Bee Removal Services – How to Remove Bees Efficiently


Do you have bees in your house that are making discomfort to you and
your family? Are you at the risk of getting stung? Some bees are aggressive and
might attack you and your family. Even if they are not aggressive, they may
cause a permanent loss to your property. You might be looking for a solution to
it. People often look for a bee removal service to remove and relocate them
without harming them.

Bee Removal

Why hiring a professional bee removal is important?

Some people look for professional bee removers while some others want to
do it themselves. Every process has its own pros and cons. Here we are
discussing the importance of bee removal.

Removing Bees from Difficult Locations

There are times when bee nests are situated in hard-to-reach places and
reaching them could be quite difficult for an individual. It makes the process
complex. Sometimes homeowners try to remove them on their own and make these
docile creatures aggressive. On the other hand, a professional bee remover has
the right kind of equipment and experience to remove them without making them
aggressive and bringing losses to your property.

Safe for Environment

Being environment friendly is the need of the hour and it can’t just be
termed as the latest fashion fad. We should look for solutions that are useful
for bee removal but at the same time be environmentally friendly. Most of the
chemicals used in the treated area linger for long. So, you should look for
eco-friendly materials while seeking a bee removal service.

Dealing with Aggressive Bees

You might be a DIY genius but you are not a bee specialist. Removing
bees could be dangerous as there would be a large number of bees around. These
bees are fiercely protective when it comes to protecting their nest so meddling
with them without preparation is not a wise decision. A professional bee
removal service is well equipped to carry out this task with expertise.

They know About the Insects

There are several species of bees. Some are docile while some others are
highly aggressive. A bee removal company has entomologists in their team who
identifies the different species of bees. Once the species is identified, an
appropriate removal strategy can be made. Once you start spraying the nest
without identifying the species, you will put your family at the risk of being
attacked by aggressive bees. There are some bees that attack without
provocation. Africanized bee is one among them. Imagine a situation where they
have made a nest just above your interest. Isn’t your family at risk? You should
look for a professional bee removal service to remove them.

No Damage to Your Property

A beehive if left unremoved for long can cause damage to walls. Besides
the obvious risk of getting stung, your property can also get damaged. If you
try to remove the beehive on your own, then you may cause further damage to the
property. Here an experienced bee removal service will remove the bees without
causing damage to walls.

Unhealthy and Filthy Condition

The presence of a large beehive in your home can make the site of the
beehive filthy as you are not able to clean it for the fear of getting stung.
It will further accumulate dust and filth which is not a good sight.

Different Types of Bee Removal

Bee removal could be of different types and it is up to you to decide
which types of services you want. Sometimes service providers also recommend
certain services. Here is a list of different types of bee removal.

Live Bee Removal Without Pesticides

Live bee removal without pesticides is meant to remove bees without
killing them. But it is a misleading term. There is no guarantee that these
bees will survive. In this method, shop vacs are used. Sometimes vacuums are
also used. But vacuums need to modify to save bees from injury. Technically it
is live removal but there is no meaning of it as bees are not saved. Most of
the bee specialists don’t use appropriate vacuum methods that lead to injuries
to bee and degeneration of colonies.

Live Bee Removal Catch and Release

In this type of removal, bees are removed in a humane way but are not
given proper care afterwards. Bee exterminators performing this task don’t have
a proper arrangement. Most of them don’t have land to make beehives. Such
companies adopt a humane approach while removing them but don’t relocate them
in a proper way.

Live Bee Removal with Relocation

In this type of bee control, the service provider not only removes the
bee in a humane way but also relocate them properly. Such service providers
don’t dump the bees in a random way instead they have beehive boxes to relocate
these bees properly. But in this type of relocation, their food and water needs
are not looked after. In other words, they are left on their own for survival.
No effort is made for their growth. However, this method is somewhat better
than the former two types of live bee removal.

