Physiotherapist – Meaning, Types and Tips to Select a Physio


it sprain, sports injury or back pain, you must have visited a physiotherapist
who helps you get over the problem through exercise. Physiotherapists or
physical therapists are high in demand from hospitals, medical centers and
other institutions. Here we analyze who a physiotherapist is, what does it do
for you, and how to select the right one. We will also learn how physiotherapy
is useful for our health.


proceeding further let us understand the meaning of physiotherapist.

of Physiotherapist – Who is a Physical Therapist        

per Websters Dictionary physiotherapy or physical therapy is meant for
preserving, enhancing, or restoring the physical movements that are hampered
due to some diseases, injuries or some forms of disability. A physical
therapist uses therapies that include exercise, massage, and electrotherapy to
restore such movements. The therapist also educates patients and provide them

Dictionary defines a physiotherapist or physical therapist as a professional
who treats injuries, diseases or weakness in muscles or joints through exercise
and massage. Such a practitioner also uses light or heat to provide relief to
the patients.

does a Physiotherapist Do – Roles and Duties

physiotherapist or physical therapist performs several roles. He devises a
treatment plan to provide you with proper treatment. Here we list the top
health issues a physiotherapist handles.

  • If
    you are facing neck and back pain then a physiotherapist is the right person to
    treat it.
  • A
    physiotherapist also treats problems in bones, joints muscles, and ligaments.
  • Persons
    suffering from conditions like arthritis can also visit a physiotherapist to
    get relief.
  • The
    scope of physiotherapy is not just limited to muscles and bones but people
    suffering from respiratory conditions like asthma can also get relief from it.
  • If
    you have any form of disability due to a heart problem or some musculoskeletal
    disorder, then a physiotherapist can help you get respite.
  • If
    you have any issue related to the pelvic then a physiotherapist can help you in
    this regard. Women facing bowel problems due to childbirth can also get benefited.
  • If
    someone has lost mobility due to trauma due to brain or spinal or brain injury
    then physiotherapy can help improve the situation.
  • A
    marked improvement from physiotherapy has also been seen in the loss of
    mobility due to Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.
  • People
    suffering from issues like fatigue, swelling, and stiffness can find respite
    from physiotherapy.



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to Expect During a visit To Physiotherapist?

of us have questions regarding what can they expect during a visit to a
physiotherapist. Is the experience like a visit to a doctor or something else?
How would they approach my case? Here is a peek into how a physiotherapist
approaches their patient. As every physiotherapist has their own approach these
guidelines don’t apply to all. However, it can give a general idea about a
physiotherapist’s clinic.

  • Once
    you visit the physiotherapist clinic, he/she tries to know about your medical
  • After
    knowing your history, they diagnose your medical conditions to know detail
    about your conditions.
  • Based
    on the assessment and your requirements they devise a treatment plan.
  • They
    suggest exercise and also prescribe devices that can help you.

of Physiotherapists

is an umbrella term and there are several specializations in it. Here we take
you through the various types of physiotherapists.


Physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy that provides physiotherapy related
to professional sportspersons and athletes. Such kinds of physiotherapists
assess injuries and treat them to restore them to formal conditions. Their
services help boost the physical performance of an athlete.


rehabilitation Physiotherapist is a kind of physiotherapist who deals with
rehabilitation and pain management. Such a professional knows how to manage
pain and aches that brings discomfort to your body. This kind of physiotherapy
is highly effective in getting back to normalcy after surgery.


kind of physiotherapist deals with the restoration of musculoskeletal
functions. This physiotherapy is also called orthopedic physiotherapy as it
involves the restoration of muscle, joint bones, tendons, and ligaments.
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists are in demand worldwide.


diseases are very common these days and here good physiotherapy can offer you
respite. Their role has become all the more important in the pandemic. Such a
physiotherapist leverages their expertise for prevention, rehabilitation and
strengthening of heart and lungs. People with issues like bronchitis, asthma
and other heart and lung diseases can also get respite from visiting such a


Physiotherapist is also called kids physiotherapist. Such a physiotherapist
assists kids with improving motor function, posture and strength. Most of the
time, such physiotherapists work in association with pediatricians to get best

Health Physiotherapists

has a wide scope that also covers women’s health. A physiotherapist can help
women to get rid of after-birth complications. Pelvic floor physiotherapy is
one such service. Ironically, most of the women are not aware of these services
of physiotherapy.


such physiotherapy, a physiotherapist deals with neurological disorders. Such
an intervention is done in conjunction with several other therapies to get rid
of these disorders.

