Parenting Manual – Tips to Make You A Better Parent

Most parents look for some expert parenting tips so that they can raise their children with utmost care and perfection but very few know how to raise them in a good manner. They seek advice, read books on parenting and often seek professional advice. Despite all these efforts, sometimes they think that more information is needed to make their child successful, social and a good world class citizen. To help these parents we have come up with comprehensive tips on parenting. Let us have a read.

Best Parenting Tips

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    Love Your Child, Show It

    Undoubtedly you love your child but don’t express it. Children like to be adored, loved and hugged. Do it often. Find out how your child like to be loved. But stay away from over-pampering.

  2. Safety is Highly Important

    Make utmost arrangements for safety if you are parents of an infant. Make sure the area where he sleeps, walks or sits in a car is safe. Remove hazardous things around the area to improve safety.
    It is one of the most important tips.

  3. Expose Them to a Number of Activities

    Children remain calm when they are involved in some activities and make noise when they have nothing to do. All children don’t like all activities and they have certain areas of interest. The best thing is to expose them to a number of activities and let them do one that interest them the most. Sports, reading, poetry, puzzling -the list of activities is endless.

  4. Ask What Can You do for Them

    Your child might be excelling but as a parent it is your responsibility to stand behind
    them in their efforts. Ask them what can you do for them. There are times when children hesitate to demand things. But it is your responsibility to know his needs. This parenting tip features in every experts advice.

  5. Maintain Consistency

    f you have set a parenting style, be consistent with it. You can’t reward your child for a particular action on a day and scold him for same on the next.  Consistency is the key when it comes to parenting. Consistency is one of the 5 Cs of parenting. The other 4 are self control, compassion, collaboration and celebration.

  6. Handle Teenagers With Care

    If you are the parent of a teenager, you should maintain a healthy relation with him. Make a strong bonding with him.
     Your child will leave your home in a few years and your bonding will determine how connected will he remain with you. Learn this parenting tip by heart. 

  7. Identify Their Strength

    Every child has his weak and strong points. And you should work on his strong points. It boosts
    their confidence. If your child is good in a certain area of life you should encourage hims to excel at it. By praising him you can make him ready to listen to you.

  8. Consider Misbehavior as a Warning Sign

    If you child is misbehaving with others, consider it as a warning sign of some underlying problem. Most of the parents just deal with the symptoms which is a big mistake. What should they do is to address the root cause of the problem.

  9. Punishing is Not Discipline

    Disciplining is all about teaching, educatin
    g and instilling right values in child and it has nothing to do with punishing, scolding and getting harsh to them. Treat yourself as a teacher who is trying to teach certain disciplines to students. Teaching discipline is one of the major parenting skills.

  10. Don’t Get Harsh

    You might be a great disciplinarian but don’t get harsh with children. These are growing years for children and being harsh will make
    a permanent dent on their personality.

  11. Teach Them Time Management Skills

    Time management is an effective life skills. As they say time and tide waits for none. Given its importance, you should teach time management skills to him. These lessons will make him industrious.

  12. Show Them Their Family Tree

    You children should know about your family members – dead and alive. To acquaint them with your forefathers, you should make a family tree that elaborates on your family. Your kids should understand about your family. Successful parents often tell children about their families.

  13. Choose Their School Logically

    Many parents are not careful while choosing school for their children and this negligence cost them dearly. You should be extra cautious while choosing the school of your children. Because schools have a great role in shaping the future and personality of your children.

  14. Celebrate Even Smallest of Success

    Celebrate even smallest of achievement of your child. A little encouragement from your side will encourage him try for better. If he has excelled in a sport, has done good in academics or has won a debate, don’t hesitate to celebrate it.
    Mark it as an important parenting tip.

  15. Make Logical Decisions

    Parenting is a long-term responsibility that takes you through different phases of child growth. Here you should try to make logical decisions. Use logic instead of power; and your child will respect your decisions.

  16. Be Patient

    One of the major parenting tips most counselor suggests is being patient with their children. Even if you want to change a habit in your child, it won’t change overnight and your. Being patient pays off in other areas of life.

  17. Work On Your Limitations

    You might be a dedicated parent but you are not perfect. If you have certain limitations and shortcomings as a parent, you should work on it.  Read books, watch videos and seek guidance on how to correct your shortcomings.

  18. Develop Good Habits

    You should try to instill good habits in your kids. Help them learn about hygiene and being independent according to their age. Help them learn how to make bed, how to flush toilet after use and how to brush teeth on their own. These habits may sound small but go a long way in shaping your child’s personality.

  19. Spend Time with Your Children

    You are busy
     making it big into your profession so that you can earn enough to make their life comfortable. But you have never noticed children like to spend time with their parents. Manage sometime from your extremely busy schedule and spend quality time with them. It instills a sense of belonging in your children and make your ties stronger.

