Manage OCD Yourself Through These Top Books on ERP for OCD


Mental health
professionals apply a host of tools, techniques, and therapies to get desired
results. One such therapy is cognitive behavior therapy. Professionals across
the world apply this therapy to address a wide spectrum of mental disorders.
Being an important component of cognitive behavior therapy, exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy is high in demand.

Exposure Response Prevention

clinicians, and even sufferers want to get more knowledge on ERP treatment.
There are books on Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) that could be of great

Exposure and
Response (Ritual) Prevention for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder by Edna B. Foa
PhD (Author), Elna Yadin PhD

One in every forty
persons in America suffers from OCD. Needless to say, there is a huge demand
for Cognitive behavior therapists. As exposure and response prevention is a
major part of CBT, a clinician or a sufferer trying to get a concept in ERP
therapy is often on the lookout for resources and books that could guide them

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This book on
Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) could be more useful when you use it
together with another book from the other titled Treating Your OCD with
Exposure and Ritual (Response) Prevention Therapy.

The book offers a
historical and research perspective on this subject. You will get theoretical
lessons, diagnostic sessions, and real-life examples. The book has everything
to provide ERP treatment effectively.

Recovery by Ali Greymond

In ERP treatment
the sufferer is exposed to a trigger that provokes his obsessions. After
provoking the obsession, the patient is helped not to follow compulsions. One
of the important books to help you do this is ERP For OCD Recovery by Ali
Greymond. The book is focused on helping you get control over OCD through
exposure response prevention (ERP) therapy. Practicing this therapy is not easy
as it creates the same confusion a sufferer wants to avoid. You should do it in
the right way otherwise you may end up worsening the situation.

This one of the
prominent exposure-response prevention (ERP) books deals with different kinds
of exposure, how to do them, and several common queries related to it. As it is
the personal account of the author, it is hard to reject. The author has
himself suffered from OCD and has devised methods to get over it. These methods
have been helping several others to control OCD and become once more productive.

OCD – The ERP Cure
by Christian Komor

To treat OCD, you
need to get medication or cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), or a combination of
both. CBT is one of the most used therapies for obsessive-compulsive disorder.
ERP is the major component of it. In this treatment, the sufferer is provoked
with a stimulus and made to believe that their fears are irrational. The
therapist convinces him to delay or not complete the rituals.

The book could be a
reference guide for therapists, students, and sufferers. Author Dr. Christian
R. Komor has been a world-renowned expert for OCD. He has listed several tips
and tricks that could help you practice ERP better and get respite from OCD.

Daring to Challenge
OCD: Overcome Your Fear of Treatment and Take Control of Your Life Using
Exposure and Response Prevention by Joan Davidson

Obsessive thoughts
are part and parcel of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Anxiety,
compulsion, and rituals that come with it make your life even more difficult.
Most times, sufferers hesitate to consult a therapist due to the stigma
attached to it. Such sufferers look for do-it-yourself books on Exposure
Response Therapy (ERP).

A significant part
of Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), exposure-response prevention therapy has
been found highly effective in keeping panic attacks in control. The author
beautifully writes an overview, of what to expect and how to use it for maximum

The book could be
an ideal reference material for anyone who wants to get relief from anxiety
using exposure-response prevention therapy.

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Exposure Therapy
for Treating Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: A Comprehensive Guide by
Veronica L. Raggi PhD, Jessica G. Samson PsyD, Julia W. Felton PhD, Heather R.
Loffredo PsyD, Lisa H. Berghorst PhD

Exposure therapy
has great significance for OCD. But it has to be done in a precise manner
otherwise it may harm the recipient. Things become more complex when you are
administering it to children and adolescents.

It is why four
clinicians teamed up to come up with a book on exposure-response prevention
(ERP) that effectively addresses various anxiety issues in children and
adolescents. There are chapters on emotional tolerance, separation anxiety,
social phobia, OCD, and panic disorder among the others.

It is an essential
book for parents, clinicians, and anyone who wants to get a cure for mental
disorders in children and adolescents.

Treating Your OCD
with Exposure and Response (Ritual) Prevention Therapy: Workbook (Treatments
That Work) by Elna Yadin, Edna B. Foa, Tracey K. Lichner

OCD or
obsessive-compulsive disorder hampers your life. The sufferers are obsessed
with different things, compulsions, and an urge to perform rituals. A large
population of US and the world is suffering from this disorder and sufferers
are actively looking for respite. Most of them find solace in cognitive
behavior therapy (CBT). As exposure and response prevention is the central part
of CBT, the right kind of information on this topic is highly awaited.

To provide clinicians,
students and sufferers right kind of information three authors left their egos
behind and teamed up to write the book titled Treating your OCD with Exposure
and Response. So, if you are someone who is looking for Exposure Response
Prevention (ERP) books then you should consider adding them to your library.

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Staring Down Panic:
Your Guide to Effectively Confronting Anxiety with Exposure and Response
Prevention by Brian D Ott PH D

Panic attacks are
very common these days. And the most difficult part of it is harder you try to
get relief from it, the more severe it becomes. The traditional ways to get
relief are no more effective. Quotations like ‘Don’t Worry’ are not just
sufficient to tackle the thoughts that are coming to your mind. If you are suffering
from panic disorders and looking for self-help resources, then this book could
be the best resource for you. The book suggests practical ways to handle panic
disorders using exposure and response prevention.

Exposure Therapy
for Children with Anxiety and OCD: Clinician’s Guide to Integrated Treatment by
Tara S. Peris, Eric A. Storch, Joseph F. McGuire

Anxiety and OCD are
affecting a large population and children are no exception. The book on
exposure and response prevention therapy throws light on methods to use it for
maximum benefits. To be precise, the book suggests ideal ways to give exposure
therapy to children in different age groups. Going a step further, it brings
light on common challenges faced during exposure and response prevention therapy.

What separates it
from other books is that it has separate chapters on children and adolescents.
The book has several real-life examples and case studies to grasp the concepts

OCD For Teens And
Adults – Mindfulness, ERP, Brain and Other CBT Strategies To Manage Intrusive
Thoughts and Compulsive Behaviors by Bill Andrews

Are anxiety
depression and OCD taking a toll on your life? Are your children and adolescent
getting affected by this disorder? If yes, then there is a book that could
prove your savior. We are talking about OCD For Teens And Adults by Bill

Whether you are a
teen or adult, don’t let OCD define your life. The book guides you on how to
deal with anxiety, OCD, and other negative thoughts using mindful and cognitive
behavior therapy.

By going through
this book on exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy, you will be able
to change your mind. It will motivate you to challenge your negative thoughts
and even change them. You will be able to identify triggers that affect your

So, if you are
stuck with OCD and don’t know where to go then this book could be the go-to
reference book for you.

The Big Book of
Exposures: Innovative, Creative, and Effective CBT-Based Exposures for Treating
Anxiety-Related Disorders by Kristen S. Springer

Do you or any of
your relatives suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder and planning to do CBT
on your own? Or, are you a clinician or psychotherapist who wants to understand
exposure response therapy (ERP) – an important part of CBT – and its latest
practices? If you answer any of these questions yes then you might be looking
for prominent books on exposure and response prevention (ERP). This book has
been written for aware people like you.

The book is filled
with more than 400 actionable exercises that can help you win over your fears,
defeat obsession, and delay or remove compulsions. A large part of CBT depends
on ERP. And not everyone knows how to give ERP treatment. This book has
valuable lessons on it.

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