As a vehicle owner, we are often faced with situations like breakdown or
accident that makes us immovable. In such a situation, the first thing that
comes to mind is towing services that take your vehicle to the nearest car
repair or the place where you want. There is a large number of services
available in the market. But not every service is equally good. A wrong service
can further add to your woes. It is clear that you won’t be taking a chance
while choosing such a service. Here we give valuable tips on how to select the
right towing company.

Car Towing

Know Your Requirements

Towing services could be of different types and you have to choose one
that fits your requirement. Every service provider has a specialization of its
own. Some specialize in removal services while others are good at heavy duty
towing or roadside assistance. So before engaging a towing company, you must
assess your requirement first. It is how you can find the quality towing.

Word of Mouth

While searching for an ideal towing service near me, you should look
seek references from your friends relative and acquaintances that might have
availed the services before. Through their experience, they know about the
various services available in the neighbourhood. This practice will help find
the right service.


Like any other service, experience has a great role to play in towing
business. And being a customer, you must consider these things. You should
check how much experience the wrecker company have in providing the service. If
the company has started operations recently, you should refrain from it.

Service That Serves Your Route

While choosing a towing company you should prefer one that serves your
route. Most of the car owners use a particular route for commute frequently.
So, you should prefer a service that operates on your daily route of commute.
You should make a list of towing companies on the route you take frequently.
This exercise will help you figure out some of the most dependable services in
your area.

Seek Several Estimates

As you are in the process of choosing a towing service, you should seek
estimates from the eligible service providers. As towing business is very
competitive you have every right to get an estimate from several wrecker
companies. As you have several estimates, you have a good option to choose from
while deciding on the price of the company.


Pricing is one of the major considerations while searching for a tow
truck company. Imagine a situation when a service is very good but don’t fit in
your budget or imagine a situation where services are affordable but the
quality is not up to the mark. In both situations, your purpose can’t be
solved. The ideal service should be offering quality service at an affordable
price. Finding an affordable towing service is a bit difficult but the efforts
are worth it. You should compare the estimates and services offered by various
services providers in your area and it will give valuable insight for decision

24 Hour Towing Support

Accidents don’t happen by giving you advanced notice and breakdown can
happen anytime whether it is day or night. So, you should give preference to a
company that offers 24 hour towing support. With such a company on your side,
you can rest assured that there is someone who can come to your rescue when
your vehicle meets an accident. So, while searching for a towing service you
should make sure that this company is providing emergency support. Paying
attention to small things can give you great confidence while driving.

Online Reviews

Like any other service, online reviews do matter while choosing the
right towing services. There are several websites that allow visitors to write
their experience about a particular service. You should search for what people
have to say about the towing company you are planning to hire. Knowing pros and
cons of service will put you in a better position while making a decision. You
should also check the social media page of the company where people make

Go for a Technically Sound Service

While choosing a towing service, we pay little attention to
technicalities. You should refrain from making these mistakes. There are times
when a wrecker service reaches the point of the accident but could provide the
required services due to some technical issues. One such issue is
miscalculation where they fail to compare the size of the truck and vehicle to
be towed. If a service provider reaches the site but fails to provide the right
service then it makes the things worse.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the major parameters of choosing a quality
towing service. As most of the time, you call the customer care when you are
met with an accident or a breakdown. A responsive, attentive and friendly
customer care is what you should look for. The ideal way to check the quality
of customer care is to make a call yourself and talk about the company. You
should know whether they are offering car towing only or the heavy-duty towing
as well. Good customer care will give you details about all the aspects of
services offered. If you are satisfied with the behaviour of the staff you can
rest assured that the company has a friendly customer care service.

Roadside Assistance

It is not all the times that your car needs to be taken to a mechanic.
Sometimes you are just running out gas, battery boost or some small assistance
is required. You should check whether this company is also providing roadside
assistance. If a towing company is also providing roadside assistance beside
their core business of towing it should be given preference over other


Reputation matters a lot in any area of business and it matters more if
there is an emergency service like car towing. What If you call your service
provider and it doesn’t respond in time or responds at its leisure? An
inconsistent behavior will put you in trouble. So, you should look for a
reliable towing service which has a good reputation for quality services.
Because reputation is an outcome of quality services coupled with great
customer experience.

Insurance and License

Towing companies should have proper insurance and license to operate a
service like this. You must ensure that all the trucks of the company have
proper insurance. One of the major benefits of the insurance is that even if
your car gets further damaged during the towing you are entitled to get
compensation. The trucks of the tow truck company should also have logos of the
company embossed on it if they are going to tow a car. There are several rules
and regulations, and licenses are issued for running a towing business.


A breakdown or accident is an emergency like situation and very
stressful experience so your towing service should have great expertise to
bring you out of this situation. They should act fast on your request and be
good at towing the vehicle to the nearest facility or the repair shop of your


Towing services have become highly equipment intensive. There are
different equipment for towing vehicles with perfection. What suits a car can’t
be the right fit for a mini truck. You should also ensure that your company
should have the right kind of tow truck for towing. If they don’t have
sufficient equipment for towing, then you should look for another service that
meets your requirements. With the right equipment, they can tow your vehicle
without a scratch.

Safety Features

While looking for a car towing company you should also take safety
features into account. A luxury car needs safe transportation as no owner would
like to have dents or scratches on their highly expensive car. They don’t want
anything that may mess with the look of your car. You should check with your
service provider about the safety measures they take for transporting a luxury
vehicle. Most of the time a flatbed tow truck is used for this purpose. You
should also check the safety of your vehicle from sun, dust and rainfall.

Know About the Team

An effective car towing service has a team of qualified and experienced
professionals. It consists of truck operators and technicians that are highly
trained and certified in their trade. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask your
service provider about the skills and experience of their team. The driver and
other team members should have great respect for you. They should be customer-
focussed and have great attention to details. Because besides the trucks and
equipment, it is the team that delivers the real service.

Choose One with Right Fleet

There are several factors involved in delivering a perfect towing
service and the quality of fleet is one of the major factors. The towing trucks
should be in good condition and properly cleaned. It will be a dreadful
situation when the truck itself face breakdown issues. The truck should be
properly cleaned as sometimes you may have to sit in it for small distances and
a dirty truck will further make you stressed.

After Towing services

The job of a good towing company does not end with the towing vehicle
but it is also expected to drop you at home. Most of the reliable towing
companies make such arrangements if a request is made by the customer. You can
talk to your service provider in this regard.

Added Services

Some towing services also offer auto repair services. So, choosing such
a service is a good idea as it keeps you from the hassle of choosing a car
repair service. Such a service will help you get your car back in the shortest
turnaround time.

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