16 Types of Pedicures for Beautiful Legs: Complete Guide


feet get dirty every time we get out of the home. Dirt, mud and pollution steal
the beauty of our feet and we want to get it pampered at a salon. We often get
confused due to various types of pedicure options available. We seek guidance
to select the right kind of pedicure at the right kind of nail salon. So, we
need a proper understanding of the different types of pedicures. Here we have
come up with the most comprehensive coverage on different types of pedicures.


Classic Pedicure

pedicure is the most performed pedicure. It is known by different names with
some small variations. Some of the most popular names are classic pedicure,
regular pedicure and standard pedicure. Here the focus is to shape the nail and
cuticle. The regular pedicure involves a very simple procedure.

the first stage, your feet are soaked in a bowl of warm water for ten minutes.
Some people also use foot soak or whole milk instead of warm water.

next step involves cuticle care where you apply a cuticle softener and uses a
cuticle pusher to push back the cuticle. Some people also used to cut the
cuticle. But here is a word of caution. Cutting live cuticles may lead to
infection. So, we must convey your concerns to the technicians and know what is
their way of performing pedicure.

the next step exfoliation and moisturization is done. While the final touch was
given by polishing your nails.


French pedicure is one in which the tip of the nail is painted with white while
the plate of the nail is painted with pink or natural tone polishes.

pedicure process starts with cleaning your nails, removing the nail polish. You
should file your nail but keep it long enough to perform French manicure. Then
after clean it.

next step is soaking up your feet in a bowl of warm water with Epsom salt added
to it. You can also use oils like lavender and grapefruit.

should keep your feet soaked for around 20 minutes to soften it. It relaxes and
rejuvenates your skin.

next is drying up your feet using a towel followed by exfoliating with a
scrubber. A pumice stone can also be used for scrubbing ends.

next step is moisturization. You should apply lotion on your feet by putting
sight pressure. Massage your feet for around 10 minutes and let the moisturizer
get absorbed.

your feet get moisturized it is time to get some cuticle care. You should take
a cuticle trimmer and cut the dead ends. You should push back the overgrown
cuticles with a cuticle stick. Don’t push back the live cuticles forcibly for
the fear of infection.

next step is polishing your nails and letting it dry. A French tip should be
added afterwards.


many aspects, a gel manicure resembles a basic manicure but unlike basic
manicure where regular nail polish is used, it uses a gel polish. The pedicure
uses UV light for drying up the gel.

use of gel polish allows a pedicure to last for around two weeks. It is highly
sought after among the masses for its durable, non-chipping and non-scratchy.

other procedures are similar to basic procedure except you have to apply a gel
polish instead of a regular polish.

stone pedicure

a hot stone pedicure, a technician places smooth hot stone above and below your
feet. But before the hot stone is applied your technician soaks your feet,
removes the existing nail polish and trims your nail to the shape.

this process, hot stones are placed on your feet for 20 minutes. After which
the technician performs foot and leg massage. Some technicians also apply
aromatherapy in the process. The final touch is given with a fresh coat on

are various benefits attached to a hot stone pedicure. It rejuvenates your
feet, reduces fatigue and increases and improves the blood circulation. As the
process uses hot stone, your skin gets better prepared to absorb the oil
applied during the massage.

procedure is a soothing effect on your feet and legs and hence it is highly
recommended for those whose legs get easily fatigued.


athletic pedicure is much in demand from those who use feet for an extended
period of time. Runner, sportspersons and anyone who is on their feet
throughout the day.

pedicure procedure resembles a lot with the basic pedicure. But some advanced
techniques are applied to provide increased relaxation. Here the main focus is
on muscle relaxation and pain alleviation.

using the basic procedures, a technician exfoliates your feet and moisturize
it. Extra-long massage is performed to provide muscle relaxation. Attention is
also paid to callouses. An anti-fungal treatment is also given as per the

final touch is given with applying nail coat of your desired colors.


people are very much concerned about the hygiene standard of a spa and seek a
solution to get a manicure to avoid the chance of infection. There are cases
where the water available at the spa is not clean enough to perform a pedicure.
In such cases, the waterless pedicure is highly recommended.

the initial stage, your nails are trimmed and filed. A special liquid is
sprayed on your feet. Your feet are wrapped with a towel or plastic wrapper to
keep it moist. This exercise will help keep your skin soft. In such a way you
get the same benefits as a soaked foot without soaking it in water. So, the
chances of getting an infection are outrightly avoided.

treatment is one of the simplest methods to get a pedicure. The process is
ideal for those who want to get a pedicure in a small-time without spending too


fish pedicure is highly sought after among the masses but not all nail salons
offer it.

procedure followed in it is a little weird as you have to soak your feet in a
tub where small fish will feed on the dead skin of your feet.

these fish are small in size and toothless you stand no chance to get hurt. So,
if you don’t get intimidated by fish it could be a great treatment for you.

treatment is best suited for those with callous in feet.

the fish treatment is over, the rest of the procedures are the same as the
basic pedicure.


