Choosing the Right Dog Groomer – Read before you Decide


are an avid dog lover and paying utmost attention to your dog. Besides feeding
them well, you are also looking forward to proper grooming. But finding the
right dog groomer is not an easy task as you have to assess them on various
counts before finalizing one for your dog. Here is how to select the right dog

Dog Grooming near me
Dog Grooming


is one of the most common and preferred way to find a dog groomer in your area.
Your kennel manager, veterinarian and even a neighbor owning a dog can guide on
this. A well-groomed dog speaks a lot about its groomer. So, when you see a
well styled dog walking on the streets, stop its owner and ask about the dog
groomer. Most of the owners take it as an appreciation and willingly introduce
you to the groomer. Some neighbors also have a fair idea about the various dog
grooming facilities available in the vicinity.

Internet search

internet could be a valuable tool in your search for an ideal groomer. Just
perform a Google search using the term ‘dog groomers near me’ and you will be
flooded with several options. Some of these dog groomers may have their website
where you will get to know more about them. You can also search Facebook pages
and forums where people talk about their favorite services. If you are short of
time then you should search mobile dog groomers near me as they can give the
services at your doorstep.

Your Dog Groomer

you have sought referrals and done internet research you may have several
options available for selection. Here you should start calling them one by one to
know better about them. You should start with questions like for how long they
are into business and how much they charge for grooming. The purpose of these
calls should be to check whether they are good enough to be called for personal

the Groomer

can get primary information through internet or phone but you should also pay a
visit to this facility to see him in action. Getting there is easy just search
dog grooming near me an navigate as per the Google map. On a visit you can see
his facility and various amenities available or lack of them. By visiting you
will get the look and feel of the facility. It will help you decide whether it
is the right place to send your dog. You should also check whether or not the
facility has sufficient tools and equipment for grooming.

they say a service is as good as their service providers. So, you should know
about the staff offering the services and their qualification. Know the number
of staff and the training they have received. The grooming centers with less
staff members and more dogs to groom can’t pay proper attention. 

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About the Products Used

from seeing the facilities available at the dog grooming center, you should
also know about the products used. You should check whether or not they are
using the right products. Look for another facility if they are not using the
right grooming products.

for Certification

grooming as a service has evolved a lot and now it requires certification to
get into this profession. There are institutions providing government approved
certifications. Ask your prospective dog groomers if they have such a

Breed-specific Experience

visiting the groomers facility you should ask him whether he has experience in
handling your breed of dog. Every breed has a different behavior pattern and a
groomer experienced in your breed can handle your dog well.

Takes Time

an ideal dog groomer takes time. So, you should be patient with your search.
Sometimes the groomer may be good but their shop is far from your home.
Sometimes your schedule may not match with a dog groomer.  Sometimes slots may not be available. Here
patience should be the key.

by Your Gut Feeling

of now you might have collected lots of information about the dog groomers in
your locality that puts you in a position to make a decision. Here we suggest
you to take the decision based on your requirement. In case of any confusion,
you should always go by your gut feeling.


communication is vital for a successful dog groomer. He must be willing to
listen to you so that proper attention can be given to your dog. Some groomers
are so busy that they don’t pay attention to your concerns. You might have some
issues with dog hygiene and behavior. So, if he doesn’t listen to you, then the
whole purpose of hiring them get defeated. Some dogs feel nervous with
groomers. Ask your groomer if he has experience in handling such dogs. You
should avoid such groomers.


is hardly a better way to know about a dog groomer than talking to dog owners
who have received their services in the past. The list of such dog owners can
be found on their website or social media pages. As they have dealt with the
service their opinion will help you.

For Liability Insurance

of the dog grooming centers have excellent arrangements for dog grooming. Despite
the excellent arrangement dogs get injured. Here a dog grooming facility with
liability insurance can offer peace of mind. If for any reason your dog gets
injured, the entire cost of treatment will be met out by the insurance company.


can happen anytime leaving little or no room for emergency. Fire may erupt and
storm may strike. Ask your prospective dog groomer, if they have any mechanism
for evacuation. When it comes to security of your dog you should leave nothing
to chance.

About Costs

cost is one of the major considerations while choosing groomer for your dog.
The cost of grooming varies according to dog size, coat type and time spent
during grooming. You should ask about the cost to avoid hidden prices. A
professional groomer will quote the prices after assessing your dog. A better
way to find such a groomer is to search the term affordable dog groomers near
me in search engines.

Your Dog’s Comfort

dog should feel comfortable at the groomer’s facility. As you have to leave
your dog to the dog spa for sometime in order to get groomed your dog must feel
comfortable and relaxed at the facility. If the dog groomer knows how to make
your dog feels comfortable then you have reached the right facility.

to Groomer

are handing over the responsibility to skill and train your dog to a particular
person so you must know his approach to grooming. Ask him how he deals with the
dogs with anxiety. As you will be working with him, you should know whether he
is a better person to get along with. Search for a groomer near me and talk to
him over phone or person to know your comfort level.

of Existence

states in the USA require license for operating a dog grooming salon. You should
ask whether they have a requisite license. Ask for how long they are into
operation. Always go for a dog groomer which is in operation for long.

Medical Training

not necessary, but some sort of medical training is always an added advantage
for a dog groomer as they might come across dogs with medical condition. Some
dogs have medical condition and requires a groomer to have some medical knowledge
so that he can groom them without further harming them.  Run a Google search with the term ‘dog
groomers near me with medical knowledge’ to find them.

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