you heard about the term dog boarding and wondering how could it be useful for
your dog? Let us learn it. Planning a vacation and worried about your dog? Need
to go on a business trip and don’t know where to keep your dog? Want to enjoy a
friend’s wedding in a different city but worries about your dog takes the fun
out of this joy? But you don’t have to worry anymore as you have the option to
keep your adorable puppy to a dog boarding where it will be kept amidst the
best comfort and care from experienced dog sitters.

Dog Boarding for Your Dog

is Dog Boarding – Meaning and Definition

boarding can be defined as a place where a dog can stay overnight or for a
longer period or even for a few hours. Here dog owners can drop their dog for a
fixed time for a certain fee. It is the duty of boarding owner to provide food,
shelter and care to dog. They have trained professionals to keep dogs happy,
hygienic and healthy. Some dog boardings specialize in day boarding while some
other provide care for long term.

dog boarding is also known with various names that include dog kennel, dog
hotel or dog resort

Between Dog Boarding and Dog Sitting

boarding and dog sitting are different and you shouldn’t consider them as one.
In a dog boarding your dog is a taken to a boarding facility where all the
inmates are dogs. In dog sitting, a dog sitter comes and stays at your place to
look after your dog while you are away.

to Rent a Dog Boarding – Why is it Important?

owners often worry about the wellbeing of their adored pet when they leave
their homes for a few days. They often look for a service that can keep their
dog safe, healthy and happy while they are vacationing. Sometime they may have
to leave for work and there is no one to look after their dog. Here a dog
boarding or dog hotel is of great help. Here are the top reasons to dog

Dog Boarding for Dog

It Helps Release Energy

breeds of dog are known for high energy. These dogs don’t find a vent to
release their energy as they remain in the confines of your homes. They find an
outlet for their energy by indulging in activities like digging, barging,
chewing and try to escape from house.

a dog boarding allows your dog to play with other dogs and dog trainers that
provide an opportunity to release their energy.

Playing Area

dog’s happiness is a little talked about topic. There is an array of things
that make them happy. Pampering and good food might appear the best options but
there is one thing that is often overlooked. What is this? It is allowing them
to play outdoors. So, if you are willing to allow your dog to play in an
outdoor space then dog boarding is a good option as most of these facilities
have great outdoor spaces.

Pain of Separation

dog has been an excellent companion and you play with it very often. As you may
be leaving it for some days, it may lead to anxiety issues for dog. As you put it
in a dog shelter, where there would be several dogs to give him company, he
will not feel alone.

to Socialize

may not be a social animal like human but it also loves the company of similar
ones. Here they learn how to adjust with others. In homes where there are one
to two pets this opportunity is not available. A dog boarding where there is an
abundance of animals is an ideal place to learn these things.

Dog Boarding for Dog Stay

Your Travel Worry Free

it for business or for office work you have to get out of the city very now and
often. If such a situation arises you make arrangement for your dog. You ask a
friend to care about your dog or ask a dog sitter to come and look after your
dog till you return. But what if you have to travel on a short notice and don’t
have time to make an arrangement. Here a dog boarding is an ideal option for
you. It is the facility where you can drop your dog in experienced hand and
take it back once you return from the trip.


emergency can surface anytime. But whenever it arises it is physically,
financially and mentally draining for those involved. If you are in a medical
emergency all of your family and relatives will be shuttling between home and
hospital. In such a situation, you won’t be able to properly care for your dog.
Here a dog boarding could be of great help you as it takes the burden of
looking after it.

Have an Event

are times when you are hosting a large event at your home like a birthday, a
baby shower or any other event. In such a case, you don’t have enough time to
go ahead with day-to-day routine with your dog. You have to work with different
vendors, you have to look after arrangements and you may be welcoming a number
of guests. In such a busy schedule where is the time to attending to a dog. It
is why it is better to leave your dog at a dog hotel where it will be taken
care of by experts. You can bring your dog home once the event is over.

Dog Kennels

Work Office Hours

of us work in an office or a business where we have to work office hours or
extended hours as the situation demands. How can you leave your dog neglected
for 10 to 12 hours? Here a doggie daycare could be a great option for you where
you can leave it for these hours where it will be taken care of by an
experienced staff. You can focus on your work as your dog is being taken care
of by an experienced staff.

