Promise Day 2022 – Day, Date and How to Celebrate Tips


It’s February and love is already in the air. We all celebrate
Valentine’s Day on 14th February and the week preceding it as Valentine Week.
Promise Day is one such day of the week that is celebrated with great
enthusiasm. On this day, lovebirds make a commitment to each other for a
long-lasting relationship. As promises and commitments are cornerstones of a
lasting relationship, the importance of the day can be understood without much

Promise Day

When is the Promise Day – Date and Day?

Promise Day is the fifth day of Valentine Week which will be celebrated
on 11 February 2022, Friday. The Promise Day is the day after Teddy Day and the
day before Hug Day.

How to Celebrate

The name Promise Day is self-explanatory. On this day partners promise
to each other that they will stay together through the thick and thins of life.
This day is not associated with any physical object like flower, chocolate or
teddy but it is celebrated by making and keeping promises. So, you can
celebrate this day by sending a happy Promises Day card that assures your
partner about a lifelong union.

What to Gift on Promise Day

When it comes to Promise Day there are no particular things like roses
and chocolates attached to the Promise Day but that doesn’t stop lovers for
finding something for the day. They have discovered Promise Ring as a popular
gift for Promise Day. A Promise Ring should not be confused with an engagement
ring as the former is meant for showing commitment for your beloved. Bracelets,
pendants and cups are other gifts that can be considered for the fifth day of
Valentine Week. So you can buy a gift like this and send it with a happy
Promise Day card.

Promise Day 2022 – Top Promises to Make

On this Promise Day you should make some promises to make your relationship
strong. Here are some tips.

I Will Pay Attention

Money is not everything. It is attention and care that make your bond
stronger and she might be looking for your attention. Promise that you will
always listen to him/her.

I Accept You as You’re

Great lovers don’t want to change their beloved. Instead, they accept
them as they are. So, this Promise Day you should tell her that you accept her
as she is.

Allow Her to Life Her Life

Most of the time girls have to sacrifice their lives and career for the
sake of family. So, she might be looking for an understanding partner in you.
So, this Promise Day promise her that you allow her to live her life the

Assure Plenty of Time

Most of the time girls and boys have a complaint with their partner that
they don’t give her enough time. So, this Valentine Week happy Promise Day say
to her that although you have a busy schedule you will give her enough time.

Will Work Like a Team

A couple should work like a team. Be it household work, finance or the
responsibility of children, you will share it. This Promise Day, you should
promise to each other that you will share the responsibilities.

I Will Make Your Day

Even the most passionate love relations face stagnancy after some time
as partners start losing interest. This Promise Day assures her that you will
not let the spark fade and you will keep recreating it. A flower every now and
often, a dinner or a random outing – these things rekindle love.

In addition, there could be several different kinds of promises. In
short use this opportunity for an ever-lasting relationship.

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