pedicure is a type of treatment in where paraffin wax is applied over the skin
in order to moisturize it. But before applying the wax you have to go through
the standard procedure of basic pedicure like washing your feet, buffing it and
trimming the toenails to the desired shape.

nail salon experiments with paraffin wax treatment and add aromatic oil or
fragrances. Such an experiment may award you with a luxurious experience.

you apply the paraffin wax for moisturizing, you should allow it to cool off,
then remove it. The final touches would be given by applying a fresh coat of

it comes to pricing, a paraffin treatment is quite expensive as it takes more
time, equipment and products.

is a word of caution. This treatment shouldn’t be applied to children elderly
or anyone who is highly sensitive to temperature.

treatment has cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. It makes your skin soft. It
helps people with stiffness in bones and other joint and mobility issues.


spa pedicure is a type of pedicure performed at a spa where a lot of emphases
is put on making the appearance of feet and toenail impressive.

services offered vary from venue to venue but the basic procedure remains the

the first stage, your feet are soaked in warm water while you seat on a
comfortable chair. You will also be supplied with reading material to while
away the time.

the next stage, your technician will cut, file and shape your nails to make it
uniform and beautiful.

next is cuticle care where a cuticle care cream is applied to make it soft.
Your technicians will push back the cuticle gently. You should ask your
technician to not to remove the live cuticle as it may lead to infection.

the next stage, your technician performs exfoliation on your feet using a scrub
or exfoliator. Sometimes, pumice stone is also used to make the corners smooth.

the exfoliation is done, your feet will be moisturized and massaged using
quality creams. The final touches will be given by applying polish and drying
it up.


has great scrubbing properties that are exploited for a pedicure. A combination
of salt and rock is used to scrub off your dead cells so that fresh cells can
come to the surface.

steps involved in this pedicure are the same as a basic pedicure. The only
difference is that exfoliation is replaced by rubbing with salt.

pedicure offers an array of health benefits besides making your feet look
elegant. It helps improve blood circulation and keep skin diseases at bay.


is a great treat to your taste buds, but what if your feet get treated with
chocolate. Yes, you heard it right! We are talking about a chocolate pedicure.

this pedicure, your feet are soaked in melted warm chocolate for a few minutes.
As you take the feet out of the bath, it is scrubbed with chocolate or a cocoa
brush. After rubbing, your feet are wrapped in chocolate.

steps followed in chocolate pedicure may vary from one spa to another. Once the
mask is removed it is massaged with a chocolate buttercream moisturizer. The
final touches are given by painting your toenail as done in a regular pedicure.

are several benefits attached to it. Such a pedicure improves blood
circulation, skin rejuvenation, and protect the skin from suntan.


mini pedicure is much loved by the people who have very small time disposal.
Most of the people prefer to do it at home.

you have to do is to soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes. Once you
take your feet out of water wipe it with a towel. It is followed by trimming
your nails and filing it.

final touches are given by polishing your nails in desired colors as done in a
regular pedicure.


floral pedicure resembles much with a basic pedicure with a few differences.

to basic pedicure where you soak in feet in the water here you will soak your
feet in the essence of flowers. Here the water is sprinkled with flower petals.

you take the feet out of the bath, it will be exfoliated using petal scrubs.
Your feet will be filed and cuticle will be gently pushed back.

a mask is applied over your feet and allowed to soothe. The final touch is
given by a nail coat.


aspects of Margarita pedicure resemble with a classic pedicure. But there are
some differences. Instead of classic soaking where warm water is used a
Margarita pedicure uses water with lime essential oil, cool water and floating
lime slices as a soaking solution. You should soak your feet for 10 minutes.

you take your feet out of the soak, it is treated and exfoliated with a lime
salt scrub. Then a technician massages your feet with lime-based massage oil
and lime-flavoured moisturizer.

final touch is given by polishing your nails as done in a classic manicure.

Cream Pedicure

ice cream pedicure is well known for its hydrating properties. In such a
pedicure you soak your feet in warm water with your favourite ice cream and
several oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil put in it.

you take your feet out of the soak, it is exfoliated and scrubbed like a
classic pedicure. After that, your feet are massaged well. After that, a foot
mask is applied over it. The pedicure gets finished by polishing your toenails.

from its hydrating properties, it increases the shine of your feet by removing
the dead skin from your feet. It keeps your feet moisturized and help improve
blood circulation to your feet. Due to its hydrating properties, it is best
suited for those with a dry foot.


Pedicure is also referred to as the champagne pedicure. Such a pedicure uses
grape products that include grape seeds and grape oil. After cleaning your
feet, you have to soak it in a bath that consists of champagne accented with
minerals. Water is not used in this bath.

you take out the feet after soaking, it will get scrubbed by grape seeds. This
will exfoliate the dead skin and callouses from your feet.

next step is removing the cuticle or pushing it back gently with a cuticle
stick. After that, your feet are massaged gently with champagne oil. It
hydrates your feet, restores moisture and makes it shine. To some extent, it
also prevents your feet from getting faded.

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