Manicure – A Comprehensive Guide to Beautiful Nails


Nails add charm to your personality. You
would be paying full attention to it, but still, you nail are not looking as
per your expectations. A good manicure service might be the right solution.
Such a service is focused on every part of your nail care that includes filling
and shaping of the nails, removing dead tissues and polishing the nails so that
the nails could look at their best. Before we proceed further and touch upon
the different aspects, we will discuss what is the meaning of manicure.

Manicure for Nails

Meaning of Manicure

In our quest to provide complete information
on manicure, we tried to find out the dictionary meaning of manicure. We
consulted the Merriam Websters Dictionary that defines it as a treatment for
the care of the hands and fingernails. While Collins Dictionary defines it as
softening your skin and cutting and polishing your nails.

The definitions are good but before
proceeding further, let us understand why manicure is important.

Benefits of Manicure

Ensures Healthy Hands and Nails

Hands are one of the most used parts of our
body. They face rough weather, chemical, dirt and everything that might affect
their health. Same is true for the nails that come in touch with several things
that may affect their health. A manicure offers a healing touch to them.

Improved Blood Circulation

Good blood circulation is important for the
health of muscles and bones in hand. A manicure process involves cuticle
treatment, massage and moisturizing that improves the blood circulation. This
not only helps your hands and nails look good but also relieves the pain if any
in your hands.

Antidote Against Fungal Disease

If left untreated for long, nails may develop
fungal diseases. Sometimes some small bruises on hands remain untreated and the
situation leads to fungal infections. These things are discovered and treated
well with manicure sessions. Treatment at early stage checks them from being a
big issue.

Improved Beauty

Looking beautiful is an earnest desire for
any human being. And a regular visit to a manicurist keeps your hand and nails
impressive. They have good knowledge of tools and treatments to keep your hands
and nails look elegant.

Relaxing Experience

Even though you are getting only your hand
and nails treated a manicure offers a great relaxing experience. It is your
me-time where you can relax and sip coffee while a manicurist is providing you

Manicure - Nail Salon

Different Types of Manicure

There is more than one way to get a manicure.
So, the customers have a whole array of options to choose from. You can choose
a manicure that best suits your requirements. Here we discuss different kinds
of manicures.

Basic Manicure

As the name suggests, the basic manicure is
one of the simplest manicures. In this type of manicure, a nail therapist files
your nails, give them a shape and removes cuticles. Your hands are massaged,
moisturized and nails are painted. This manicure can be completed in a very
small time. So, if you have little time on your disposal, you should go for a
basic manicure.

Hot Oil Manicure

Hot oil manicure is much in trend and it is
considered expensive. In this treatment, your hand is soaked in a bowl of
heated essential oils. A therapist decides the combination of oils as per the
requirements of your nails and fingers. Such a manicure has a therapeutic
effect on your fingers and nails. Olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, organic
coconut oil vitamin E oil and castor oil are some of the commonly used oils.

Spa Manicure

A spa manicure is a more elaborate form of
treatment as compared to the basic manicure. It is a multi-step treatment that
involves aromatic salt rub, hydrating mask, hot towel wrap and hot massage
among the others. The treatment is given amidst the luxurious surroundings of a
spa. In this type of manicure, the existing nail polish is removed and hands
are sanitized. Your hand will be dipped in a softening material. Then a
therapist applies lotion to give it a healing touch. Later nails are polished
and topcoat.

Gel Manicure

A gel manicure is a type of manicure in which
a gel-based polish is applied over the nails and it is dried up with UV or LED
light in a way that the polish gets locked in nails. When you get this
treatment, it will feel like your regular manicure but its benefits will stay
longer than a regular manicure. In some cases, it lasts for around four weeks.

Paraffin Manicure

Paraffin manicure is highly popular these
days. In this type of manicure, you hand, up to the wrist, is soaked into the
wax for some time. Later it is covered with a fresh towel. This manicure is
known for a therapeutic and a great de-stressing effect. Paraffin manicure is
best suited for pore cleaning, skin rejuvenation and healing. Needless to say,
it is high in demand.

Brazilian Manicure

A Brazilian manicure is unique in the way
that not only nails but surrounding skin around the nails is also coated with a
base coat and polish of your choice. Later the excess polish is wiped away
using a specific clipper and acetone dipped cotton ball.

