Ukraine Russia War – 7 Travel Draws of Ukraine to Wait For


ongoing Ukraine-Russia war may be confined to Ukraine but it has global
repercussions. Apart from the rising oil prices and crumbling economy the war
has brought losses to the traveler community worldwide that is badly missing
experiences Ukraine has on offer. Here we list the top experiences in Ukraine
tourists might not be able to avail themselves soon.

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Kyiv

Kyiv – The Ukrainian Capital

Kyiv or Kiev, the capital of Ukraine is the gateway to tours to Ukraine. Most
of the tourists visiting Ukraine land at local airports. As the airports are
closed due to the ensuing Russia-Ukraine war which is being fought on the city
streets, a visit to this city is a distant dream.

have to shelve your plans to explore the major city attractions like St.
Sophia’s Cathedral, Kiev Pechersk Lavra, and Ukrainian Chernobyl Museum among
the others while arty types can miss its buzzing art scene. The city is home to
several restaurants that have few equals. Its vivacious nightlife is something
tourists would miss a lot.

Kharkiv’s Major Attractions

the second-largest city of Ukraine is bearing the brunt of Russia – Ukraine
war. The city is at the forefront of Russian attacks and you may not be able to
visit the city even if the war stops today. The continuous bombing has heavily
damaged the city’s infrastructure.

who has visited the city may be missing its Freedom Square, which can be
considered one of the largest in the world. The city has been the hub of
defense industry and is now on the verge of emerging as an IT hub.

Art Museum, Ploshcha Svobody and Kharkiv History Museum are major attractions.
You will also miss visiting Derzhprom building which is one of the
architectural marvels in Ukraine. Want to see them? You have to wait till the
Ukraine-Russia war is over. In the meanwhile, pray for the safety of these



Visit to Chernobyl

name of Chernobyl is hardly new to sincere travelers as it was one of the
prominent sites of nuclear accidents. It again comes to the spotlight with the
Russian bombing of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.

city of Chernobyl is famous for the Chernobyl disaster that took place in 1986.
The disaster claimed around 100 lives. However, several deaths took place due
to the after-effects of the disaster.

is now open for exploration but any plan for its visit can only be made after
the situation gets normal.

Visit to L’viv’s Historic Center

Historic Center is situated in the Old City of L’viv. You can imagine the
importance of L’viv’s Historic Center with the fact that it has been listed as
the UNESCO World Heritage site. The Old city has more than 200 landmarks. High
Castle, Church of St.Onuphrius and Basilian Monastery, and Ensemble of Rynok
(Market) Square are major attractions.

these historic attractions charm you, inspire you to visit them soon? You have
to wait as Ukraine is under attack.

Borscht and Other Delicacies

being home to world-class tourist attractions, Ukraine is also known for its
mouthwatering cuisines. Anyone who has visited Ukrainian cities might be
missing its cuisines. Borshch, Varenyky and Holubtsi are major delicacies.
However, you can also treat your taste buds with Kholodets, Deruny and

Through the Tunnel Of love

you a romantic soul who is constantly on the lookout for romantic attractions
to explore with your spouse? If yes, you can find the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine
perfectly cut for your requirements. It is a tunnel that is part of the railway
that connects Klevan to Orzhiv. Couples from around the world flock there to
take a romantic stroll. If you are also in love with someone, plan a visit to
the tunnel of love and explore various trivia attached to them. But not before
the war ends.

Sunflower Fields in Ukraine

Photoshoot in Sunflower Field

monuments, tourist attractions and cuisines, Ukraine has one more thing that
draws tourists. It is sunflower fields. You can see vast stretches of sunflower
fields when you explore its countryside. Not a surprise, the sunflower is the
national flower of Ukraine.

cavernous fields offer an amazing backdrop for your couple’s photograph. So,
whether you want to treasure this photograph or post it on Instagram or
Facebook, you can do it all and more with a perfect shot photo with sunflowers
in the background. But wait as Ukraine is under attack.

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