Why Should I Not Hire an External Content Writer for My Training Team


hiring a content writer, companies and businesses often face the dilemma of
whether they should hire an external content writer or hire content for their
in-house team. Both these practices have their own benefits and pitfalls.

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when it is the matter of hiring a content writer for your training team, the
scale is always tilted in the favor of internal or in-house content writers.
So, if you have decided not to hire an external content writer then you are on
the right path.

Not an External Content Writer?

training team needs to prepare training material from time to time and even on
short notice. Here an external content writer can’t fulfill your requirements.
Companies and businesses often find it hard to hire an external content writer
who can comply with their requirement. If you have to delay the training of
your staff as content is not ready then this cost will add up to your expenses.
Your training program will suffer and the cost of running your business will
shoot up.

an Internal Content Writer?

the contrary, an internal content writer will have several benefits. He will
always be on your beck and call and be ready to complete the assignment on
short notice. With him on board, you can always run your training programs as
per your schedule. Your training team doesn’t have to cancel the training
program as the training modules are not ready.


vetting all the pros and cons of different scenarios, we have concluded that
you should give an internal content writer preference over an external one. And
having an in-house content writer for your training team would always be a
great idea.

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