Shellac Manicure

Shellac manicure is a type of manicure that
combines the best of gel and nail polish. This manicure is the patent of
creative nail design. You can get its various variants at the salons that are
verified for providing this manicure. Here two shades of gel -one for
durability and another protection- and nail polish are used.

3D Manicure

A 3D manicure is a type of manicure where
three-dimensional artwork is created on the nails. The designs are created on
the acrylic or fake nails and later it is pasted on the nails. To do this,
molten acrylic is poured into a mold and allowed to harden. Once it gets
hardened fake nail is fixed over it. Sometimes gemstones are used for it.
Sometimes, flower and petals are also created on that part. The success of this
nail art has a lot to do with the imagination of a nail artist. Most of the
time, people go to get 3D manicure for special occasions. This is one of the
most sought-after nail arts for weddings.

Acrylic Manicure

An acrylic nail is most sought after among
the people who look for the nail in the desired shape. Sometimes people have a
problem getting a long nail and acrylic is best suited for them. in such types
of manicure, a combination of acrylic products (a monomer and polymer) is used.
Using these products, soft material is formed. This soft material is applied
over your nail and allowed to harden up. Once it gets hard and strong, it can
be shaped as per the customers’ requirements. There is an interesting story
behind the development of acrylic nails. Dentist Maxwell Lappe developed
acrylic nails to provide a cure against their nail-biting patients. What
started as a remedy has now become a fashion statement.

Hot Stone Manicure

Hot stone manicure is a type of relaxing
treatment where hands are massaged using hot stone. This manicure process
involves massage by hot stone, applying nourishing oils, exfoliation, healing
massage and nail paint as the customer’s desire. As various steps are involved,
this therapy takes around an hour time to complete. This manicure is highly
recommended for those who work long hours on computers and face the problem of
stiff hand. Hot stone manicure is in high demand due to its various benefits.
It relaxes muscles, relieves pain, improves blood circulation and prevents
fungal growth. Not to mention, it helps keep your friends polished and

Mirror Manicure

Mirror manicure is ideal for those who
nourish a love for the metallic nail polish. in this manicure,, a base coat of
black in applied over the nail and then some mirror powder is added to it. Such
a combination offers a glossy look. Further, a transparent coat is added to it.
The mirror manicure comes with several added benefits. It detoxifies your
nails, makes brittle nails strong and removes hangnails. Further, it treats
nail cuticles, exfoliates the skin and keeps the hand healthy.


Merriam Webster dictionary defines French
Manicure as a manicure where while polish is used across the tip of the nail
while pale polish is used below. The definition has not changed much. But on
the practical side, it needs a much more detailed approach. If you apply polish
in this manicure it lasts for a week, on the other hand, a gel-based manicure
can last up to three weeks. You should try to get it done at an accomplished
salon for the quality.

Reverse French Manicure

Contrary to the classic French manicure, a
reverse French manicure highlights lower parts of the nail. This manicure is
also referred to as the half-moon. It is ideal for long nail however those with
small nails can also try it. The process is like a basic manicure with a a
highlight on half-moon. This manicure will last for three weeks if done with
gel. If done in polish, it will last for a week.

American Manicure

manicure is a type o manicure that focuses on mimicking your original
nails. While doing this, a cream-colored
base is applied while keeping the tip unpolished or polished in off
white colors. American Manicure is simple and focuses on neutral looks.
manicure is highly popular among those who want a healthy natural look
their nails. American manicure uses a cream-colored base while tips have
tone of pink.

Dip Powder Manicure

Dip powder manicure is highly popular among
the masses and almost every nail salon is offering it. This manicure is similar
to gel manicure in several ways except it doesn’t use UV lights that doctors
warn against for being dangerous.

this manicure, your nails are polished using a super pigmented powder. Due to
this reason, it is called a dip powder manicure. The steps involved in this
manicure varies from technicians to technician but in general, the procedures
are the same. This manicure can also be done at home. There are various
discussions on whether the dip powder manicure is safe or not. You should take
a precaution while visiting the nail salon.

of the technicians ask you to soak your fingers in the jar of the powder that
is used by several other customers. You should not do this, as you may get
infected. Instead, you should ask your technician to apply the fresh powder
with a brush.