Live Bee Removal with Care Taking

In this bee removal, there is more focus on sustainability. It is one of
the most improved forms of bee removal. In this type, bees are removal with a
humane approach where bee are removed alive and taken to an apiary or a farm
where care is given to them. Here an experienced beekeeper does regular
inspection. The water and food needs of the bees are also taken care of. Unfortunately,
this type of bee removal is not very common.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Bee Removal

Most of the people looking for a bee removal service also look for the
cost of removal. Here we want to say that there is no fixed cost for this
service. The price for bee removal varies from one location to another and from
one situation to another. Here we discuss the factors that affect the cost of
bee removal.    

Location of the Bees

The location of the beehives is one of the major factors that affect pricing.
There are bees that have made hives difficult to remove locations like high in
a tree and places with restricted movement. Removal from these places requires
more resources that lead to a rise in prices.

Types and Number of Bees

The types and number of bees also have a bearing on the cost of removal.
There are bees that are more aggressive while others are more docile. The cost
of removing aggressive bees is always higher than the docile bees. For example,
Africanised honey bees are considered more aggressive than others and hence the
most suitable way to remove them is by destroying them. The number of bees also
impact the cost, the higher the number higher the price. A honeybee colony has
a number of 50 thousand hence the price of removal is high.

Carpentry and Cleaning Work

Sometimes removing a beehive require carpentry and cleaning work. If bee
removal at your site also requires cutting hole and cleaning then prices are
all set to shoot up. There are times when you need to cut a hole in the wall
and a building contractor is needed for this. So, this cost will also be added
to your bill.

Home Remedies for Bee Removal

While most of the commercial setups look for a professional bee removal
service, some people with budget constraints try to get their hands dirty and
do it yourself. Here are important tips on how to remove bees.

Repel Them Away with Smoke

Smoke is one of the most well-known ways to remove bees. Honeybees are
averse to smoke and when they smell it, they feel that it is a forest fire and
they start escaping and sometime never to return. What you have to do is to lit
a fire using cardboard and wood under the beehive and leave away from there.
Bees get aggressive with the smell of smoke. So, staying there to see them
escaping can put you at the risk.

Let Them Go with Garlic

Garlic comes with a strong smell and this property helps you to keep the
bees away. What you have to do is to prepare a spray. Preparing the spray is
easy. All you have to do is to crush some cloves of garlic, mix it with water
and spray it around the area of the beehive. Its strong smell makes the bees

Use the Power of Citronella

Citronella is effective against bees hence it can be used for bee
removal. You can burn citronella candles to remove them. Its masking odour
keeps the bee away. The process takes time but no harm is done to mosquitoes.
It may take a few days to start showing the effect. It won’t be raining when it
is raining outside or it is very windy.

Peppermint is Effective

Peppermint is also a major home remedy for bee removal. If there are
some areas in your home that are prone to bees then planting a Peppertree there
could be a great idea. The presence of peppermint will keep the bees away.

Control with Cinnamon

Cinnamon can also be used to repel bees from your house. This should be
applied near the areas where bees have made a nest. You should apply it for
more than a week to get the desired results. Cinnamon is quite effective in
repelling the bees. You should spread it over the areas around the beehive.
This process may repel the bee from your living area but not far as the bee may
still stay in your compound.

Vinegar Mixture

You don’t have to go far to find a remedy for bee removal as the help is
available in your kitchen. Vinegar mixture is one of this remedy. What you have
to do is to take the vinegar mixture and add it to water and spray the mixture
on the beehive. But while doing so you should protect yourself using protective
clothes. This mixture has the potential to kill bees. So, you should use it
only when it is very necessary.

Mothballs Could be Helpful

Apart from several other benefits, mothball acts as an excellent bee
removing agent. The strong odour of mothballs repels bees without much effort.
What you have to do is to put these mothballs in soft muslin cloths and hang
them near the bee nest. You will soon start seeing the difference.

