Metal fabrication may appear as industrial terminology but it is very
much present in our daily life. The process is used to create a large number of
products that are in daily use. From paper clips to automobile to the
construction industry, it plays a great role in our daily life. But what
appears as a sophisticated product in our hands goes through several stages of
fabrication. Before we proceed further and understand how to choose the right
company, let us describe major steps in the metal fabrication process.

Metal Fabrication

Different Steps in Metal Fabrication


Here the sheets of metals are cut as per the requirements. Sometimes metal is
freshly cut as per the requirement. For some other use, pre-shaped bars are
used. It is the basic step in metal fabrication.


This step involves folding of a metal surface to a particular angle. It is a
complex process and requires high-end equipment.


Unlike other processes, welding is very much known to people with little or no
industrial background. In this process, a fabricator welds together two
different metal parts. Different types of welding methods are available.


In this process, a metal surface is given the desired shape by removing certain
parts of it. Mostly the process involves a lathe machine.


This metal fabrication process involves punching. In this process, a punch is
used to create a hole. The process is used to make a hole in sheet metal in an
economical way. Most of the time punch is used on a metal sheet. However, it can
also be used on the roll.


The process is used where a long cut is required. It can be done in different
ways. It can be cut horizontally; it can be cut vertically or sometimes the
metal sheets can be placed on an open cutter.


In this stage of metal fabrication, certain patterns or marks are formed on a
metal surface using a die. in this process no holes are made on the surface.
Currency coins could be a good example of it.


Casting is perhaps the oldest practice in metal fabrication. In this process,
molten metal is poured into a mould and allowed to get solid. The process is
used to form shapes that are not easy to make through other methods.

Tips to Choose the Right Metal Fabrication Company

Whether you run a
construction company, an equipment manufacturer firm or preparing products for
industrial or consumer needs, you can’t do without a metal fabrication company.
Not every metal fabricator work with perfection and you might be looking for a
company that meets the quality standards. You need to take several things into
account while choosing such a company. Here we suggest ways to find the right
metal fabricator.

Check it for Experience

Metal fabrication work needs perfection and perfection come from experience.
The years of an existence spent in this business matters a lot. More the number
of projects done by the company the better it is. If the company has worked on
a diverse kind of project then it is better. You can better understand the
experience of the company by visiting their website. Go to about us page of
their website where most of the business owners write about their existence. If
you want to know about the practical side of their experience, then you should
visit the review websites where customers candidly voice their opinion. You
should ask them what kind of metal fabrication works they have done – stainless
steel fabrication or aluminium fabrication.


A fabrication service is a team effort and those looking for a  service should know about their team. Ask
your metal fabricator company about their team size. If they have the right
number of people to meet your work requirements. Just numbers are not enough.
you should also check about their qualification, skills and experience. You
should know about how many people will do fabrication work and how many of them
will be involved with administrative work. Do they have experience in the
different form of fabrication and welding, like steel fabrication or aluminium
fabrication? As a fabricator, they should have knowledge about different forms
of fabrication that include sheet metal fabrication, custom metal fabrication
and structural steel fabrication among the others.

Quality of Work

Quality of work is something you should pay most attention to and no customer
will compromise on that. There are several parameters prescribed by the
regulatory bodies to maintain the quality standards. Apart from the government
regulations, you may have set some standards for the quality work and your
fabricator must comply with these standards. A service provider must have
knowledge of the different process involved and they must be equipped with the
right tools and technologies to meet the quality standards. You should ensure
that they are using the latest equipment. Their qualification and certification
should also be checked to meet quality standards. You should ask them about the
metrics they follow to maintain quality standards and do they follow it.


Price is an important consideration for selecting a metal fabrication company.
The ideal way to select the right kind of price is to seek an estimate from
different contenders. Based on their estimate you can select the few
contenders. Here, it is worth mentioning that the price should be one of the
major criteria but not the only criteria. You shouldn’t mind paying some extra
price if the company has experience in doing the same kind of work what you are
going to do. The companies with the latest tools, equipment and fabricators
will charge more and shouldn’t mind paying them if they meet your quality
standards. You should only seek an estimate from the companies that meet the
minimum criteria that will keep the undeserving candidates out. A detailed
estimate should contain details of work and respective pricing and it is how
you will be able to understand what the fabricator company is charging for
which service.


Metal fabricating has become highly dependent on advanced tools and technologies
and a service provider must be in possession of it. Oxy-gas torches, cold saw,
press brake, cambering machine, plate processor and shot blaster are some of
the major equipment a fabrication and welding company must be in possession
with. Nowadays, the role of automation has also increased in fabrication, so if
your service provider is in the possession of automation technology then it
will improve the quality of work and efficiency. Check with them about the
equipment and resources they are using.

Financial Condition

You should prefer hiring a fabrication company with good financial status.
There are times when a company have to invest heavily on machines and skilled
workforce to complete a particular project. Such requirements can only be met
by a resourceful company. A financially stable company is a position to pay
better wages and hence can attract good talent for work. Such companies are
also better positioned to pay their suppliers to maintain an uninterrupted
supply of materials.

Customer Service

Like any other service provider, a fabrication and welding company should also
provide great customer service. So, they must have an efficient communication
channel that enables communication with your service provider. As you have been
spending a lot on your project you might have some concerns that you want to
discuss with your fabrication company. So, having a good method of
communication will help you voice your concerns in a much efficient manner. Ask
your company if they have customer service in place. If not, how do they


While hiring a metal fabricator you should check whether the company is also
providing the services like blasting, painting and finishing. If it is
providing such services as well, it will be right for you. You will save your
time and effort if this company also provide final touches to your project.

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