Saturday Motivation – 7 Books to Enjoy Reading on Weekends


we need Saturday motivation books? Why not? You might think it is the weekend,
so no motivation is needed. But great people think otherwise. As Saturday is
the beginning of the weekend, it sets the tone for the weekend. By being
motivated you can spend these days to revive, relax and recharge your
batteries. A weekend well spent makes our weekday interesting, high performing
and productive. Apart from the working days, our leisure days also need to be
well spent. There is no dearth of motivational material for weekends but books
are known for their lasting effects. Here we are listing 7 books on Saturday
motivation. Enjoy a leisurely read.

Saturday motivation

Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative
Thinking by S.J. Scott

motivation could be different from the motivation on weekdays. As it is the
weekend you have more time to read and grasp the subject. So why not read
something that brings some qualitative changes in your life. Declutter Your
Mind by S.J. Scott is one such book written with the purpose to bring some
qualitative permanent changes in your life. Are you feeling overwhelmed with
negative thoughts then this book has just been written for you? The book offers
several innovative mindfulness techniques to bring inner peace, calmness and
happiness in your life.

book tries to find out the reasons behind the mental clutter and suggest ways
to declutter it. It suggests some time-tested technique for decluttering your
mind that includes deep breathing, meditation, reframing negative thoughts and
teaching your mind new thoughts. Apart from the personal improvement, our pick
as the right book for Saturday motivation also shows how to prioritize your
life and declutter your surroundings and relationships.

The Japanese secret to a long and happy life by Héctor García

its release, Ikigai by Hector Garcia has been one of the favorite books for
many. In the Japanese language, the word ikigai means a reason to live. The
book that decodes the secret of a great life is an excellent read for the
weekend. So, its addition to our least of Saturday motivation books seems

Garcia defines Ikigai as the meeting point of ambition, desires, needs and
satisfaction. A great balance at that point could be the key to happiness and
longevity. Perhaps it is why the Japanese have a high life expectancy.

book is beautifully studded with useful, interesting and engaging content that
makes a reader feel like reading this book from cover to cover. The book
teaches you how to stay young while aging and reveals secrets to hold your age.
Among other contents of this book are live long and find your purpose, and how
spare time can be used for growth.

Hector Garcia has tried to know the secrets of longevity from the people who
lived a long life. From diet to exercise and facing life’s challenges, this
book has everything to be your motivational book for Saturday.

Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good
Life by Mark Manson

Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck brings a paradigm shift to a world which is
highly obsessed with positivity. Mark Manson has been a blogger and he has his
own take on life and motivation. The book suggests that you shouldn’t worry
about everything, instead focus on the thing that is close to your heart.

author tells the truth and adopts a practical approach when he says that not
everyone in society is extraordinary and we should know our limitations. It is
only by knowing your limitations, shortcomings and fears we can start exploring
the positive attributes of our life. He says that not everything is in our
reach so we should start focusing on the things that we have talent and
capability for. The book has several interesting stories that help you
understand the concepts.

if you are someone who is ready to face the truth while looking for improvement
then this book should be the part of your Saturday motivation reading list.

Habits by James Clear

make habits and habits make them. it is the crux of Atomic Habits by James
Clear. As per book you can change your destiny by changing habits. His book
says that you can bring big transformation to your life by changing small
things in your life what the author call them atomic habits. He doesn’t expect
an overnight transformation in your habits, instead he advocates that 1 percent
changes daily can bring compounding effects over a period of time.

this book, the author illustrates on the power of atomic habits, their
importance and how they take shape. He goes on to say how can you develop these
habits that can have a great effect on your life. We thought that the book with
such an interesting correlation between habits and success could be a natural
choice for our list of Saturday motivation books.

Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin

toughness is another attribute you should excel at. It is one of the
personality traits that everyone wants to have. It is why we have listed it as
one of the top books on Saturday motivation. No doubt this book has always been
in demand. This book lists and elaborates the major attributes of mentally
tough people.

As per the author, one of the top attributes
of successful people is that they don’t pity themselves for their situations.
They also don’t allow others to take control of them. mentally strong people
are welcoming to change. Such people also understand how to use their energy
for maximum output and don’t use them on things that are beyond their control.
In addition to that, there are several other pieces of advice that make it an
excellent book for Saturday motivation.

to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

didn’t have to think for long to include it in the best books for Saturday
motivation. Several books have been written on this subject but this book still
holds great importance. Whether you are a working professional, a businessman
or a student, you may get worried at times. The book offers several tips that
can help come out from the situations like this.

book draws several real-life examples of how people have handled worry and
stress and came out successful. The book helps you see your problem in the
right perspective, analyze your problem to find effective solutions. As per the
author, time solves some of the problems. This is one of the books that is
still relevant after several decades of publication.

Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck

you are someone who doesn’t want to solve a problem and avoid it continuously
then this habit may come in the way of your growth. If you are also someone
doing this and want to correct it then M. Scott Peck has a recipe for you. The
author who has been a psychologist puts this problem in the right perspective
and offers solutions for it. And people are loving his solutions. The book has
been a bestseller and its demand still refuses to die.

author discusses the complex subject of relationships. He makes you understand
the fine line between dependency and love. The book has been written in a way
to help you see life, love and the world in a different perspective. No doubt
we have chosen it as one of the best books on Saturday motivation.

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