Don’t Read This If You Don’t Want to Choose the Right Chandelier


A chandelier brings elegance to your home, and it is why you might be paying
great attention to select the right chandelier for your home. When it comes to
chandelier every home has a different requirement, and you should must take
several factors in to account in order to find the right kind of chandelier
that adds beauty and elegance to your home. 


we are giving valuable tips on how to choose a chandelier.

is Important

prefer it big, some small, and some a medium sized chandelier. But none of it
is the right parameter for selecting a chandelier. A chandelier must be adding
beauty to the space. There are certain guidelines related to size that you
should follow.

dining room your chandelier must be 12 inches narrower than the dining table and
it should be 4 feet away from the room walls.

living room, you should add the length and width of the room in feet. And your
chandelier should be an inch for every foot. For example, if the room in 15-foot-long
and 12-foot-wide then its addition in 27. Your chandelier should be 27 inches.

More Than One Chandelier

are times when you have large dining table or a large passageway. Such a space
requires more than one chandelier. You can use more than one chandelier as per
the requirement. But if you want to illuminate only certain parts than you can
manage with even a small number of chandeliers. Take this factor into account
while choosing a chandelier. 

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One that Convey the Message

are ideal to give you a message. You can choose from the different kinds of
chandeliers. If you want to give your space a vintage look then there are
chandeliers to give you vintage look. Decide whatever look you want to give it
to your space and you will soon find a corresponding chandelier.



plays a major role in choosing a chandelier. The area, shape, and texture of
the room plays a great role in the selection of chandelier. The dinning room
and living rooms require a well decorated ambience so you need to buy a crystal
chandelier for these spaces.

the other hand, spaces like kitchen are functional spaces and requires
relatively less decoration. Here wine glass chandelier can also be used.

can also use chandelier in bathroom if it has a good height. Don’t try this if
your bathroom is low in height.

is a Major Factor

is one the most important factors while choosing the righ chandelier. Most of
the times the frames of chandeliers are made of metal so you can find them in
different colors. If you room has a traditional interior then you should prefer
a chandelier with brass frame. If your room or living space has a rustic look
then rustic chandeliers are also commonly available. From black chandeliers to
chrome chandeliers and chrome chandeliers there is a vast range of options
available for you. However, the color decisions are also taken on color of the
wall, furnishing, furniture and door handle colors.

on Function

You must take in to the functionality while choosing the right chandelier. You
must decide whether the chandelier is for the decorative purpose or for the
lighting purpose. If it is for decorative purpose, you should put it a point
where it is easily visible by others. On the other hand, if it for lighting
purpose, then fix it at a point where it can illuminate the room or table as
per your lighting requirements. Your interior designer can suggest a better
chandelier as per your requirements.

of Chandelier

modern technology has made a positive intervention into every walk of life and
lighting is no exception. There is a vast array of LED chandeliers available in
the market. Some designers design in such a brilliant way that you find it hard
to differentiate between a LED and incandescent chandelier. The use of LED in
chandeliers offers unique designing opportunities for designers. As LEDs are
very small in size designers find no need to conceal the lights. This facility
offers them more opportunity to experiment with new ideas. The use of LEDs in
chandeliers not only gives more flexibility in the terms of designing but it is
also a great cost saver in the terms of cost and power saving. With the use of
LED chandeliers your electricity bills can be reduced significantly. LED also
enjoys a greater lifespan than halogen and other lightings. You must take into
consideration while picking a chandelier.

Lights be Dimmed

picking a LED chandelier most people look for a chandelier with a dimmable
light so that a romantic ambience can be created. If you are also looking for
such a feature, then you most give a preference for it before buying. Not much
changes can be made after buying.

Lighting be Upgraded to CFL or LED

are times when people want to changes their chandelier lighting to give it a
different look. But not all chandeliers have an option to do so. You should
make sure that if the chandeliers have the right fixture that allows upgradation.
There are several kinds of lightings that can give your chandelier a different look.

Ideas Before Buying

is no formula for buying a chandelier, you need to have some idea before buying.
You should consult magazines related to home décor. There are several such magazines
available in the market. You can also search the best design and you will find
a plethora of options available online. Your interiors designer can also guide
you how to choose the right chandeliers.

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