Truck Accident Lawyer – Win the Insurance Claim and Trial

understand the role of a truck accident lawyer, let us have a perspective. Have you or any of your family members got hit by a truck? It is unfortunate.
As per the data of The National Safety Council, America, 4,965 people died in large-truck accidents in 2020 in America alone.

The US law has enough provisions to help truck accident victims. You can make the most of it with help from a truck accident lawyer. But before proceeding further let us understand who is a truck accident lawyer.

Truck Accident Lawyer

Who is a truck accident lawyer: Meaning and definition

A truck accident lawyer is a lawyer or attorney who specializes in dealing with truck accident cases that include negotiating with insurance companies and representing you in court. He is the legal resource to help you get compensation and justice if you have got injured due to the negligence of atruck driver.

What does a truck accident attorney do

Have you or one of your loved ones got injured due to negligence involving a truck? No doubt getting the right kind of treatment should be the first thing on your mind. But the next thing should be getting justice and compensation if it is not your fault. Here a truck accident lawyer could be of great help in making a strong case that wins a claim.

Here we will let you know what a truck accident lawyer can do for you.

Determines Liability

Determining liability in a truck accident case is difficult. You may think that the truck driver is the only person to be held accountable. But there could be more than one person to be held liable in this case. Apart from the truck driver, the trucking company, insurer, manufacturer, insurance company and cargo company can also be held liable for the accident.

A truck accident attorney with in-depth knowledge of federal and local law can determine whom to hold liable for the accident.

Preparing a Strong CaseAfter the truck accident, you have to present a strong claim before the insurance company and a compelling case in the concerned court. In both these situations, you need to have an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side.

Your attorney will collect different kinds of evidence to make your case compelling. He will collect police records, video footage, statements from witnesses and data from the truck’s electronic devices to make your case strong.

In the next leg, he will visit the hospital to collect evidence of the loss of wages and medical expenses.

Insurance and Court Cases

The role of an accident lawyer does not end with determining the liability and collection of evidence, instead, he negotiates with the insurance companies to get a better settlement. If required he also moves to court to ensure justice for you. As we all know insurance companies are hard to please. Here an experienced lawyer on your side can make things easy for you.

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Proving your Viewpoint in the Accident Case

Collecting documents and making a strong case is of no use unless it helps prove your point. A truck accident lawyer with good experience in negotiating with insurance companies and arguing in court is better positioned to do this.

Your lawyer will prove that the truck driver was not driving reasonably and he violated the duty of care.

How to choose the right truck accident lawyer

Finding the right truck accident lawyer is difficult given the complex nature of laws involving truck accidents. But you can find the right one following certain suggestion.

Estimate Your Legal Needs

You should set your goals and expectations from the case while hiring a truck accident lawyer. But even in doing so, you need to consult a lawyer who will give you a perspective on your case. He is the one to guide you on whether you should go for settlement or trial.

Decide whether you want to go for settlement or trial and hire a lawyer accordingly.

Experience is Important

Every lawyer
studies the same law book but it is the experience that sets them apart. The
injuries and losses that occurred due to truck accidents are far higher than
those of normal auto or car accidents. So, you should go for a lawyer who has
experience in handling truck accident cases.

Success Rate

is important but the success rate is important too.  You should know how many truck accident cases
he has handled and with what success. Always go for an attorney with a high
success rate but don’t get overwhelmed by a tall success rate. To do it better,
you can talk to the former clients of the truck accident lawyer under

Negotiation Skills

When someone
meets a truck accident, the insurance companies negotiate with you so that the
matter can be resolved fast out of court. But initially, the amount offered is
very small. As your lawyer is talking on your behalf, he should be experienced
enough to get you adequate compensation.

His Workload

While hiring
a construction accident lawyer, do know how busy is he. Will they be able to
pay proper attention to your case? There are times when attorneys have several
cases to handle and they are not able to pay proper attention to your case.
Having a moderate number of cases is good. It is a sign of success. But lawyers
with an exorbitant number of cases cannot do justice to you. Refrain from them.


Budget is a
major consideration when choosing a truck accident lawyer or any other kind of
lawyer. You must know how much they charge for your case. 

Here it is
worth noting that most truck accident lawyers charge on a contingency basis.
That means they will not charge you unless they win your case. If they win,
they charge a certain percentage of the claim amount.

