25 Tips to Deal With Hard Times And Become A Strong Person


Most of us have to face difficult times during our lifetime. But is our
approach to deal with hard times that makes us a looser or survivor. Dealing
with tough times may sound difficult at first but one who gather courage, never
say die, and shows perseverance often find a way to get through it. The history
is full of examples where common men have faced several hurdles and bad times
only to emerge victorious. So, if you are also faced with the hard times, don’t
think that it is the end of the road. Be patient, do hard work, persevere and
you will soon find a way. Here we give great tips to deal with difficult times.

Write Your Problem

Writing organizes your thought. So, when you face a problem that worries
you, write it down. Putting it in words also releases tension. Write it down
even if you are not great at writing. Writing about an upsetting experience is
not that easy but the exercise is worth it.  It is one of the best practices for dealing
with hard times.

Face the problem

The best way to deal with tough times is to face it. Going into denial
mode or blaming the responsibility on others will only make the problem worse. You
should try to find the solution for the problem. Asses the pros and cons of the
problem and reach to a solution. Even if you don’t find a perfect solution, you
can settle with reasonably good solution.

Be Social

People with a good social network are more likely to get a solution than
those who live in isolation. A good social network helps you find solution to
your problems. With an extended network you are more likely to get solutions
that you can’t find on your own. Being social also helps you stay happy and deal
with difficult times.

This Too Shall Pass

Time is the greatest healer and some problems can be better resolved
with time. The things can be better explained with a story. Once a king met a
seer and ask some blessings. The seer gave him a talisman and said that he
should open it when he is faced with problem. Once the king lost his kingdom
then, the king talisman came to his mind. He opened the talisman and there was
a paper in the talisman that read this too shall pass. The king worked hard and
with luck he regained the territory at an opportune time.it is a story how to persevere
in hard times.


See the Brighter Side

They say every cloud has a silver lining. Your problem also may have
some brighter sides that you may not be looking at. For example, if you have
lost the job, it is the right time to find the job that best suits your
inclination. You can also use this time to set up your own business. Seeing at
the brighter side of a situation will help you come out of it. You should read
the positive quotes on dealing with hard times.

You’re Not Alone

Every living person has a problem and you are not alone. If you think
that you are poor and money can solve your problems then you are not the right
thinker. Even after you get the money you will have problems of some other
kinds. In fact, rich people have more problems. If you think that you don’t
have jobs and a job will solve your problem then you should ask a person doing
job. Those with jobs have problems of different kind. So, what is required is a
change of mindset.  A positive mindset
will help you survive difficult times.

Problems Make You Stronger

Problems change you for better or worse but these are not going to leave
you as the same person you are. It all depends on mindset. You can find various
example where a person met with a problem emerge as a better person. One of my
friends was working as a clerk and living on a meagre income. His girlfriend
ditched him for a well-off guy. My friend took it positively and prepared for
competitive examination to be and he succeeded. Had his girlfriend not ditched
him he would have been continuing in the same job. With positive attitude you
can emerge better and deal with difficult times.

Don’t Exaggerate Your Problem

Put your problem in right perspective. Exaggerating a problem worsens
it. If you are facing a downtime in your business it doesn’t mean it will
continue forever. If you are not getting success in sales despite best efforts,
that doesn’t mean you have to leave this career. Ups and downs are parts of
life, what is in your hand is to keep working hard and this temporary phase
will soon be over.

Take Action

Having patience is good but patience doesn’t mean inaction. You should
make efforts to solve your problems. If you are jobless, register yourself at a
job portal. If you are poor then find ways to make money. Taking action is
necessary to solve problems. Noting will change unless you work on it. Taking
action is one of the best ways to deal with difficult times. 

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Have Faith

There is a saying that you can move mountains with faith. People with
faith and spiritual inclinations are better positioned to face difficult times.
They believe that whatever is happening is happening because of will of the
god. With this mindset, the never get frustrated and disappointed and keep
working on their problems unless the luck smiles on them. Faith teaches you how
to fight tough times.

