Flag Day – History, Origin, Celebration, Interesting Facts


the United States, Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. The day marks the
adoption of the United States flag. It is on June 14, 1777, that the design of
the national flag was approved. The idea was to set a day when the national
flag is honored. Here we take you through the date, origin, and history of the
National Flag.

National Flag Day America

National Flag Day Date

flag day date is 14 June and it is a fixed date. So, it is obvious that the
2021 flag day date is 14 June.

Flag Day 2022 will be celebrated on 14 June, Tuesday. 

week starting from June 14 to June 20 is termed National Flag Week.

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Origin of National Flag Day

to the importance of the flag in our national conscience, many of us want to
know the origin and history of the national flag day.

June 14, 1777, the design of the national flag was adopted by the continental
congress on the recommendation of a special committee.

new flag first made its presence in Battlefield on September 11, 1777, during
the Battle of Brandywine.

flag first appeared on the foreign ground in 1778 in Nassau in the Bahamas when
the US captured a fort previously occupied by Britain.

the various claims of the observance of Flag Day, the first claim is reported
from Hartford in 1861.

the late nineteenth century, schools across the United States celebrated
national flag day.

George Bolch, a school principal in New York celebrated the anniversary of the
flag day on June 14, 1889.

1897, the New York governor ordered to hoist a flag on the all-official
buildings across the state.

Philadelphia in 1893, a resolution was passed to have the national flag on all
the official buildings.

J. Cigrand, a teacher from Waubeka spent several years persuading Congress to
declare June 14 as a national holiday, without success.

T. Kerr, who established the American Flag Day Association in 1888 has been
honored as the Father of Flag Day.

1777 resolution says nothing about the size, proportion, and how the flag will
look. During this time, there were flags of different proportions and sizes. In
1912, the flag design was standardized. Until then its design was varied.

addition to adding a star, a stripe was also added when a state was added to
the united. This tradition continued till 1818.

1916, President Woodrow Wilson and in 1927 President Calvin Coolidge made a
proclamation to observe June 14 as the National Flag Day.

3rd August 1949, congress ratified its national observance. It became a law
when then President Harry Turman signed it.

Flag Day June 14

Is Flag Day a Holiday?

Day which is observed throughout the country is not a national holiday.

Pennsylvania has been observing it as a state holiday since 1937.

York observes the Second Sunday of June as a state holiday to honor Flag Day. 

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Design and Color of American National Flag

may have curiosity about the design and color of the American flag. Here we
take you through the American flag’s journey to its current shape.

had it that George Washington in 1776 asked Betsy Ross to design a flag as he
was hoping for America’s independence. Flag Day ceremonies are being held at her
house in Philadelphia.

June 14, 1977 speaking to the Continental Congress, John Adams gave the layout
of the flag when he said that the new flag will have thirteen stripes
(alternate red and white) representing thirteen states and thirteen while stars
on a blue field.

are 27 versions of the state. Every time a new state is added to the United
States, a star was added to the blue field. The stars were added every time a
state joined the United State.  The
number of stars went to 15 in 1795 and 20 in 1818. Hawaii is the last state to
join in on July 4, 1960. With its inclusion, the number went to 50.

Flag Day Celebrations

How is Flag Day Celebrated in America?

an American you must be knowing how Flag Day is celebrated in America. But
there is curiosity around the world for the celebration of flag day.

people celebrate it by displaying the national flag on their homes, shops, or

flag is also displayed on the national buildings.

and events are also held on this occasion.

Interesting facts About National Flag Day

American flag is also referred to as the Old Glory.  The name comes from William Driver a citizen
of Nashville. He hides the flag from the Confederate soldier and displayed it
again when federal troops captured the city.

pledge of allegiance was not written for flag day, originally it was written
for Columbus Day.

is no change in the colors of the flag. Blue, Red and white have always been
the colors of the flag. However, design has changed.

can always find a flag flying on the White House, Fort McHenry, and the Iwo
Jima memorial.

think that Betsy Ross designed the flag. 
But there is no evidence regarding it. Many say that she was a seamstress
so she only sewed it. 

per some opinions, Francis Hopkinson played a significant role in designing the

to know about the colors of the flag? Red denotes power and bravery, white
purity and goodness, and blue alertness, continuity, and justice.

the flag upside down is considered disrespectful. It should only be displayed
upside down when the country is in distress or danger.

Flag Day History Date

14 June, the anniversary of Bear Flag Revolt is also celebrated in California.

per the flag code, Stars and Stripes shouldn’t be parts of clothes like
dresses, bedding, and drapery. There are rules for removing the flags from the
pole. The flag shouldn’t touch the ground.

to several other countries where draping coffins is not limited to military
personnel and government official. Any national can use the flag for this

or defacing the American flag is considered illegal.

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