Be it building your own home or building a commercial project, you need
to hire the right architect. Having the right person to create a house plan and
provide you with the perfect building design will make your building a visual
delight. There are countless architecture firms around but you can’t believe a
random firm as there is so much on the stack. Here we suggest ways to find the
right architecture firm.


Do Your Own Assessment

Before searching for an architect and seeking references you should make sure
that you have assessed your requirements first. A better understanding of your
requirements will help you find an architect firm that perfectly meets your
requirement. Apart from what you want to build you should have a clear idea of
how much area you need to cover, your budget and the maximum time you allot to

Word of Mouth

Like any other field, the conventional way of word of mouth still holds good
here. You should ask your friends, family and the larger professional network
whether they know any good architecture design company. As few members of your
professional group may have worked with architects, they are in a better
position to say it. You can also seek references from contractors, building
material suppliers and small-time architects. You can also contact someone who
has recently got such a service.

See the Samples

They say that the test of puddings is in eating. Likewise, an architecture firm
can be better identified with its work. Most of the architect companies have a
detailed portfolio that can easily be found on their website or a hard copy of
it can be delivered to you on request. If they have worked on a project that is
not far from where you live, then visiting the site would be a great idea. If
you are satisfied with their work you can invite them for negotiation. If
possible, talk to the owners of these projects and know whether they are
satisfied with the work.

Visit their Website

Most of the reputed architecture companies have websites of their own where
they give complete details of their work. You should visit their websites and
know about the different aspects of their work. Most of the websites contain
details of their work, years of existence, details of teams and their
qualification. The images and videos of their most important works are also
given on their websites. In short, their website gives an introduction of the
architect firm you are considering.

Know their Qualification

As there could be a vast number of candidates, you should send them Request for
Qualification (RFQ) to filter them out. A perfect RFQ should include about
yourself, the kind of construction you want to do, the services desired,
construction budget and several other information that you want to submit so
that architect firm can know their eligibility.

Request for Proposal

As the list of contenders become small you should send them Request for
Proposal (RFP). A perfect RFP should include request information that include
the background of the architecture company its legal status and profile of team
that will be working on your project.

Know About the Design

You’re not an architect and it is why you are engaging an architect firm. But
it doesn’t mean you can’t understand the design process. You should ask your
architecture firm about how would they plan your project. There may be certain
jargons you may not understand but you should ask them to explain. If you have
any preference you should tell clearly. And a wise architect will incorporate
it into its strategy.

Go for a Full-Service Firm

An architecture is expected to provide a complete range of services. You should
choose a service provider that offers all the services under one umbrella. You
should understand the various kind of architecture services required and check
where they are providing all these services. Ask if they will be providing
schematic design, design development, 3D modelling and other services to you.
Apart from that, there are several other services like master planning,
entitlements, detailed cost estimating and several other things that should be
done by the architect firm. By hiring a full-service building designer, you
would have more peace of mind.

3D Modelling

A 3D model gives a clear understanding of your construction and you should
demand it from your firm. Architects may find 2D design sufficient but people
with no background in architecture can find it difficult to understand. A 3D
model will help you understand the designs from inside and outside and give you
a complete understanding of how space would look like. Architecture firms have
several designs software that helps them create the near-perfect designs. Ask
if their team has enough resource to do 3D modelling.

Price is Important

Price is one of the important things to consider while choosing the right architecture
company. You should ask about how much they would charge for their services. As
per standard practices, a firm should be given 10 to 25 per cent of the total
budget for residential projects. However, the prices for renovation and
remodelling are charged hourly. You should offer a firm that offers complete
transparency in terms of pricing.

Seek Help in Choosing A Contractor

The task of choosing a contractor lies with the customers. But you can seek the
help of your architect in choosing a contractor. As they have been working with
several contractors, they are in touch with some of the most efficient
contractors. While hiring a contractor you should seek estimates from different
contractors. As a good rapport between contractor and architect is essential
for the success of your project, you should involve your architect in the
selection of a contractor.

Look for a Team Player

Working on a residential project need a team effort where several stack holders
like own, contractor and interior designer are involved. A collaboration of all
these people are needed to make the project a success. So being a team player
is an essential requirement. With a team spirit, different stack holders will
be able to give their best.

Choose a Versatile Architect

Choose an architect firm that is well known for its versatility. You should
prefer a building designer that is well versed with different architectural
designs. With exposure to different designs, they will be able to provide with
a design solution that you would like most. A designer with a versatile
approach will be able to provide you with a design that reflects your vision.


Reputation is the currency to any business and the same applies for an
architecture firm. While looking for such a service you must check its
reputation. One of the best ways to know their reparation is to go to online
review portals where the customers often review services. Social media
platforms can also be a great source for knowing about the reputation of a
business. You can also talk to the previous clients of an architecture firm who
will tell you about the pros and cons of a building designer.


Good communication is a must-have feature for a good architecture firm. As you
have to consistently communicate your concerns so there should be a right
mechanism so that you could communicate your concerns with your architect.

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