Women’s History Month 2022 – Origin, History and Activities


year the month of March is celebrated as National Women’s History Month. On
this day we honor the important role women have played in the history of
America. This day has great significance as on this day we remember women’s
role in the history culture and society of America. As this month commands so
much significance, wouldn’t it be relevant to know this month in detail?

Women's History Month 2022

of Origin of Women’s History Month and Its Evolution

are celebrating Women History Month 2022 and it would be relevant to know how
it started. Its journey from Women History Week to current Women’s History
Month is interesting.

was first started and celebrated in Santa Rosa in California at the local
level. The Education Task Force of the Sonoma County (California) Commission on
the Status of Women in 1978 conceived an idea that they should celebrate a week
named Women’s History Week. The week of 8th March was selected keeping in view
International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day 2022 – Origin, Evolution and Facts

it got more popular and communities, groups and institutions started
celebrating it. Later in 1980, US president Jimmy Carter give his consent to
celebrate the 8th March week as the National Women’s History Week. In 1987
Congress passed a resolution to make it a month-long event called Women’s
History Month. Since then, the US celebrate the month of March as Women’s
History Month.

Behind Celebrating Women’s History Month – Why is it Celebrated?

History Month is celebrated to recognize women’s contribution to our history,
society, culture and other areas of life. It’s an opportunity to honor women
who have brought changes to our lives.

is the Theme of Women’s History Month 2022?

National Women’s History Alliance, formerly the National Women’s History Project, is the
body that decides the theme of Women’s History Month. The theme for National
Women’s History Month 2022 is “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” This theme
is based on the idea to appreciate the work women have done to bring relief to
patients during the Covid19 pandemic.

is nothing new in this as women have been providing healing and hope to their
families for a long time. It appears that they are blessed by God with these
skills. With training, they have become more efficient in doing this.

Whom do Women’s History Month honor?

aim of celebrating Women’s History Month is to honor the unsung women of
American history. Here we give a brief description of the women Americans
remember during this month


holds an important place in American history as she led Meriwether Lewis and
William Clark -sent by President Thomas Jefferson- to their expeditions in
Louisiana where the US purchased land from France. The then 16-year lady worked
as their guide and helped complete their two-year expedition. She took no money
for her services but his courage and services are praised by Americans. She is
one of the spotlights for Women’s History Month.

Cady Stanton

National Women’s History Month honors Elizabeth Cady Stanton together with
Lucretia Mott who held a convention to demand women’s rights in America. The
convention now referred to as Seneca Fall Convention and was attended by no
less than 300 delegates. The convention demanded treatment as an individual
without dependence on men, education and employment.

B. Anthony

B. Anthony is one of the prominent women in America who fought for equality of
women and everyone. She was against the practice of giving male workers more
wages than women and denying women property right. She held meetings, put on
posters and drove signature campaigns. She also teamed up with the activist
Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She also started a newspaper called Revolution to
spread the idea of women’s rights. She fought for these rights for more than
five decades.


might be knowing Harriet Tubman as a conductor working with the underground
railroad but she was more than this. She was also a spy whose efforts led to
the freedom of several enslaved men. Her courage to free enslaved people has
made her one of the prominent women to honor on Women’s History Month.


Earhart was an American pilot and the first woman pilot in the world who make
people believe that even a woman can fly an airplane. She took part in First
World War. Besides, she also commands the glory of being the first female pilot
to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.


Albright is an American politician who commands the distinction of being the
first US secretary of state (1997-2001). Previously, she also served as the US
ambassador to the United Nations from 1993 to 1997.

Celebration Ideas for Women’s History Month 2022 – Plan Your Activities

is no fixed way to celebrate Women’s History Month and it varies from person to
person. Here we are offering some ideas to make your Women’s History Month

Your Favorite Female Authors

goal of celebrating Women’s History Month is to celebrate the achievements of
women. So, if you are someone who loves reading, then reading the books of your
favorite female authors could be an interesting idea. Here we are not giving a
list as you might have your own choice and preference.

Women Entrepreneurs

has always been dominated by men but women are increasingly making
inroads.  Women’s History Month is the
right opportunity to appreciate their courage and enthusiasm. Make a list of
women entrepreneurs in your area honor them with cards, gifts and appreciation

to Podcast from Women

you short of time and don’t get time to read a book or talk to a women
entrepreneur? If yes, then podcasts are ideally built for you. Most of these
podcasts have a female voice. You can choose the podcast about inspiring women
of American history and listen to them. It is how you can pay tribute to the
women on National Women’s History Month.

About Women Politician

women have made their presence in every walk of life and the field of politics
is no exception. You should know about these American women and their life and
times. Bella Abzug, Abigail Adams, Tammy Baldwin, Barbara Boxer, Hillary
Clinton, Gabrielle Giffords – the list is endless.

Charities for Women

empowered and successful women is good but you should also care for those who
are not that privileged. If you are resourceful enough you should provide
support to charities working for them. There will be several charities working
in your areas. You should know which one is working for women and how they are
changing their lives.

Women in Your Life

History Month could be an ideal opportunity to thank women in your life. There
would be several women who have made your life wonderful. Your mother,
grandmother, aunts, sisters and teachers play a pivotal role in your life.
Visit them and appreciate their wonderful role in your life. If it is not
possible, call them and appreciate their contribution. You can also send thank
you cards to them.

Interesting Videos from Women

it comes to comedy and motivation, women have a significant presence. During
this Women’s History Month, you should watch comedy and motivation videos from
them. Several such videos are available online and you can select one as per
your inclination.


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