Your Belongings Safe

your dog behind at home may incur economic losses. Puppies have a natural
tendency to smell and explore. So, if you leave them behind without a care
taker you may find your belonging damaged. So why not spend some bucks on a dog

Home is Being Refurbished

need to get your home refurbished and you have to shift to a different place
temporarily. It could be a friend’s house or a temporary settlement. But not
all the places have facility to keep a dog and you have to look for
alternative. Here a dog boarding could be an ideal place where you dog will be
looked after for a small price.

Benefits of Dog Boarding

we have already discussed the reasons behind choosing a dog boarding, it would
be relevant to discuss its benefits as well. Here we take you through the
advantage of a dog boarding.

Dog Hotel

Are Not in a Hurry to Returning Home

you have a pet at home, you have to rush home from office. Anytime you get late
at work you worry about it. You have to make arrangements to feed and provide
care to your dog. But if you drop them at a doggie daycare then you can work on
your pace and return home as you desire.

Don’t Have to Hire a Dog Sitter

you go to a different city for work or for a mini vacation you have to make
some arrangements for your doggie. In all probability you have to hire a care
taker or dog sitter to look after your dog. But such an arrangement on regular
basis will prove costly. You can better drop your dog at a dog resort where
expert professional will provide care to your dog while you are busy doing your

is Cost-effective

a situation where you are living alone with your dog and you have to go outside
daily for work. You can’t lock your dog in your apartment and let it suffer. So,
you hire a permanent dog sitter. But hiring a dedicated persons for your dog is
not easy. You have to pay a certain amount to them. Here putting your dog in a
dog resort is relatively easy. You can get the quality service for a small
amount. You have the option to take daily service or a few days service.


of the many benefits of dropping your dog at a dog kennel is having a team of
experts to provide care. They also have nutritionists who suggest diet for
dogs. With such a facility you can remain assured that your dog is being fed properly.
So, putting your dog in a good doggie daycare will also ensure that proper
nutrition is being provided.

Dog Resort Modern


a dog owner you might be concerned about safety of your dog while you are
dropping it at a dog hotel. You have every right to check If the facility is
equipped with proper safety arrangements. You should also check whether your
dog is prone to injury from equipment and other inmates. Most of the dog
boardings are equipped with safety arrangements and first aid facility. Such dog
boardings are also insured so that losses if any can be covered.

dog boardings have also introduced the option of video monitoring that allows
you to see your dog during its stay while you are sitting in the comfort of
your room.

with Other Dogs

dog is its happiest when it mingles with some other dogs. Households with
single dog doesn’t have this option. A dog resort with a good number of dogs
offers great opportunity to socialize and make new friends. Such an opportunity
is great for the overall wellbeing of your dog.

Qualities of a Dog Boarding

you are looking for dog boarding for your canine companion, you should know
what are the features of a dog boarding. There are a number of factors that
make a dog boarding good.

are Sympathetic to Dogs

is not about facilities but attitude. A good dog boarding should be sympathetic
or in fact loving towards dogs. Their behavior towards dog should be friendly
so that you canine should find itself comfortable. You dog will love this
ambience and make it easy for you to leave it here as and when required.

Are Trained

care to dogs is not easy and not everyone can do this. A dog sitter must be
educated and trained in handling different breeds. Such a facility has staff
that understand different needs of the dogs. They know about their nutrition,
vaccination and first aid among others. They know about fleas and ticks that
might affect your dog’s health.

Dog Boarding Modern

Have an Emergency Plan

good dog boarding also understands how to handle an emergency. They know how to
act in a situation like what to do if a dog runs away. What to do if a fire
broke out? What to do if there is a health emergency? The capacity to handling
emergency is one of the finest attributes of a dog boarding.

Keep You in Confidence

you are the dog owner you understand your dog best. You know its feeding,
sleeping and other habits. A quality dog boarding takes a note of every fine detail
about your dog, ask questions about it and prepare a care plan accordingly.

Have Insurance Cover

go wrong even if you have planned them well. An experienced dog kennel knows
that despite the best care losses can happen sometime. So, they have taken pain
to cover these losses with an insurance.

Have a Good Reputation

reputation comes from good works and it also applies on dog boardings. As they
have continuously been serving dog owners to their satisfaction people praise
them. People express their love on social media and in testimonials. You should
read review of prospective dog boarding on review websites.

