7 Books That Could Have Won Ukraine-Russia War for Zelensky


war between Russia and Ukraine has been a cause of worry worldwide. Buildings
are being bombed, roads are broken to dust and thousands of lives are lost. The
war has not only affected the concerned countries but the world in general.
What was expected as an easy victory for Russia is now seems a tough battle as
the Ukrainian president Zelensky refused to surrender. He, his army and
civilians are giving Russians a tough fight. Could war only be won by weapons
or even a not so powerful country like Ukraine can get an edge with a good
strategy. Here we talk about major books on war strategy that are a must-read
for generals, politicians and state heads. 

books on war strategy


Art of War by Sun Tzu

we talk about this book or just mentioning it is enough? The Art of War is a
classic that has not lost its relevance even today. The strategies and tactics
suggested in the book are still relevant today. One of the major topics in this
book is how to defeat the enemy even without fighting. Another word of wisdom
is that you should present yourself as weak when you are strong, and show
yourself as mighty when you are feeble.

book is loaded with several such wisdom and more that makes it a favorite for
prominent leaders and military strategists around the world.

War by Carl von Clausewitz

The book ‘On War’ written by Carl Von
Clausewitz is referred to as one of the greatest books written on war.  The book deals with the internal dynamics of
war and how war works. In a quote, the writer says that the greatest success lies
in the greatest daring. Doesn’t it resemble the Volodymyr Zelenskyy decision
not to surrender but fight?      

A History by Lawrence Freedman

 Sir Lawrence Freedman is one of the most
renowned specialists in war and international politics. And his wisdom and
experience can be seen when you read his book – Strategy: A History. Lawrence
Freedman has worked as a foreign policy advisor to Tony Blair and has also been
a member of the team of the Iraq war enquiry. He has extensively written on strategy
and has chapters like Nuclear Games and Guerilla Warfare. Zelensky could have
found a better book on warfare.

Strategy by Colin Gray

Gray’s book Modern Strategy talks about the general theory of strategy. By
analyzing the strategies in practice in this century, he prepares a strategy
blueprint for the future. His book emphasizes on the role of strategy in war.
The book gives a complete picture of strategies. As there are new frontiers of
war, like space and cyberspace, Colin Gray discusses all of them.

Attacks by Erwin Rommel

Rommel was a general in the German army. He was a highly decorated army officer
who took part in the first World War and was given the nickname “Desert Fox’.
The book talks about tactics, speed, deception, and the element of surprise as
a war strategy. The book suggests several strategies that could help you win
the war without loss of money, ammunition, and lives.

Direction of War: Contemporary Strategy in Historical Perspective by Hew Strachan

is one of the gems from Oxford military historian Hew Strachan. His book is an
eclectic mix of theory and practice that could be a reference material for any
war strategist. The book has not been written in isolation but in consultation
with war strategies of veterans like Clausewitz, Brodi, Mao Zedong and General
Powell among the others. No doubt, the book is very practical and must be in
the library of any state head going to war.

33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene

Greene understands both love and war well and his books The Art of Seduction
and The 48 Laws of Power are a fine testimony to that. However, he has several
other books to his credit.

33 Strategies of War is nothing short of a war manual where he talks about
defensive and offensive warfare. He doesn’t stop here but goes on to cover
unconventional warfare, guerrilla war strategies, and passive aggression
strategies. The book is filled with several war strategies that would be liked
by the military as well as political leaders alike.

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