Alcohol Abuse – Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and its Treatment


husband is an alcoholic. He consumes too much alcohol. He is not able to stop
his craving for alcohol. He has lost his job and has become a liability for
Christina. She took her to a doctor who termed the condition as alcohol abuse
or alcohol use disorder (AUD).

Alcohol Abuse or Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol Abuse – What Does it Mean

abuse which is also called Alcohol Use Disorder or alcoholism can be defined as
a condition in which a person uses a frequent and heavy amount of alcohol.
People with such a condition can’t stop consuming alcohol even when it is
adversely affecting their health.  Those
consuming a heavy amount of it may develop a tolerance to alcohol and may
experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to shed this habit.

Abuse or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) in America

is an alarming number of cases of Alcohol Abuse or AUD in America. As per a
study published by National Survey in 2019, around 14.1 million adults (5.6%)
and 414,000 adolescents (1.7%) were suffering from alcohol abuse.

data doesn’t paint a beautiful picture.

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to know you are suffering from Alcohol Abuse?

you have a habit of alcohol consumption you might have worries about whether I
am suffering from alcohol abuse or not. Yes, a doctor can certainly determine
whether your alcohol consumption is normal or you are suffering from alcohol
abuse or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). However, you can also determine on your
own. You are suffering from alcohol abuse if your consumption falls in one of
these categories.

  • In
    the case of women, it is 7 drinks a week or 3 drinks per occasion.
  • In
    the case of men, it is 14 drinks a week or 4 drinks per occasion.
  • For
    men and women aged 65 and more, it is 7 drinks per week or 3 drinks per

you are taking the above-mentioned amount of alcohol or more then you are
abusing alcohol or suffering from alcohol abuse disorder (AUD).

and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse of AUD

you confused about whether your alcohol habit is normal or it has reached the
level of alcohol abuse? Here we are listing the major symptoms of alcohol abuse
or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

  • You’re
    trying to stop or cut the intake of alcohol but are not able to do so.
  • You’re
    trying to hide the extent of alcohol intake.
  • You
    are denying the extent of alcohol abuse
  • You
    are skipping work, office, and family to satisfy alcohol cravings.
  • Non-availability
    of alcohol makes you stressed.
  • You
    drink and drive.
  • Poor
    coordination between body parts.
  • You
    are not able to think or remember properly.
  • You
    have a sense of guilt after consuming alcohol.
  • You
    get angry when someone asks you to stop drinking.
  • You
    need drinks to start your day.
  • You
    are feeling depressed.
  • Trembling
    of the hands is also a major symptom.

of Alcohol Abuse or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)

proceeding further, you should know the causes of alcohol abuse. Here we list
the major causes behind alcohol abuse.

  • Sometimes
    genetic makeup is responsible for it.
  • Your
    experiences during childhood may be termed as a reason.
  • People
    going through emotional pain may take to alcohol.
  • Persons
    having suffered through mental trauma may take to alcohol.
  • Those
    who have suffered through sexual abuse may develop a habit of alcoholism.
  • People
    going through mental health disorders like depression, anxiety and other issues
    may seek respite in alcohol.

Alcohol Abuse or AUD Affects Your Health

much alcohol consumption can affect your health in more than one way. Here we
list the effects of alcohol on your health.

  • Alcohol
    abuse can damage the brain and may lead to dementia.
  • It
    may lead you to depression and in some cases suicide.
  • AUD
    may lead to cancer of the breast, colon, liver and oral cavity.
  • If
    a child gets exposed to alcohol before birth, he may suffer fetal alcohol
  • AUD
    may affect learning and performance at school.
  • You
    may suffer accidents or injuries.
  • Your
    liver can get affected badly and you may develop symptoms like cirrhosis,
    colon, hepatitis and fatty liver.
  • It
    may negatively impact your financial condition and personal relations.
  • Prolonged
    use of alcohol may weaken the immune system.

of Alcohol Abuse or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)

you visit a doctor, he diagnoses your problem to know whether it is a simple
alcohol issue or it has become an alcohol abuse which is also referred to as
Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Your doctor may ask several questions. Important
among them are as follows.

  • Is
    drinking disrupting your day-to-day life?
  • Is
    drinking putting others’ lives at risk? (You may injure someone with rash
    driving or running a machine in the wrong way or performing some action
    carelessly. Pregnant women may put their children at risk.)
  • Is
    drinking putting you in legal problems?
  • Is
    it posing a problem to your relationship?
  • Aren’t
    you able to stop craving alcohol?
  • Do
    you give alcohol priority over everything?
  • Are
    you not able to stop even if it is causing health issues?
  • Do
    you get withdrawal symptoms?

of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) – Rehabilitation Therapy and More

it is diagnosed that the person is suffering from alcohol abuse you should
start searching for treatment options for it. There is more than one treatment
option available for it. You can choose one or a combination of them. A rehabilitation
therapist for AUD uses a combination of treatments. Here we throw light on
different treatment options for alcohol abuse.


is one of the most common treatments for alcohol abuse. Medicines are
administered to reduce craving, restore chemical imbalance and dissuade chronic
alcohol use. 


natural remedies have also been bringing wonderful results for those suffering
from alcohol abuse. Different kinds of natural remedies can be given to improve
the condition. Some alcoholics may have a lack of nutrients due to irregular
routines or lack of meals. Such alcoholics can be better handled by providing
nutrients through natural resources.


behavior therapists may help people with chronic alcohol use. They use
reinforcement and motivation techniques to help people reduce their cravings
and get rid of this habit. They help people stop chronic alcohol use. If the
patient is getting withdrawal symptoms, they suggest alternative ways to deal
with it.


are several groups on the internet or around you that can help reduce the
craving or provide an environment that dissuades the craving for alcohol. You
should join one of these groups.

only these groups but your friends and families can also act as a support group
for you. A therapist can tell you how you can seek the help of your friends and
family to keep away from alcohol.


techniques help reduce the craving for alcohol consumption in chronic alcohol
users. You should start practicing yoga and meditation to drift your mind from
alcohol consumption. Your meditation teacher may help you better in this

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