Thai Massage – Relaxation Therapy Filled with Surprises


who know about the relaxing effects of Thai massage can’t resist it. Its de stressing and pain-relieving benefits can make everyone big fun of it. Owing
to its immense benefits, a massage spa offering authentic Thai massage attracts
people from far and wide. UNESCO has also noticed its importance and has listed
it as an intangible cultural heritage.

we try to understand Thai massage and its different aspects.

Thai Massage

Massage: Meaning and Definition

massage, locally referred to as Nuad bo-rarn is a type of massage that aims at
improving mind, body and spirit. Thai massage therapy involves pressure and
manipulative techniques that bring relief to the body.

of Thai Massage

popularity of Thai massage is not unfounded as there are several benefits
attached to it. The massage, if performed well, addresses a wide spectrum of
issues. Here we give a lowdown on the benefits of Thai massage.


massage has a therapeutic effect on migraine and chronic headaches. It has been
found that those taking Thai massage has got significant relief from conditions
like this. So, if you are looking for relief from migraine and headaches
without consuming medicines then search for a Thai massage near me and seek

Back Pain

pain is very common these days and those working in offices in extended shifts
can vouch for that.  Medicines are taken
for this hardly bring a permanent solution to it. Here Thai massage could be of
great help. It has been found that patients have got significant relief from
pain after getting Thai massage. Interested? Go, get a traditional Thai

Stiff Joints

doing repetitive movements of hands and joints may have faced issues like
stiffness and pain in joints. Sometimes situations get debilitating. Here Thai
massage could extend help as the therapy is effective in relaxing muscles.


are fully aware of flexibility and range of motion issues that might be
affecting their performance. Thai massage is known to be improving flexibility
and range of motion. This massage is known to be improving blood circulation
and oxygen supply to tissues. So, if you are an athlete facing such issues you
should take treatment from an experienced massage therapist at a Thai massage


like anxiety and depression are not new to the modern world. These issues
negatively affect our social and professional lives. It requires endless
counseling and medication to keep these issues in check. Here Thai massage
could play a great role as this massage is known for lowering the anxiety level
in patients. So, if you are suffering from these issues then search for a Thai
massage near me and get therapy.


are times when we feel exhausted or burnout and don’t know what is crippling
us. If you are suffering from such an issue, you should give Thai massage a
try. The treatment is known for improving blood circulation and oxygen supply
to the body. Search for the term Thai massage near me and seek assistance. And
in all probability, you will return rejuvenated and recharged after taking the


massage relaxes muscles, relieves pain and lowers anxiety. All these things
improve the quality of sleep. So, if you are suffering from sleep disorders
then you should give Thai massage a try.

to Expect in Thai Massage?

people particularly first-timers are very much concerned about getting into a
massage spa as they have never been to such an environment. They have various
preconceived notions about that. Here is what you can expect in a Thai massage.

  • Contrary
    to most of the massage places a Thai massage spa doesn’t have a table, instead,
    it uses a Thai mat. 
  • Your
    massage therapist moves all around your body to do stretching.
  • You
    should tell your therapist about any ongoing health issue as the massage is not
    safe for people with specific medical conditions.
  • Usually,
    Thai massage doesn’t cause pain. If you experience some pain, you should to
    your therapist in this regard.
  • Removing
    your clothes is not required as no oil is used. You can wear comfortable
    clothing with elastic.
  • You
    therapists will just not be limited to using their hands, instead, they will
    use their feet, knees, and elbows. The end goal is to manipulate muscles and
    improve blood circulation.
  • Your
    therapist can use several massage techniques that are not very common. He may
    knead, push or pull you. He may even walk on your body to put extra pressure.

Massage Contraindication

massage is a non-invasive procedure and it is generally considered safe for
people in general. Even though it is not without contraindications. Here are
the major Thai massage contraindications.

Massage at All

shouldn’t take a massage at all if you are suffering from a condition like
fever, contagious diseases, or skin disease. People under the influence of
drugs or alcohol and those having undergone surgery or serious accident should
also not get a Thai massage.

Certain Areas

a therapist doesn’t have to say no to a massage but a Thai massage can be
performed by avoiding certain areas. In such a case your therapist gives you
massage to the entire body except for varicose vein, bruises, cuts, sunburns,
inflammations and areas affected by pregnancy.

with Doctor’s Approval

are times when a massage therapist may ask you to seek your doctor’s approval
before starting a massage. People with cardiovascular diseases, edema, cancer,
epilepsy diabetes, high blood pressure, and gynecological issues should consult
their doctor before taking Thai massage. 

for Thai Massage

from contraindications, there are certain precautions related to Thai massage
that must be followed. Here are the precautions.


pregnant woman between the third and eight months of pregnancy can take massage
but exercises should be avoided. The ‘blood stop’ which is part of the Thai
massage shouldn’t be performed.


persons are more likely to have weak bones, most of them might be suffering
from osteoporosis. So, a therapist shouldn’t put too much pressure while
performing Thai massage therapy.


with certain medical conditions like diabetes, asthma, hypertension and high
blood pressure shouldn’t be given any massage that raises the blood pressure. A
patient should coordinate with their physician and massage therapist in this

Effects and Risks of Thai Massage

  • Thai
    massage which sounds like a great relaxing and invigorating massage is not
    without risks and side effects. Let’s have a look.
  • You
    may have redness, but don’t worry as it will be disappeared.
  • You
    may feel dizzy after the massage. Sit for some time before walking.
  • You
    may feel muscle soreness after massage but it will disappear soon.
  • You
    may feel pain that can be managed with an over-the-counter painkiller.

Massage Prices

cost of Thai massage varies from location to location. But it may cost anywhere
between $ 100 to $ 200 depending on the duration and services taken.

Massage Therapy – Common FAQ

frequently you should take this massage?

the massage, your muscles and joints get strained. So, you shouldn’t try this
massage too frequently. Instead, you should allow your muscles and joints to recover
before you take another session.

a Thai massage hurt?

massage is known for its relaxing effect. But it’s not that relaxing when it is
performed. It is therapy but it shouldn’t be painful. You should talk to your
therapist if it gets painful.

Thai massage help you reduce weight?

massage is known for regenerating muscles and joints and making skin firm. It
may be a tool in addition to exercise and diet to control weight, but it can’t
solely keep your weight in check.

Thai massage crack back?

massage is not cracking the neck, back, or any other body organ. Actually, it
has a therapeutic effect like yoga. A Thai massage therapist assists you with
stretching and other exercises so you don’t conceive it as a crack back exercise.

a Thai massage make you sick?

might experience redness on skin, dizziness or pain after the massage but these
symptoms will disappear soon. You can use over-the-counter drugs for that.

a Thai massage worth it?

all depends on your condition and the money spent. If you are suffering from a
health issue that can be well answered with a Thai massage then it is totally
worth it. But if the massage is not performed well, it might cause problems.

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