Happy Kiss Day 2022 – Day, Date and Significance


Kiss Day is an important day in Valentine Week. It is celebrated in
February, which is also called the month of love. Partners in love keep making
plans to make this day memorable. We will share valuable tips on how to make
this day treasure worthy but before we will be discussing different aspects of
Happy Kiss Day.

Kiss Day 2022

When is Kiss Day 2022 – Day and Date?

Kiss Day is celebrated on 13 February which is the 7th Day of Valentine Week. This is the day before Valentine’s Day and Day after Hug Day. In 2022,
Kiss Day falls on Sunday.

It shouldn’t be confused with International Kissing Day which falls on
July 6.

Significance of Kiss Day

Kissing someone is our ultimate manifestation of love for him/her. It is
our silent language of love that manifests our inner feelings for our beloved.
Kiss Day which is celebrated a day before Valentine’s Day showcases our love
and commitment for our beloved.

Why should you celebrate Kiss Day?

The importance of a kiss can be understood with the fact that a complete
day – Kiss Day – has been reserved for it. Here we throw light on why should we
celebrate Kiss Day.

It is one of the most important days of Valentine Week. By kissing, you
convey the message that not only your soul but your body also belong to you. So
go ahead with your plans for a happy Kiss Day.

Kiss is known to make your bond stronger. Friendship and love require
strong bonding among the partners.

Is it your first kiss, if yes, the memories will linger for life? If you
have kissed your partner before, then Kiss Day will make the memories of the
first kiss alive.

Benefits of Kissing

Kissing might be a ritual on Happy Kiss Day but it is more than that. It
comes with several health benefits. Here we are listing the major benefits of

Improves Happiness

Kissing triggers your brain to secrete hormones that are responsible for
happiness. While kissing hormones like dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin are
secreted in your body that improve your happiness level. So your happy Kiss Day
comes with health benefits.

Boost Self Respect

Kissing boosts your self-respect. It instills a feeling that someone
loves you and you are desirable. It improves your worth in your eyes which is
necessary for self-respect. Self-respect and romance, you can’t expect much on
Kiss Day. 

Stress Reliever

There is no denying the fact that kissing is a great stress reliever.
Kissing, hugging and exchanging romantic words will lower stress levels. And
those who have kissed before can vouch for that.

Reduces Blood Pressure

While kissing your heart rate increases and it dilates your blood
vessel. This decreases your blood pressure significantly. So, kissing can bring
relief to those suffering from high blood pressure. It also helps in reducing
headaches. Who says love give headaches? It is one of the perks of Kiss Day.

Reduces Body Cramps

With dilation in blood vessels, the blood supply to your body increases.
It reduces cramps during periods. It is why girls like to be kissed during

Improves Immune System

Kissing has also been found great for improving the immune system. By
kissing you are exchanging germs that trigger your immune system to build
antibodies against them.

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