Should I Wear a Mask While Driving in A Private Car


is one of the frequently asked questions since the spread of Covid 19. Here we
guide you on what should be the right approach.

Face Mask

you are traveling with you family members or someone who is at the risk of
having a contact with someone infected with Corona, you should use a protective
gear that include face mask or respirator. A standard fabric face mask can’t
effectively protect you from getting infected. But it can significantly prevent
you from transmitting the disease to others if you are infected.

you want to protect yourself from getting infected by others, you should wear a
respirator which shouldn’t be less than FFP3.

most of the develop countries face mask is an important part of the gear so
wearing is not a problem for drivers.

car owners are also advised to air the car after cleaning it. Here airing means
cleaning the air conditioning system of your vehicle.  You should do it on your own as taking it to
your car AC servicing would be a bit risky.

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