Your car is uber luxurious and you want to clean it in a way that it shines like a new car. You don’t want to assign the task to an ordinary car wash facility where your car won’t get the proper treatment. But you don’t have to worry any more. Car washing has reached a new level and now the state of the art facilities have come up under the car spa or auto spa.

Car Spa Service

What is the Car Spa?  Meaning and Definition

Car Spa is a synonym to car detailing. It can be defined as a facility where cars are detailed by highly trained technicians using advanced technologies and brand recommended chemical to get the original shine back. Every car is different and so is its detailing procedures. It takes all these things into account and offers a detailing that best suits your car.

Types of Car Spa

It can be broadly divided into three types.

  • Exterior Car Spa
  • Interior Car Spa
  • Complete Car Spa

Let us describe these types in a detailed manner.

Exterior Car Spa

Under the exterior car spa, the detailing of exteriors of the car is done. Your car is cleaned, dried, waxed and polishes. The process details exterior, windshield, glasses and wheels. The entire exercise is to restore the shine of your vehicle.

Interior Car Spa

The interior car spa is focused on providing a clean and hygienic interior for drivers and passengers. On the same time, it focuses on extending the life of the upholstery. Apart from cleaning the seat, dashboard and mat, the leather part of the interior is polished so that it can last long. Vent and AC ducts are also cleaned to make driving fun.

Complete Car Spa

In the complete car spa, both the interior and exterior of your car are detailed. The focus is to detail the car completely.  Most of the car owners look for complete car detailing.

Car SPA Luxury

Benefits of Car Spa

A car spa offers various benefits to your car and it is why the services are getting increasingly popular among the owners. Here we describe the major benefits.

Quality Detailing

Detailing services are very common but most of these services don’t understand the requirements of your car. But it is not the case with an auto spa where everything about your car is taken into consideration and it is given the best detailing it deserves. So, quality is the hallmark of this service.

Standard Procedure

An auto spa aims at rejuvenating the appearance of your car so it doesn’t adopt the cheap practices. Instead, it takes into consideration the best practices in detailing. The guidelines of the manufacturer are also given due respect.

Car Value Preservation

The luxury car owners are a different lot. Despite having the best driving machines at their disposal, they are not satisfied and they keep looking for new arrivals. Most of the time, they sale their car for new arrivals. An auto spa helps preserve the value of their car so that they can be sold at a good price.

Boosting the Inside Ambience

With thorough cleaning, right detailing and perfuming the inside ambience of your vehicle gets a boost. If you are an avid driver who wants to go on long drives then a good inside ambience of the car is what you might be looking for.

Fixing Scratches

Even after the best driving, sometime you may get minor scratches on your car exterior. If left untreated, these scratches can change the appearance of your vehicle. A good facility can treat these scratches with perfection.

Car Spa Detailing

How to Choose the Right Car Spa

Due to its important role in maintaining the shine and interior hygiene of your car, you might be looking for the right kind of spa.  Here are tips to select the right spa.

Visit the Facility

If you have time, you should visit the spa personally and ensure that is it the right facility to detail your car. You should see the machines available and talks to technicians to know whether they are qualified enough to carry out the cleaning. You should also ensure that if the facility has all the right tools and technologies required for detailing a high-end car. A car detailing needs services like washing, drying, waxing and polishing, so a car spa must excel in all these areas.

Visit their Website

A website is the best way to know about the services of a car spa as they list all the services and facilities available. Some of the websites also showcase testimonials where they show the kind of services they have been offering. From their website, you should know how old they are, as experience matters a lot for an auto spa. Check if they have got any accreditation for their services. Know about the various car spa packages available with them.  Also, know if they have served your brand of the car before.

Go Through the Review

There are several portals that publish online reviews of several customers facing services including car spa. You should go through these reviews. Most of the times, users get candid about these services. You should go for the service that gets the high appreciation from the customers.


Before giving your car to an auto spa, you should make sure that the facility is insured. Having insurance is good for the shop as well as the customers. Despite all the care, sometimes accidents happen that may lead to damage to your car. If the auto spa is covered with insurance the losses can be easily covered.

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A car spa generally charges more than what an ordinary car detailing service charge. As they have modern machines, certified technicians and top in class products so their prices worth it. But these prices should not be exorbitant. You should go to a service that offers value for money.  The ideal way is to invite an estimate from different shops and choose a service that sounds good.

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