When your car collides with some other vehicle, or it gets a scratch, or
it gets a dent, the first thing that comes to mind is an auto body shop. It is
the place where you take your car for repair. Whether you are looking for dent
removal, collision repair or to get your car painted to its original colors,
you can get solutions to all these things here. Before proceeding further let
us know what is an auto body shop.

Auto body repair

Meaning and Definition

The Oxford Dictionary defines body shop as the place where the main
bodies of cars repaired. In common words, it can be referred to as a facility
where you can get your car body or body of other vehicles get repaired after
they get a dent or collision. Merriam Websters Dictionary defines body shop as
a shop where automotive bodies are made or repaired.


An auto body shop does a number of things. It repairs your vehicle to
remove the dent. It does a major repair after your car meets a collision and
major parts get damaged. Its job is not limited to the repair of the parts. If
required it also does the painting work in matching colors. Whenever
replacement of parts is needed, it sources the parts from the Original
Equipment Manufacturer so that your car can be restored to its former glory.

Here is a look at what auto body shops do.

Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle inspection is one of the major tasks. A body inspection should
be done in a way that every defect and damage can be listed. An inspection done
well makes the task of repair easy. It’s a rigorous process and while doing so
the manufacturers’ guidelines must be followed.

Frame Repair

Frame repair is one of the most sought-after services. The frame is the
inner structure of the car. Every model of the car has a different frame and a
technician must be in the know of these frames. The frames of pickups have a
different repair requirement than a car. Some leading manufacturers have their
specific set of instructions regarding frame repair that must be followed.

Body Repair

Body repair is another major service you would be looking for. Body
repair service restores your car to its original form. A body repair service
involves various tasks that include reviewing damaged parts, prepare estimates,
repair damaged parts, remove dents and give a finishing touch. The service
needs skilled and experienced technicians with certification from brands.

Collision Repair

A collision leaves your car body deformed and restoring it to its
original form is not a small challenge. It needs great expertise and the latest
tools and technologies. You should choose a collision center with great
expertise in restoring vehicles to their original form.

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Body Paint

Your car can’t be restored to its original form only after body or frame
repair. It needs to be painted well so that its original charm can be restored.
Your car needs a good body painter to provide it with a great finish. Most of
the facilities have excellent auto body paint booths that can match the paint
with the original color.

Paintless Dent Removal

Dents can appear due to multiple reasons. It may be due to some ill
controlled grocery cart, reckless driving by some other driver or even due to
stray stones. Whatever the reason may be these dents need instant removal. An
auto body shop has a team of technicians that can remove the dent using
sophisticated tools.

Auto Glass Repair

Most of the accidents – even minor one – leave your car with broken
window and windshield. So, you must be looking for a shop with expertise in
auto glass repair. You should choose a service that can restore your vehicle to
its former stage.

Auto Detailing

Auto detailing is the process of cleaning the vehicle from top to bottom
using specialized tools and technologies that common car wash services seldom
do. It cleans the car meticulously and polishes it to enhance its color.

Auto Body Paint

Tools and Equipment for Auto Body Shop

Air Compressor

Air compressor is an essential tool for paint jobs. A right kind of
compressor is essential for perfect painting after dent removal.

Spray Gun

Spray gun is essential equipment for painting and the quality of
painting depends a lot on spray gun. So, investing in this equipment is worth
it for auto body paint shops.

Slide Hammer

Slide hammer is ideal equipment for pulling out panels or removing dent.
A repairing facility must have a high-end hammer.

Hammer and Dolly Set

Hammer and Dolly Set are needed to force panels to its original shape.
These are basic equipment and investing in them worth the money.

Dual Action Sander

Dual-action sander is a versatile tool with a wide range of application
in body shops. The equipment can be called a cross between a belt sander and a
disk sander.

Belt Sander

Belt sanders are used to remove material from a surface. This tool is
used to remove spot. The tool uses brute force so you should use it with a lot
of caution.

Disk Sander

Disk sanders are used to make surfaces smooth. So, without a doubt, it
is a must-have tool for body repair services. You should invest generously in
such tools.

Air Compressor

An air compressor has an essential role in making a paint gun effective.
It gives pain gun power to do the job effectively.

Air Hoses

Car painting needs air under controlled pressure. It is where air hoses
are needed. You should choose a hose that is long enough but easy to carry.

Paint Booth

A paint booth is essential if a facility offers painting as a service.
While small painting works can be managed easily large projects need dedicated
paint booth.

Paint Mixing Equipment

A paint mixing equipment is needed to mix the paint effectively so that
a smooth finish can be ensured.

Glass Removal Tool

Glass removal tools are needed to remove the glass from windows and
windshields cleanly. It is an essential tool for auto glass repair.

Putty Knives

Putty knives, also called body fill spreaders, is meant for mixing body
fillers or bondo. This tool is available in metal and plastic both. We recommend
metal putty knives.

Suction Cup Dent Pullers

Suction cup dent pullers are used for removing the dent from the
vehicle. It uses suction force to restore the dented part to its previous

Stud Action Dent Pullers

It is another tool for dent removal. It welds a stud on the dented area.
And when the dent is removed, the stud is erased.

Auto Body Glass Repair

How to Choose the Right Auto Body Shop

The quality of your repair depends on the selection of your auto body
shop. So, you should take a lot of care while choosing it. How to select the
right shop is the question that intrigues many. Here we give valuable tips on
choosing the right service provider.

Seek Recommendation

It is one of the most common ways of choosing a product or service that
also applies here. While choosing an auto body repair you should ask your
friends, relatives or colleagues about service. Most of them may have used the
service and they can give valuable tips about the selection and do’s and
don’ts. They will also tell about the pros and cons of several services.

