MBBS in Ukraine – What Attracts Indian Students to Ukraine


ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has brought the spotlight on Indian students
pursuing medical education there. As per the data of the Ministry of Education
and Science in Ukraine, more than 18,095 students from India are studying in
various colleges and universities in Ukraine. Most of them are pursuing MBBS
courses while some others are studying engineering. Some people who are in jobs
have also been stuck there.

MBBS in Ukraine

Attracts Students to MBBS in Ukraine

most Indians are praying for the safe return of students. Most of them have
taken shelter in underground metro stations and bunkers. The question arises,
what attracts students to study MBBS in Ukraine.


all students who want to study medicine get admission to government medical
colleges in India where fees are affordable. On average, a government medical
college charges Rs 2 lakh per annum while fees in private medical colleges are
around 10 lakhs per annum. That means you have to cough up around 50 lakhs for
an MBBS degree in India. Most students and parents don’t afford it.

the other hand, Ukraine offers quality medical education at an affordable
price. The annual fee for most medical colleges and universities

Medical Education

medical colleges and universities are known for offering quality medical
education. The colleges are known for offering several graduate and
post-graduate specializations. The courses are updated and prepare medical
students with the latest practice in medicine.


of the major concerns for the students studying abroad is that their degrees
should be recognized in India. Here MBBS and other medical degrees of Ukraine
are not only recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) now National
Medical Commission (NMC) but WHO as well.

India, Ukrainian medical universities also receive students from other
countries in the world as the degrees are also recognized by the European
Council of Medicine, General Medical Council of the United Kingdom, and Pakistan
Medical and Dental Council.

Medium Education

are the days when Russia was the only medium of education for the students
studying in erstwhile Soviet Union countries. During those days, the students
struggled to learn the language. Now all universities run batches for English
medium students which is no different from the medium of medical education in

Admission Process

in MBBS in Ukraine is quite easy for Indians as they don’t have to go through a
difficult admission process. Most of the Ukrainian universities have their
representatives in major cities in India who guide students and help complete
admission formalities. They also arrange visas, flights, and accommodation to
make the process seamless.

Language Test

have to qualify for IELTS, TOEFL, and other languages tests in order to enroll
themselves in universities in the US, Australia, and some other countries. But
this is not the criteria with MBBS admission in Ukraine where just working
knowledge of English is required.


midway between India and Europe, medical colleges and universities in Ukraine
are also known for their global exposure as it receives students and faculty
from different parts of the world. You learn from faculty with global exposure
to medical practices.

of Living

other things, Ukraine is affordable for Indian medical students. The cost of
living is moderate. Indian students can survive at a cost of 20,000 to 25,000
rupees per month which is not very high as compared to Indian standards. It’s
at par with most Indian metropolitans. The cost includes accommodation, books,
food, and other expenses.

Way of Living

One of the major attractions of students looking
for an MBBS in Ukraine is the country’s European way of living. People are
generous, accommodating, and respect personal space. Such an environment
provides space for personal growth.


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