Your Comfort Level

Though is
not a very tangible trait, you must enjoy a comfort level with your attorney.
As he is going to be a part of your team dealing with the recovery process, you
may need to call him during unsocial hours.

Having trust
in him is another factor as you confide the smallest of details to him and he
needs to use it to your advantage.

Communication Skills

One of the
major things to consider while choosing a truck accident lawyer is
communication skills. Is he able to communicate things simply and lucidly or he
is sticking to legal jargon?

Does he
communicate the development in your case or is he keeping it to himself? A good
truck accident lawyer has a good mechanism to communicate the development in
your case. He should keep you informed when there is a significant change in
the status of your case.

Ask from People

Despite the
advent of rating websites, the old method of asking for a recommendation has
not gone obsolete. Asking people for references is still a good way to hire a
truck accident attorney. If someone in your circle has gone through a truck
accident in past or handled it for someone, then he is better positioned to
help you.

Seek Online References 

With the
availability of several online listing portals, review websites, and social
media, it has become a tad easy to know about lawyers these days. You can
leverage these resources to check ideal truck accident lawyers near you. There
are various websites like Google and Yelp offering listings and reviews about
truck accident lawyers. Just search truck accident lawyers in my area and you
will be served with various options.

from You

As you need
to visit your truck accident lawyer frequently, your lawyer should be
conveniently located. The recent advances in technology have made finding a nearby
lawyer easier. Your just type truck accident lawyers near me and you will be
given several options. But here is a word of caution. Not every lawyer is
equally good, so know about them while deciding.

Asked Questions

There could
be several questions related to truck accident lawyers. Here we try to answer
them one by one.

Who pays for
the truck insurance claims?

companies are safeguarded with insurance coverage. And any accident occurred
due to the negligence of their drivers is covered with it. Most truck accidents
happen due to negligent driving, insufficient training and low maintenance
among others.

What one
should do after a truck accident?

Meeting with
a truck accident is an unfortunate thing. But you should get to your senses
after it as you must take a few steps.
These are as follows.

  • Call the
  • Get the
    contact details of the driver
  • Collect
    details of the trucking company
  • Collect information
    about witnesses
  • Seek medical
  • Contact an
    experienced truck accident lawyer

What types
of damages do truck accident lawyers help the victim recover?

With the
help of a truck accident lawyer, a victim can get damages for various things
that include.

  • Medical
  • Loss of
  • Lost chances
    of earning
  • Emotional
  • Pain in the
    affected area
  • Wrongful
  • Damages done
    to vehicles

What kind of
evidence a truck accident lawyer collects?

Evidence is
vital for making a strong case when you meet a truck accident.

  • He clicks
    pictures of the accident site
  • Meets
    witnesses and records their statements.
  • Analyses
    camera footage
  • Assesses
    vehicle damage
  • Know about
    the client’s medical expenses

Who can I
sue in case of a trucking accident?

As you meet
an accident, you might have questions like whom to sue for the accident. You
can sue whoever is at the fault for the accident. They could be

  • The driver
    of the truck
  • Owner or
    trucking company
  • Manufacturer
    of the truck
  • Maintenance
  • Government
    officials (for bad road conditions)

Is hiring a
truck accident lawyer worth it?

Hiring a
truck accident lawyer is completely worth it as he safeguards your legal rights
and negotiates a better deal with insurance companies. He proves his worthiness
in more than one way.

A lawyer
knows well what to say and what to not say to before insurance companies to
make a strong case.

What is the
meaning of negligence in a truck accident?

driving a driver should be careful toward others. He should practice diligence
to avoid inflicting harm to other people and vehicles on the road. When a truck
driver fails to exercise this diligence and makes an accident then it is
defined as negligence and he can be held liable for damages.

How much do
truck accident lawyers charge?

When you
meet a truck accident, you need to hire a lawyer. These are personal injury lawyers who work on these cases. Most personal injury lawyers work on a
contingency basis. That means they charge a certain amount of settlement if you
win the case. The contingency fee varies from one law firm to another.

accident cases are very serious in nature. Why?

Trucks are
big-sized vehicles with a mass of more than 10000 pounds. At a high velocity,
it creates a big momentum as momentum is a multiplication of mass and velocity.
It is why the impact created is very high and so is the damage.

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