Location and Overhead

If you want to get the right service at the right prices then you should
consider location and overhead. As per some observation, the per hour price is
high in the ritzy area. Some auto body shop with a glitzy set up also charges
more as they have to pay to a number of reception staffs. Instead, you should
go for a facility where there is more focus on the quality of work.

Invites Estimates from Different Shop

The auto body repair market is highly competitive and you should take
benefits of its competition. You should seek estimates from the several shops
in your vicinity. It will give you a fair idea about the real cost of services.
But while choosing the service you shouldn’t always go with the lowest estimates
instead you should choose a service that offers value for money.

Ask Tactical Question

Knowing about the service provider is important. You should know what to
ask an auto body shop. Asking the right question will help you understand the
service better. You should ask about the estimates, technicians, facilities and
delivery time. You should also ask whether they are offering a warranty.

Auto Body Shops Near Me

You should give a preference to a shop that is near to you. There are
several benefits attached to a nearby service. You can monitor the progress of
your work on your vehicle. By hiring a shop near you, a good relationship can
be made that can be better used.

Meet Your Mechanic

You may be meeting a particular mechanic for day to day repair and this
mechanic knows your car better. You should know his recommendation regarding
your auto body repair needs. You shouldn’t necessarily work on his suggestions
but it will give you valuable insight.


The workshop should have a team of qualified technicians. It should be a
team where every technician knows his work well. There should be people who
know how to remove a dent, some of them should be good at changing the
windshields while some others should know how to paint and give the finishing

Company Recommended Shops

Major car manufacturers approve certain shop for repair work. They make
these recommendations based on the quality of their services. So, if you have
found such an accredited shop for your car then it is better. However, it is
not necessary.

Online Review

Customer these days are vocal about the product and they speak out on
social media and review website. While choosing a body shop you should pay
attention to the reviews available online. It will help you make an opinion.

Go by Gut feeling

All these suggestions are good but it is you who have to take the final
decision. You should make a decision taking all these things into account. You
should visit the facility and feel the ambience. There are shops that look good
online but customers don’t like them due to poor repair work.

Auto Body Dent Removal

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing the Right Auto body Shop

Most of the experience comes from mistakes but the price of learning
from the mistakes is the way too high. The ideal way is to learn from others’
mistakes. Here we list the common mistakes people do while choosing the right
auto body shop.

Going for the Cheapest Option

Everyone wants to save money and there is nothing wrong in it. But what
is wrong is always looking for the cheaper options. But going by an estimate is
not always a good idea. You should prefer an auto body repair service which is
competent enough to repair your cars to perfection. Money shouldn’t get
priority over the security of your family.

Blindly following Insurers Recommendation

Most of the time people go for an auto body shop recommended by the
insurance company. You should do their own research, and in all probability,
they will find a shop that offers quality services at an affordable price.
Sometime you may not like the work done by the shop recommended by your
insurance company.

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Not Looking for Added Benefits

While choosing a shop most of the people avoid going for added benefits.
Some of the shops offer benefits like towing the car to shop and loaning you a
car that you can use while your car is being repaired. These benefits are
simple but can reduce the impact on your daily life.

No Attention to Tools

Most of the car owners don’t pay attention to tools being used at the
auto body shop. This negligence was not harmful a few decades before as the
cars were not that sophisticated. The cars these days are much more advanced
and repairing them without proper tools could do more harm than good.

Picking the First Facility on The Way

When met with an accident, people pick the first auto body shop that
comes on the way. You should avoid doing this mistake. You should seek an
estimate from the different shops and know about their works and experiences.
You should assign the task to experienced one, not the nearest one.

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Frequently Asked Question on Auto Body Shop

Do I have to use the body shop my insurance company recommends?

No, the choice of the auto body shop is entirely yours and you are under
no obligation to follow the recommendations of the insurance company. You
should get the service that you find competent.

What should I look for when
picking up my car from the body shop?

You should look at a number of things while picking the car. These are
as follows:

  • Is the paint looking even?
  • Is the repair spot looks even?
  • Can windows and doors be easily closed and opened?
  • Are windows and lights property covered?
  • Has your car been properly cleaned?

Do auto body shops fix scratches?

Yes, they fix scratches as they are properly trained for it. They also
have a lot of tools to do the scratch repair perfectly.

Is body shop paint as good as factory?

To be candid, no. The paint at the factory is more resistant than the
paint at the shop. The paint at the factory is baked at a high temperature.
Shops don’t have that facility.

Can a body shop fix dent?

Yes, they can. Removing the dent is one of the important things an auto
body repair shops do. The technicians at these shops are experienced in dent
removal. They have improved technology and tools for it. Once repaired the
surface can be painted.

How long does it take a body shop to fix a car?

It depends a lot on the kind of work. Collision repair can take one- or
two-week time while smaller task like fixing scratches can be done in a small

How do I choose a body shop?

You have to take a number of things into consideration while choosing a
body shop detail of which are given in the section above.

Can a body shop fix rust?

Yes, they can fix rust. If treated at the earlier stage, it can be
stopped from becoming big. A good technician can treat it properly before it
becomes incurable.

Do dealerships do bodywork?

Most dealerships do the body repair work for their make and models.
However not all the dealerships have this facility and they recommend some auto
body shops with better facilities for this work.

Is it better to go to a dealership for bodywork?

If you require a body repair work for your vehicle then going to a dealership
is a good idea. The dealerships have improved and manufacturer-approved
technology, latest tools and equipment and computer matched paint to restore
your car to former conditions.

Why are car repairs so expensive?

Perfect technicians are hard to find. Besides, a lot of investment
required in setting up a repair shop. Tools and machines need a huge
investment. These things make the labor cost expensive.

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