How to Choose the Right Tiles for Your Home? Redefine Elegance


are one of the most endeared flooring and wall solutions. These are available
in different qualities, sizes and colors that give elegant looks to your home.
Its availability in different varieties makes it ideal to get blended to your
home décor. So, if you are also someone who wants to give a classy look to your
home with tiles and looking for tips to select the right tiles then these tips will
certainly help you.

proceeding further, let us know about the different types of tiles.

of Tiles: A Wide Range of Options


tiles are highly popular as it has a wide array of applications. As these tiles
are highly durable, it can be used in different parts of your house like the
living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and even stairs. Among other benefits,
these tiles can easily be installed and come in different designs and colors.
It is why ceramic tiles are highly preferred by those who wish to renovate
their house in a small budget.


tile is another popular type of tile.One
of the major reasons for the popularity of the porcelain tile is its natural
look. It can appear like stone, brick or wood. The tile is well known for its
low maintenance. It imparts your home an elegant look without much maintenance.
As these are available in various designs, styles and colors it offers you a
wide array of options. Due to its high durability and resistance against
freezing, facing and cracking, it is also commonly used outdoors. Due to these
features, these tiles are also used in kitchen, bathroom and areas with high


tiles are highly preferred due to its stain resistance. It is why it is fast
outpacing tiles in some area. These tiles are highly preferred by those who
want a squeaky-clean surface. However, these tiles are not without drawback as
it starts chipping on the edges. Due to this reason, glass tiles are not recommended
for areas with high footfalls that include kitchen and bathroom. However, these
are ideal for tabletops, desks and backsplash. 

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tiles, also called hydraulic tiles, are in existence for long. After so many
years of lull, these tiles are bouncing back. Now they are increasingly getting
popular due to their stylish designs and colors. As these tiles are porous it
gets oxidized and a layer is formed on it. These tiles have a tendency to get
discolored hence they need resealing every few years. Cement tiles can be used
in areas with low footfalls.


tiles add a class to your spaces. The tile is ideal for those who love elegance
and don’t mind spending generously to add beauty to their homes. Whether it is
a bathroom, living room or kitchen, the marble tiles are ideal for any kind of
space. Marble tiles may be looking elegant but it is susceptible to scratches
and stains. It is why this tile is recommended for areas with fewer footfalls. 



tiles add an air of creativity to your interior. As these tiles are available
in different shapes, sizes and colors, it offers a wide range of options. The
tiles are used mainly on walls to make them more beautiful.


tiles are often used as a cost-effective alternative to marble tiles. As these
are natural stones, there is a good demand for it. Granite tiles are ideal for
places that receive higher footfalls. These are ideal for laundry and other
highly frequented areas.


tiles are ideal for those looking for a rustic tone in their spaces. A natural
stone, it offers a wide range of variations in terms of shades, sizes and
style. As it is a natural stone, its wise use can transport you back in ancient
times. Being durable and soft, it helps you cut to the size to meet your
specific requirements.  If you have plans
to buy limestone tiles then you should know that it is a porous tile and it is
susceptible to etch and crack. So, you must ensure that it is being sealed
perfectly. Limestone tiles also demand proper upkeep so this factor should also
be taken into account.


tiles are well known for their aesthetic quotient. Soft, elegant and available
in different colors, it offers a wide range of options to those who want to
make a style statement with beautiful spaces. As it is a natural tile, it is
susceptible to traction, stains and water. This tile is ideally suited for the
area with low movement. Travertine tiles are more suited for walls than


marble and limestone, quarry tile is made of ground materials like feldspar,
clay, shale and other minerals. As these tiles are baked at a temperature as
high as 2000 degrees, it is non-porous, dense and water-resistant. These tiles
are susceptible to stain.

Metal Tiles

tiles are known for their higher durability and style that help make your
kitchen more elegant. When it comes to prices these tiles are at par with
natural stone but relatively more durable. This tile is ideal for the kitchen.


tiles are highly sought after among the people who want to add style to their
homes. If you have creativity in mind you can use them to make your own style
and pattern. As these tiles are water-resistant these are ideally suited for


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to Choose the Right Kind of Tiles

Size Matters

is an important consideration while choosing the right kind of tiles for your
home. You should go with bigger sized tile for your living room and pick small
sized tiles for smaller areas like bathroom and kitchen.

Hardness is Important

hardness of tile is important while you are choosing the floor tiles. An area
like kitchen and bathroom receives more footfalls so tiles applied in these
areas should be hard. The tiles applied at the common entrance of the house
should also be hard and able to withstand the pressure.

is a Major Factor

is the ability to absorb water.  So, you
should avoid porous tiles in the areas that are moist. You should not use such
kind of tiles in areas like bathroom, laundry and kitchen.


are slippery and it becomes more slippery when water is added to it. This
combination makes them more prone to accidents. So, your bathroom needs
slip-resistant tiles. Such types of tiles are recommended as children and
elderly are more prone to accidents. You must keep this in mind while choosing
the right kind of tiles

the Room Size

room appears larger with the use of larger tiles. Using floor tiles on the wall
will help appear your room more uniform. However, you shouldn’t use wall tiles
on the floor as floor tiles require strength. It is made up of hard materials
to endure traffic. If your room is small you should consider using light
coloured tiles. However, you have the liberty to go as per your wish with
bigger rooms.

is Crucial

is one of the most crucial considerations while choosing the right tiles for
the living room. And most of the time it depends on the kind of texture,
ambience and feel you want to have in your room. For the living room, you
should choose more relaxing colors. For bathroom, you should choose a color
that may camouflage stains. However, you should choose vibrant colors for the

Kind of Grout

tiles choosing the right kind of grout is also important. Here a grout with
contrast color will highlight the color of tiles while a grout with
complementary color will give more relaxing look.

or Natural Stone Tiles

deciding on a tile for the home you have the option to choose between glazed
tile or tiles with a natural finish. Glazed tiles can easily be cleaned while
the tiles without a glaze need to be sealed to avoid staining.

or Bright Space

selection of the right kind of tiles also depends a lot on whether the area is
dark or bright. A dark area needs a glossy kind of tiles while any kind of tile
is good for a brighter area. Your interior designer can tell you more about the

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