Know All the Possibilities

While tackling a problem you should know all the possibilities related
to it. If you have lost your job then going through the daily job postings in
newspapers could be a good idea. You should also contact a job consultant and
ask about the various job openings available with them. Even there is no job
that can match your qualification you should take a job with a small pay
package so that your daily expenses can be met. This exercise will help you get
the job and survive difficult times.

Be Grateful

Gratefulness is a way of life. You could be grateful to god or you could
be grateful to nature. There are no specific reasons for it. You could be
grateful for sun; you could be grateful for or even for the help from a friend.
Count your blessings and your find that your problem is not that big. A sense
of gratitude plays a key role in fighting difficult times.

Company of Positive People

The company you keep has an influence on your personality.  You are the average of the five people you
spend the most time with, says Jim Rohn. So, surround yourself with positive people
as their company would help you remain positive at the face of adversity. With
a positive attitude solution of even a difficult problem can be found. Positive
people can also guide you on how to fight the difficult times.

Keep Your Expectations Low

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst, goes a saying. Keeping the expectations
low helps fight disappointment. Sometimes we are not able to get desired
results even after doing hard work. During these bad times keeping your
expectation low will keep you at peace. The low expectations will help you
survive the difficult times.

Welcome Change

No situation can remain the same for life. So, you shouldn’t get upset
as a situation change. Except the change as a new normal. Try to adjust with
the changing times. Those who resists change can get stressed. So, you should
accept change as a part of your life. It is one of the best ways to deal with
hard times.

Say no to Drugs

While facing difficult times, some of the people seek respite in drugs
and alcohol. But taking to drugs will only worsen the situation. Taking to
drugs is like seeking an escape which will not solve your problem. Rather you
should confront your problem and find a way. If you have already taken to drugs
an alcohol you should quit this habit immediately and find ways to handle tough
time in your life.

Revisit Positive Memories

While facing the difficult time and getting disappointed you should
remember that you have enjoyed good times as well. Revisit the past memories of
good times. It won’t solve your problem but it will give you an assurance that
your hard times won’t stay for long.

Deal with One Thing at a Time

They say misfortune never comes alone. There are times when we get
surrounded by a number of problems. If it is the case with you shouldn’t get
tempted to deal with all the problems at a time. Instead you should prioritize
your problems and solve them accordingly.

Seek Counseling

Sometimes we are not able to put our problems in the right perspective
and hence couldn’t find a solution. Here taking counseling could be a great
idea. A counselor will analyze your problems and help you find the right
solution. A good counselor will also
show way to deal with difficult times.

Have a Support System

A good support system will absorb the shock during the difficult times.
Have a support system that you can contact in the times of need. A support
system can help you in different ways. Someone can support you financially,
someone can help you emotionally…

See the Big Picture

Tough times are a part of life and not the entire life. Once these times
are over, you can have a new beginning in life. So, don’t believe that tough
times will stay forever. Believe that this phase is temporary and there is so
much to be explored in life. Seeing the big picture will help you stay positive
and come out of tough times.

Fight Small Battles

If you are not able to win the war, you should focus on winning the
small battles. Improving small things will boost your confidence. Even if your
problem is big divide it into several small goals and solve it one by one. These
small victories will give you confidence to deal with difficult times.

Worrying Can Worsen the Situation

Dale Carnegie has written a famous book named How to Stop Worrying and
Start Living. Worrying can make the things worse for you. Some people have the
habit of worrying. They worry about almost everything. Their habit of worry
makes a mountain out of a mole. It is action not worry that helps you get
through the difficult times.

Keep Smiling

Smiling may not solve your problems but it helps you keep negativity at
bay. Smiling helps you fights negative feeling and also relaxes you from
stress. It also avoids attention from negative people who want bad news from

Live in the Moment

You can’t correct the past and the future is yet to come. So, you
needn’t worry about the past and future. You should live in the moment. Live as
there is no tomorrow. It is the key to happiness  and dealing with difficult times.

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