Father’s Day – History, Date, and Ways to Celebrate


months of June may be identified with hot summers but this month is also known
for a day that brings warmth to father-son and father-daughter relations. Yes,
we talk about Father’s Day. It is the day that every son and daughter await
throughout the year. They meet their father, wish them a happy Father’s Day and
do everything to make this day special for him. Let us try to understand more
about this day.

Father's Day - Father Son

is Father’s Day 2022?

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third day Sunday of June. So, Father’s Day 2022 is celebrated on 19 June 2022.

Father’s Day 2021 date is June 20. Last year in 2020 it was on June 20. In 2019
the Father’s Day was on June 16. 2021. Here you can spot a trend. All these
dates are on the third Sunday of June. Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday
of June irrespective of the date. International Father’s Day will be celebrated
on 20 June 2021 in most of the countries around the world. However, all
countries don’t celebrate it on the same date.

Father’s Day a Public Holiday?

Day has not been declared as a federal holiday in the United States. As it is
celebrated on Sunday which is a weekend most of the businesses operate as per
their normal schedule.

of Father’s Day

people with an interest in history would like to know the history behind
Father’s Day. Here we list some of the important milestones in its history.

was not exactly Father’s Day but on 5th July 1908, a church in West Virginia
held a Sunday sermon to honor fathers. The event was held to remember 362
people who lost their lives the previous year due to a coal mine explosion.
However, it was a one-off event that was not repeated the next year.

1909, Sonora Smart Dodd, the daughter of a civil war veteran, came up with the
idea of Father’s Day. She was attending a Mother’s Day sermon at the Central
Methodist Church when she was struck by an idea that why there is no such day
for fathers. She was quite impressed by her father who single-handedly raised
her and her five brothers as her mother had died when she was a child. She went
from pillar to post to gather support. She contacted local churches, YMCA,
government authorities, and businesses to lend support to this cause. Her
efforts paid off and on 19 June 1710 Washington state became the first state to
celebrate Father’s Day.

Father's Day - Father Son Relation

wanted to observe Father’s Day on June 5, but due to issues related to
planning, the day was shifted to June 19, 1910.

Sonora Smart Dodd is called the mother of Father’s Day.

popularity got further momentum and in 1916 President Woodrow Wilson chooses
this day to unfurl a flag in Spokane using telegraph signals from Washington

the idea of celebrating Father’s Day started getting popular, two National
Father’s Day committees – Virginia (1921) and New York (1936) – were formed.

1924, Another US President Calvin Coolidge requested states to observe this

the decades of 1920 and 1930, the United States saw a movement that asked to
abolish both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day and observe a single parent’s day
instead. But this movement couldn’t succeed.

1957, a US senator named Margaret Chase Smith brought a bill saying either we
recognized both mother’s and father’s date or derecognize both.

1966, president Lyndon Johnson through an announcement declared the third
Sunday of June as Father’s Day.

1972, president Richard Nixon made it a permanent observance.

you are planning to celebrate Father’s Day 2021 in June 2020 you should have a
good understanding of its history.

Father's Day - Father's Role

Celebrating Father’s Day on Different Dates

Day is celebrated in Australia, Fiji, New Guinea, and New Zealand on the first
Sunday of September. So, 2021 Father’s Day will be observed on 5 September in
these countries.

Day in Austria and Belgium will be observed on 18 June 2021.

also observes it on the third Sunday of June. So, this year the country will
celebrate it Father’s Day 2021 on June 20.

and Brazil will be observing Father’s Day on August 8.

Scandinavian countries that include Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Norway, and
Sweden celebrate this day on the second Sunday of November. So, they will be
celebrating 2021 Father’s Day on November 14.

Luxemburg, it is celebrated on the first Sunday of October. So, Father’s Day
this year will be celebrated on 3rd October.

observes it on August 24.

countries celebrate Father’s Day on March 19. These countries are Andorra,
Bolivia, Portugal Honduras, Italy, Spain, and Liechtenstein.

Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Uganda celebrate Father’s Day every 21 June.

Taiwan, Father’s Day is celebrated on August 8. In the local language, it is
called Baba Jie that is August 8 Day.

Uruguay, it is celebrated on the second Sunday in July.  So, it will be observing Father’s Day 2021 on
11 July.

Salvador and Guatemala observe this day on 17 June every year.

date of Father’s Day in countries like Poland and Nicaragua is June 23

celebrates this day on February 23 every year while Germany celebrates it on
Ascension Day.

and Togo celebrate it on the second and third Sunday of May respectively.

celebrates it on the first Sunday of June while Haiti celebrates it on last
Sunday of the same month.

Dominican Republic celebrates it on the last Sunday in July. So, for them, 2021
Father’s Day will be on 25 July.

Father's Day - Father's Love for Children

Much Americans Will Spend on Father’s Day?

National Retail Federation (NRF) has been conducting Father’s Day survey with Prosper
Insight & Analytics for close to two decades. As per their predictions for
2021, Americans will spend $174.10 on average and the total expected spending
will be $20.1B. As the situation has somewhat returned to normalcy due to
vaccination, many of them may plan vacations. However, clothes, gift cards, and
electronics remain to be the most popular gifts for Father’s Day 2021.

is Father’s Day Celebrated in America?

started with the effort of Sonora Smart Dodd, Father’s Day has become one of
the most celebrated events in the United States. The day is celebrated in a
similar style in the US, the UK, and Canada.

we try to understand how Father’s Day is celebrated in America.

give gifts to their father on this occasion. These gifts are often based on their
likes and something that can improve their lives.

happy Father’s Day cards are also in vogue.

and daughters often spend quality time with each other.

recognize the role of their father in their lives and bringing them up.

people honor their fathers in family gatherings.

wear red roses to honor their father. They wear white roses if their father is
not alive.

can also see some churches organizing Father’s Day service on the day. As it
falls on Sunday, it becomes part of the Sunday service.

is a huge demand for happy Father’s Day greeting cards during this festival.

