes

While buying
the TMT bar for our construction, you should check it through naked eyes. It is
called the naked eye test. Make sure that the company seal is affixed on every
meter of length. The bars should be of same length. The bars should be fresh with
no signs of rust.


resistance is one of the key factors while selecting the right TMT bars. As the
strength and durability of the building largely depends on TMT bars, you should
make it a priority to use rust resistant TMT bars.


is one of the major factors while choosing the TMT bars. The longer the
elongation, better it is. TMT saria with good elongation also saves your money.
You can check the elongation of a particular brand of TMT bars online.

Custom Check

You should
make sure that you are using the TMT bars with right length and width. An engineer
or architect can be contacted in this regard. Every construction has its own
length and width requirement and you should always select the right TMT bars
with right size.


While buying
TMT bars for construction, you should preferably buy it from a reputed manufacturer.
As we all know that reputed manufacturers have state of the art production
units and research and development departments to produce high quality TMT

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