Sweet Smelling Fruits

You can trick bees with sweet-smelling fruit. Yes, it is true. What you
have to do is to cut a mango or peer and keep it a few feet away from the
beehive. The sweet smell of fruits will attract bees to fruits. You should keep
shifting the fruits to some more distance every day till the bees make a nest
far away from your home. It is a harmless way to shift bees without harming

Soap and Water Solutions

Soap and water solutions dissolve the exterior of beehives. But this
method requires utmost care and perfection so only those who have perfected it
should practice it.

Tools for Bee Removal

Once you have decided to remove bees on your own, you need to have the
right tools to remove them properly. Here we give a brief description of some
of the must-have tools for bee removal.

Protective Gear

Protective gear is something without which you can’t even imagine bee
removal. Different kinds of protective gears are available in the market. There
are gears that cover every part of your body to provide you with complete
protection. This gear is available in separate parts that include beekeeper’s
veil, jacket and pants. However, it is also available as a single unit.


The smoker is another important tool to be used in beekeeping or bee
removal. Smoke sends an alarm that makes bees to escape. Smokers are made up of
stainless steel with a chimney on top of it. Metal guards are provided to keep
the hands of the user safe. Bee smokers are available in different shapes and
sizes. You should select the one that best suits your requirements. It’s a must
have tool for be specialists.

Hive Tool

Although not necessary, you should have a hive tool if you’re going for
bee removal on your own or running a bee removal service. This is a
multipurpose tool that helps you maintain and inspect the beehives. This tool
is available in two types – the standard tool and J-type hive tool. You should
select a hive tool as per your requirements. Hive tools are used for various
purposes that include prying and scrapping things. It also helps in loosening
frames and removing the lid.

Bee Brush

The bee brush is a kind of brush that is used to remove bees from frames,
honey suppers or other parts of beehives. A brush with genteel bristles will
save bees from getting harmed. However, the extent of harm caused depends a lot
on the force applied while brushing. Most of the beekeepers are in favour of
using the brush gently as harsh use of brush may damage body parts and make
them aggressive.

Extracting Equipment

Extracting equipment are more of the use of extractors then
exterminators. These are the equipment that is meant for the extraction of
honey. These are required for safe bee removal. So, if you are looking to only
remove the bees but not extracting the honey, you can do without it.

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How to Select a Bee Removal Service

People look to hire a bee removal service when faced with a beehive in
their house. They look for a service that removes the beehive without killing
bees, damaging property and making bees aggressive. Here you introduce you to
important factors that you should consider while choosing a bee removal


You should get the first thing first. Skill is the first thing you
should take into account while looking for a service. Ensure that the service
provider you are choosing is experienced in removing beehives and there should
be no compromise over it. If they have done any certification course related to
bee removal then it is better.

Years in Service

You should always go for a service that has spent long years in
business. Some things get better with experience and the bee removal service is
one of these. Here we are not saying that you shouldn’t consider a new service.
What we mean is to hire a removal service with experienced staff.

Liability Insurance

While selecting a service you should know whether the service provider
is equipped with liability insurance. Bee removal is difficult and sometimes
dangerous. Some unfortunate incidents may take place that led to the loss of
property and lives. With liability insurance, the service provider will be able
to pay for the losses.

Improved Rating

There are certain portals that provide user rating for a range of
services. There are times when these ratings are flawed but most of the times
these ratings are an indicator of the quality of services. You can also visit
the Facebook pages of the services where users talk about the quality of


There are regulating bodies for bee removal services. So, you should
check where your service provider is authorized by the right authorities to
carry out removal work.


There are bee removal services that remove the bee but don’t care about
the safety and relocation of bees. You should prefer a service that relocates
the bee without killing.

Customer Service

A bee removal service should be equipped with customer service. There
are times when you need to reach them in an emergency and service with
efficient customer care can be easily reached and you get help in time.


Bee removal cost is one of the major considerations while choosing a
service. You should request quotes from several service providers, compare them
and select a service that offers the best value for your money. 

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