Father's Day - Father's  Day Traditions

is Father’s Day Celebrated in Other Countries?

celebrations in most parts of the world take place at par with the United
States but some countries around the world have their own traditions. Here, we
take a look at unique traditions related to Father’s Day.

and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand, Father’s Day is celebrated on the first day of
spring which falls on the first Sunday of the month of September.

Australia, there is a tradition of selecting father of the year. The award goes
to a father who has appeared as a role model through his personal and
professional qualities. The children have the option to nominate their fathers
for this award.

if you are visiting Australia during September, you can have some glimpses of
Father’s Day 2021 in Australia.


Brazil, children write letters and cards to thank their father or those who are
father figures to them. Brazil celebrates this day in the honor of St. Joachim,
the father of Mary. When it comes to food, eating meat is a tradition. You
shouldn’t get surprised to see children taking their fathers to a nearby


is known for its unique Father’s Day tradition. Here skeletons are hanged
outside fathers’ doors. The skeleton is referred to as Padre Esqueleto.
However, here also children greet their fathers and shower them with gifts.


way of celebrating Father’s Day in South Africa is the same as in the United
States. Children gifts their fathers with cards and other items. Families love
to go for outings. Children go fishing and if they are able to catch a fish,
they serve it as dinner to the father. For travelers, South Africa could be an
ideal destination for Father Day 2021.

Father's Day - Father Child Conversation

Portugal and Italy

Spain, Portugal, and Italy, Father’s Day is celebrated on the feast of St.
Joseph which falls on March 19. On this day children give gifts and cards to
their parents.

Norway and Iceland

Norway and Iceland celebrate Father’s Day with gifts and spending time with
their father. In Sweden, traditional breakfast is delivered to fathers while
they are still in bed.


Germany Father’s Day is named as Vatertag. Father’s Day shares it date with
Ascension Day which comes 40 days after ester. It is celebrated on Thursday.
So, 2021 Father’s Day in Germany will be celebrated on 13 May.  In most states Friday is also a holiday so it
becomes an extended weekend. All these things make an ideal condition for the
occasion to be celebrated outdoors. Beer has been an integral part of several
festivals in Germany and Father’s Day is no exception. You can spot fathers
hitting beer shops and celebrating throughout the day with a beer.


Thailand, Father’s Day is celebrated on King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s birthday. On
this day, the present king of the country makes a speech which is broadcasted.
The children give canna lilies to their fathers and grandfathers. Wearing
yellow clothes on this day has been a tradition as it falls on Monday and
yellow is the color for this day. You can visit Thailand around Father’s Day
2021 to experience its beautiful traditions.


Russia, Father’s Day started as a military celebration that later evolved into
the modern Father’s Day. Since it is evolved from the military celebration, it
is referred to as Defender of the Fatherland Day. On this day, parades are held
that see huge participation of people. Women give gifts to their male friends.


France, Father’s Day traces its roots from a company making lighters. It
marketed the lighters in a way that it should be gifted to fathers with a habit
of smoking. Gifting lighters on this day is no more in vogue and now gifts like
drawings and other sophisticated gifts are being given on this occasion.

Father's Day - Happy Father's Day Greetings


Day in Mexico is filled with festivities. The day is celebrated by honoring
fathers with gifts and making them feel special with food and music. In
addition, a 21 kilometers race named Carrera Dia del Padre (Father’s Day Run)
is held in Mexico City. It is not expected from your father to complete the
race but it shows concerns about his health and wellness. If you and your dad
are in Mexico during Father’s Day 2021, taking part in this race could be a
memorable experience. 


Finland, Father’s Day is celebrated by serving fathers breakfast, cake, and coffee
in bed. The festival has been declared as flag day that means the national flag
must be hoisted on all the official buildings. The day recognizes the role of
the father in their children’s lives. There is an emphasis on offering him
homemade gifts.


Taiwan, people greet their father, give gifts, and take him out for a dinner.
If they are away from home, they call to greet their father. As Taiwan is a
flourishing market for gift items, there is no dearth of Father’s Day gifting


India, the day is celebrated in the US, the UK, and Canada. Here people greet
their fathers verbally or happy Father’s Day messages and gifts. They also take
them for lunch. Boys and girls are equally passionate about celebrating this
day. The celebration mainly takes place in cities. The festival is yet to get
popular in rural areas.


Nepal the ritual of Gokarna Aunsi, Kushe Aunsi or Buba ko mukh herne din is
celebrated during the summer. This day is dedicated to father. Food, gifts, and
prayers are offered to the dead father. Some people also visit Gokarna to
worship lord shiva as respect to their parents.


Day in Japan holds the same importance as the UK and the US. On this day,
children show gratitude and love to fathers for their roles in their lives.
They express their love with gifts. Having a meal together has also been a
tradition. As fish has always been part of the Japanese tradition, it is an
important ingredient in Father’s Day meals. Crab and prawn delicacies are very
common on this day.

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