Communicate Well

communication is crux of any business and a dog boarding business is no
exception. A good dog boarding keeps communicating with dog owners as they are
concerned about their dog’s safety and health. They keep sending text and
videos of your dog to let you know that you dog is doing well.

Offer Additional Services

top-rated dog kennel facilities also have additional services like grooming and
training. As your dog is staying here for a few days, this period can be better
utilized for grooming, exercise and training purposes.


Grooming – Finding a Dog Groomer Made Easy

Provide Quality Accommodation

good quality accommodation is indispensable for a dog boarding. Renowned dog
boardings have comfortable spaces for dogs for different breeds. Such
residences have proper ventilation, temperature control and fencing. Besides,
cleanliness is also a major characteristic of these dog kennels.

Work Round the Clock

from being a dog owner you are also a professional who have to travel or work
long hours in an office. You can get a call to travel to a different city even
during night. Here a dog kennel facility that works around the clock could be
of great benefit as you can drop your dog and pick it up as per your

Dog Daycare

to Select a Dog Boarding

are looking for a dog boarding so that you can vacation peacefully. So, you
should be very careful while choosing such a facility. Here we list top things to
take into account while selecting a dog boarding. Here is how to select a dog

Visits to Dog Boardings

is believing. So don’t just go by ostentatious publicity. Instead go and
checkout the facility on your own. Being a dog owner, you can easily understand
where this doggie daycare is appropriate for your dog. Avoid it if the faculty
is dirty and unsafe for your dog.


human, medical emergencies for dogs can occur anytime. And a good dog boarding
must have an inhouse veterinarian or veterinarian on call. If the boarding
doesn’t have such a facility, you should check whether there is a veterinary
hospital in the vicinity. If there are no such amenities then this facility is
not worth considering. You should know if the staff is trained enough to
provide first aid to dogs.


dog boarding facilities also provide extra services like spa, grooming or
training. You should ask whether they have been providing such services then it
is better. If the facility is providing such services, it is better. Your dog
can receive such services during its stay.


Grooming Tips (DIY) – How to Groom a Dog on Your Own

About Vaccination

of the dog boarding services check the vaccination status of the dogs before
letting them in. Their concern is to check the disease transmission from one
dog to another while they are mixing. Most dog owners are concerned about it. Some
reputed dog kennels ask for vaccination against Bordetella, rabies, hepatitis,
parvovirus, distemper, parainfluenza. They also check for fleas and ticks as
they don’t want your dog to expose against any such potential threat.

Doggie Daycare

the Caretakers

members are pillars of success of any dog boarding as they are the people who
take care of your dog. Talk to them to know that if they have any experience in
handling dogs. Ask them about the kind of exercise they provide to dogs. If you
find that the staff is not trained enough you should look for another facility.

for License (if Applicable)

localities require a dog kennel license to operate such a facility while others
don’t have such necessities. But in general, every dog boarding requires a
business license to operate. Having a license means they have the authority to
operate. If your prospective dog hotel doesn’t have such facilities then it is
not worth considering.


looking for a dog, you should also look for the amenities available there. You
should check whether this dog kennel has amenities like fresh drinking water,
sanitation and temperature control among the others. Keeping a dog in a quality
environment Is essential to keep it in a good health.

About Staff Number

all the facilities have appropriate staff. Due to lack of staff, they are not
in a position to provide proper attention to your dog and your dog get
overlooked. Providing care in around the clock environment is not easy if the
facility has an insufficient staff member. You should ask them about the number
of staff and whether they will be able to provide care in 24/7 environment.

Dog Daycare Boarding

About the Costs

is important but you should also know about the cost. You should know whether
the boarding under consideration is within your budget. You should know about
the monthly, weekly and daily charges. You should also know about inclusions in
the fee. You should also know about the check-in and check-out times and what
would be the extra charges payable in case of any delay. If the dog boarding
has a cancellation policy, then you should have an idea about it.

you know about the charges, it will be easier to take a decision. Make sure
that dog boarding is offering value for money.

for a Test Stay

looking for a dog boarding for long stay of your dog you should know whether
your dog is comfortable staying here. Some dog kennels offer stay on test
basis. If the dog boarding under consideration is offering such a facility,
then you should leave your dog overnight or during an afternoon. If it stays
there comfortably, it is worth considering.



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