Physiotherapy has been found useful in medical conditions like stroke,
Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Brain diseases among others.

(Vertigo) Physiotherapist

is a medical condition in which a patient feels that environment around him is
spinning. Such a condition makes life difficult. A vestibular or vertigo
physiotherapist corrects it using a combination of techniques. So, people face
dizziness due to medical conditions or some head injuries.


is the brain injury caused due to violent attacks on the brain. Symptoms of
concussion may include confusion, memory loss, dizziness and headache among

a concussion physiotherapist could be of great help who will help you find the
right balance after injury.

Pain Physiotherapy

could be several reasons for foot pain. Running, exercise and some recent
surgery could be the reasons behind it. if you are also suffering from such
issues, it may be taking a toll on your daily life. Here a foot pain
physiotherapist can offer you much-desired relief. Such a therapist offers a
detailed procedure like gait analysis, assessment, strengthening exercises and
foot mobilization to offer you relief.

Pain Physiotherapy

pain is very common these days and most of us may have gone through it. Severe
pain debilitates our working and we all look for medical intervention. Shoulder
pain can be caused due to injury, severe strain or even wrong sleeping
position. A good physiotherapist can offer respite from such pain as they have
a good understanding of how shoulder muscles work and how can they be
manipulated to offer relief.

Pain Physiotherapist

pain is one of the most horrific conditions for a large number of people. This
pain is caused due to injury, bad posture or surgery. Whatever the reasons
maybe you need to find a solution to this problem to continue with your normal
work. Here a physiotherapist special in back pain might help you.

Pain Physiotherapist

back pain, knee pain is also very common. The condition is debilitating.
Whether you are experiencing knee pain due to an accident, injury, surgery or
some other medical condition, a physiotherapist can offer respite in every


may have come across several hand-related issues that include swelling, pain
and discomfort in wrist and elbows. Sometimes you may be facing tingling issues
in hand. A hand physiotherapist is experienced in handling these issues.

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To Choose a Physiotherapist?

the availability of a large number of physiotherapists, choosing the right one
is still a difficult exercise. Here we are guiding you on how to choose a

for Specialization

is a discipline that has gone beyond generalization. Now specialization is the
rule of the hour. First, know the kind of therapy you want to get then choose a
physiotherapist accordingly. Neuro physiotherapist, back pain physiotherapist,
concussion physiotherapist – the choices are many.


location of the physiotherapist is also important. Your physiotherapist
shouldn’t be located very far from your home. Sometimes you need to visit a physiotherapist
on a regular basis and a far located physiotherapist might not be that
convenient. So, prefer a physiotherapist that is conveniently located.


should choose a physiotherapist who is properly qualified. You should also
check if the degrees are approved by government bodies. You should also know
the level of qualifications – certificate, bachelor’s degree or master’s


having enough qualifications is not enough, a physiotherapist should be
properly licensed. Every country has a regulatory body for licensing.
Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education is one such
regulatory body in America.


is another factor that should be considered while choosing a physiotherapist.
You should know his level of experience.

Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing a Physiotherapist

all want to select the right physiotherapist but end up getting the
not-so-perfect one. How does it happen? We make several mistakes while choosing
a physiotherapist. Here are common mistakes to avoid.

Convenience Priority Over Quality

choosing a physiotherapist we tend to give convenience priority over quality.
In such a case we end up settling with an average physiotherapist who is not
the right fit for the ailment. Yes, convenience is important but it shouldn’t
be traded with quality.

Doing Research

buying or availing of a product or service, we do primary research and evaluate
it on various counts. But we ignore this method while looking for a
physiotherapist and just go by recommendations. Due to a lack of research, we
end up hiring a physiotherapist that is not so competent.

For Cheap Options

looking for physiotherapy sometimes we start paying attention to cheap options.
But here is a word of wisdom. Good physiotherapists don’t come at a small
price. So, if a physio is perfectly suited for your needs, then you shouldn’t
hesitate in paying him well.

Checking Credentials

that glitters is not gold and the same applies to physiotherapists and other
medical professionals. You should thoroughly check the credentials of your
prospective physiotherapist. Know about their education, experience and cases
he has handled.

Seeking Recommendation

it choosing a doctor or physiotherapist, you should seek recommendations from
friends or relatives or your acquaintances who have undergone physiotherapy.
Don’t commit the mistake of not seeking advice from them.


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