Interesting Facts About Willow – The White House Family Cat


The White House has a
new addition to Biden family. A grey cat named Willow has been added to Joe and
Jill Biden family. Here we have collected some interesting facts about Willow.

Willow - White House Cat

Jill Bidden spotted this
cat from Pennsylvania more than a year ago.

Willow first made
limelight when she jumped on the stage and interrupted Mrs Bidden remarks
during a campaign. The owner of the farm where Willow stayed soon realized that
the cat belonged to White House.

The cat is named
after Willow Grove, Pa, the hometown of the first lady.

In November, the
first lady remarked that White House would love to have a cat and the animal
was “waiting in the wings.”

Jen Psaki, the White
House press secretary once remarked that the cat is going to dominate the

Willow has short
hairs and jade green eyes. The two-year-old cat is grey and while stripped.

Besides Willow, White
House has two German Shepherd dogs named Commander and Major.

Willow is the first
cat in the White House since the George W. Bush tenure. His cat named India died
in 2009.

The cat has been
provided a large number of toys and treats.

US presidents Bill
Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford also kept cats in their homes.

Three presidents – James
Polk, Andrew Johnson and Donald Trump – didn’t have pets in their house.

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