Solar Manicure

Solar nails are fast becoming popular among
the masses. It is a type of acrylic nail. These nails are white and pink in
colour. In many aspects, it resembles the French manicure but its quality is
very high. The manicure is also referred to as the pink and white manicure.

One of
the major advantages of this manicure is that you don’t have to get it filed
often. However, being prone to bacterial growth is its major downside. An expert
nail therapist can perform this manicure in 30 minutes.

Nail Salon - Manicure

Do’s and Don’t for A Manicure

Do’s for A Manicure


Miniaturization is essential to keep your skin
health right and it is equally applied for a manicure. There are several
chemicals used in a manicure that can make your skin dry. So, you are advised
to moisturize your skin every time you get a manicure. There are several types
of natural moisturizers available in the market that can be used for this


You should exfoliate your fingers and nails
to remove the dead cells. The dead cells keep depositing on these areas that
can be removed with exfoliation. Discuss your manicurist about exfoliation
options available and how will it benefit you.

Use Gloves while Washing Dishes

Hot water and detergents used for washing
dishes negatively affect a manicure. So, you need to protect your hands while
washing dishes. You should try to find a rubber glove that is commonly
available at shops. You should avoid heavy-duty cleaning if you can manage.

Apply Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil can help keep your nail
moisturized which is essential for nail health and its growth. It helps repair
the broken cuticle and helps appear your hands more beautiful.

Save Your Nails from Some Foods and Spices

Some food items and spices can stain your
nails. Beet and turmeric are important among them. there are some food
preparations that use natural colours. You can use forks and spoons while
eating. If you are cooking using these ingredients, you should use rubber
gloves to avoid any direct contact.

Calculate the Time

There is no such thing like quick fixes when
it is time to a manicure. Every type of manicure has a different time duration.
For example, a basic manicure and a reverse French manicure can’t take the same
time. So, a hurried approach won’t bring the desired outcomes.

By Your Own Kit

If you are madly in love with your nail and
want to see them healthy and elegant then you must be visiting a salon every
now and often. If it is true for you, then we advise you to have your own
manicure kit. The problem with using a nail salon is that you stand a chance of
infection. If the tools are not sterilized after every use. By using your own
tool, you can protect yourself from bacterial or fungal infections.

Apply 3-4 Strokes Only

While applying nail polish, try to finish it
in 3 to 4 strokes only. With the more strokes, the layers will be thick and
more time will be taken to dry up. A thick layer is also not even and the whole
purpose of applying a nail polish gets defeated.

Use a Sterilized Bath

If you are getting a manicure at a nail salon
then you should ensure that your bath is sterilized, so that infection of any
kind can be avoided. You should demand a disinfected bath to dip your fingers.

Don’t for Manicure

Avoid Long Baths

While in the bathroom some people forget to
notice the time spent. They have a habit of spending long time in taking baths.
Needless to say, water is a universal solvent and has a tendency to loosen up
everything that comes into contact. Your beautiful polish starts chipping off
and the money spent on it goes down the drain.

Don’t Use Phone During Manicure

Some people are just glued to their phones
and don’t take a break even when a nail artist is working on their nails. There
are times when a manicurist needs some approvals to proceed further but your
involvement on phone delays the process. Actually, it is rude to your nail
stylists. Isn’t it?

Don’t Remove the Polish Forcefully

Some of us have a habit to remove the polish
forcefully. You should avoid doing it for the fear of damaging your nails. A
damaged nail can do more harm than good. So, you should follow the instruction
of your manicurist and avoid indulging in any misadventure.

Avoid Rough Surfaces

Many of us have the tendency to use the nails
as a tool for removing something from a surface or picking very small things
from a surface. While doing so sometimes we break our nails. If you are also
doing this, then you should give up this habit right away. Nails, if broken,
take time to come in natural shape.

Say No to Nail Biting

Most of us have not quit the childhood
habit of nail-biting. And we put your fingers in mouth unknowingly. Seldom we
care that nails are a storehouse of dirt and bacteria. Such a habit is not only
detrimental to your nails but your overall health as well. In addition to this,
the nail polish contains several chemicals that can negatively impact your

Say no to Cuticle Removal

While doing a manicure, some of us prefer to
cut the cuticles. We suggest you to not to do this. The cuticle has a role to
play. it provides the newly growing nail protection against the bacterial or
fungal infection. So, you should nourish it for healthy nails.

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