Fertility Clinic – 11 Ways to Find the Best IVF Clinic Near You


If you are trying hard to get pregnant that too without success, then you might be looking forward to visit a fertility clinic. These clinics are popularly called IVF clinics. Several such clinics can be found in your neighborhood but all these clinics are not equally good. You have to be careful while choosing the right fertility clinic. As you are going to spend a large sum of money, a good span of time and other kinds of resources, this decision should be taken with utmost care.

Fertility Clinic

Know About the Specialists

A fertility clinic requires a number of fertility specialists to work in collaboration. If you think that an endocrinologist is enough to run the clinic you are overlooking some of the most important requirements. As infertility may happen due to a number of factors including PCOD, fibroid and endometriosis. You need to treat them efficiently. As IVF treatments are increasingly getting popular you should also check if there are specialists with cutting edge knowledge of test tube baby technology.

Success Percentage

There could be several fertility specialists in a clinic but what if they are not bringing the desired results. So the success rate of the fertility clinic is also one of the most important consideration. Given all the parameters are same you should always go for a fertility clinic or IVF clinic with highest success rate.

Facilities and Services

The success of a fertility clinic depends a lot on the amenities and services available here. So before signing them for your fertility assignment, you should make sure that this fertility clinic is equipped with the latest facilities and services. You should make sure whether the fertility clinic has latest lab facilities. Check if they have facilities like lasers and incubators.


Accessibility is another parameters that you should consider while choosing a fertility clinic. Your fertility hospital should be highly accessible. Your clinic should give appointments that suits your schedule or you should be able to adjust to their schedule. As fertility treatment is one of the most demanding treatments, your fertility clinic should be highly accessible.

You might think that location shouldn’t be a constraint while choosing a fertility clinic. It is why we said that you should prefer one given all the parameters are same. So when you are going through IVF treatment you are required to stay near the fertility clinic for a short period. To find a fertility clinic near your home you should search fertility clinics near me in search engine.

Lab Facilities

Some clinics have their own laboratories while other depends on outside laboratories. Fertility treatment requires rigorous testing of sperm and eggs and it requires andrology and embryology labs – andrology lab for sperm collection and embryology lab for collection of eggs and fertilization.

So fertility clinics with an in-house laboratories are always a better option. Ask if your prospective fertility clinic has laboratory of its own. Even if it has an outsourced laboratory, then it shouldn’t be situated far from the clinic.

Reputation Matters

Outstanding fertility clinics often get recognition from government and other organization for their commendable work. Sometime they get awarded by several awards and accolades and sometimes they get rave reviews for their service in local newspapers and media. Ask if your prospective fertility hospital have got any such recognition. If the hospital is not awarded then there would be some fertility specialists who might have received some awards for their outstanding work. Such awards don’t only recognize the great expertise of the clinic but the overall competence and good behavior of the fertility clinic.

If the clinic also proclaims to be a fertility hospital and research center then ask them to show any research paper that has been published.

You can also check various online forums where reviews of the fertility clinics and IVF hospitals are given. People don’t hesitate about calling spade-a-spade about the services. If they have found something good they will praise it and condemn the bad services. Review websites help you make opinion about the fertility clinics.

Male Factor Infertility Treatment

If a couple visits a fertility clinic, then there are good chances of male factor infertility being the reason for pregnancy. In fact male factor infertility is the reason behind half of the fertility issues. Most good fertility clinics also have facility to treat male factor infertility. Ask if your prospective clinic offer such facility.

Counseling Required

Going through a fertility treatment is a mentally draining experience and sometimes couples feel unbearable stress. To handle this situation some clinics provide counseling to couples. The importance of counseling can be understood with the fact, that there is a branch of psychiatry named reproductive psychiatry devoted to it. Know if your prospective fertility clinic provides such counseling.

Communication is Important

Good communication is important in whatever you do and your fertility treatment is no exception. Here is how communication affects your treatment. Your fertility doctor should be available to answer your call. Their staff should answer your email and return your call whenever they miss it. Having good communication adds to the authenticity of the organization. It shows that the administration of the fertility clinic is well oiled.

Pricing is a Major Consideration

It goes without saying that pricing is a major consideration while choosing a fertility clinic or IVF center. Here it is worth noting that fertility treatments are often expensive so you should get ready for it. But here is a point to remember. If you don’t have much budget then you should consider opting for a clinic that promises value for money.

Know About Your Insurance Coverage

Most couples have medical insurance coverage. You should know whether your medical insurance covers fertility treatment. If your insurance cover is provided by your employer then you should check it with your employer. If it is not part of your coverage you should check it with the insurance company to be sure of it.

But if infertility treatment is part of your coverage, you should know how much amount can be reimbursed from your insurance. Based on the amount and your budget you should make a list of fertility hospitals where your insurance cover is applicable. If the cost of treatment exceeds your insurance amount then you have option to pay for rest of the amount.

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