  20. Children Follow, Be Good

    Children follow their parents. So emerge as a better person and a good role model to them. If you want that a certain habit shouldn’t be transferred to your kids get rid of
    yourself first.  If you are cool against adversities your child will learn how to remain calm, If you get angry your child will learn the same. There is a link between parents behaviour and children behavior. Your good habits will help them learn it and boost your image as a role model to them.


  21. Make Them Disciplined

    Discipline has a great role in shaping personalities and we won’t be exaggerating while saying that nothing big has ever been achieved without discipline.  And childhood is the best time to set the limits.
    A part of parenting tips revolve around setting a sense of discipline among children.

  22. Communication is Key

    Communication is key in every relation and
    the parent child relation is no exception. Communicate with him properly about any expectation. If he needs any explanation about your action don’t hesitate to explain. Your action should look justifiable to him. If your child has a suggestion don’t hesitate to implement it as it is coming from a child. Parenting experts suggests to always keep the communication line open.

  23. Work on Child’s Self Esteem

    Self esteem has a great role in a child’s personality. And at a very early stage they start recognizing whether their parents are loving
    them or not. Your voice, body language and expressions can affect their esteem. So make sure you are affecting them positively and not negatively. Praise, recognition and compliment will boost their self esteem.

  24. Be Flexible

    Flexibility is the key when it comes to parenting.  You shouldn’t be rigid with your parenting style. Your child, schools and counselor will all help you find a parenting style. You have to adjust your parenting style as per the demands of the situation. Rigidity is not a good thing when it comes to parenting.

  25. Be Age Specific

    Parenting for different age groups is different. What is good for an infant may not be good for an infant may not be good for an adolescent and what is suitable for a nursery kid may not be good for a child of 10 years.  It is clear that requirements of different age group differs and you have to adjust accordingly.

  26. Teach Them Social Skills

    Social skills are actually life skills
    . There are several social skills you should teach your children. Conversation, sympathy, kindness and gratitude are some of the major social skills, your child should learn.

  27. Make Him a Responsible Citizen

    Responsible citizens are what the world needs. And being a parent, it is your responsibility to make them responsible. Teach him about to be responsible towards community, be considerate towards social duties and follow the government rules and regulation. Responsible citizens help maintain order in society.

  28. Pamper But Not Overdo It

    You child needs pampering but don’t overpamper. You should show your love, but don’t give into his every demand. Provide enough money to meet his needs but don’t spoil him.
    It is one of the most common parenting tips.

  29. Don’t Do The Things He Can Do

    Don’t do the things he can do for himself. It will keep him from getting independent. Don’t put his plates in sink after eating as he is able to do small tasks like this himself.
    Making him independent is an important life skill.

  30. Teach Them To Apologize

    Good parents ask their children to apologize when they do something wrong.  If he has hurt someone ask him to accept and apologize. Don’t ask him to apologize for the mistakes he has not done as it may negatively impact his personality.

  31. Let Them Find Solutions

    Don’t rush to save your kids every time they get into trouble. Instead, let them find solution
    s themselves. It will increase their resilience and problem-solving skills that will ultimately bring positive changes to their personality.

  32. Have Fun with Children

    If your children want to have fun with them don’t hesitate playing with them. Such effort will help strengthen bonding parents and children. So if they ask them to join you as a partner in their games, join them.

  33. Read With Your Child

    Successful people are avid readers. And good parents want to inculcate the habit of reading among their children. If you are also a parent who want to seed the habit of reading in your child then spend some time reading good books with him. You read, he listens, he read you listen.

  34. Family Time Is Important

    Family is important and good parents spend quality time with their family.
     This habit will inspire him to be a family man. Children learn a lot by following parents.  It has been observed that children engaged with the perform better in the schools. This is one of the most important parenting tips you should follow.

  35. Create Happy Memories

    You should create happy memories for your children. These are the memories they will remember when they get old. Happy memories play a great in shaping personalities. It is what you want as a good parent.

  36. Become a role model

    Children learn a lot by following their parents. Most successful people have parents as their role model.  It is obvious you should try to be a good role model to your children.

  37. Teach Them To Love Environment

    Teach him about the importance of saving environment. Give him books and videos that help him understand the importance of environment and how to conserve it. Saving environment is essential for survival of human being.

  38. Be Truthful Always

    Being truthful is a must have personality attribute that you will want to introduce
    to your children. But to develop this you have to be truthful first. Don’t tell even smallest of lies as it will negatively impact your children.

  39. Agree On a Parenting Strategy

    You and your spouse may have a difference of opinion on parenting strategy. But you should agree on a common parenting strategy. You should respect your spouse opinion as well if his/ her opinion is not detrimental to your child’s overall development.

  40. Praise for Doing good

    Parenting is
     not all disciplining and setting limits, you should also generously praise your child when he has done something good. Appreciation for doing good encourage him to keep doing good and making it a habit. Praising your children is an important parenting tool.

  41. Do Follow Your Gut Feeling

    You know your child better more than anyone else.  So, when you find that your child is not good for reasons unknown then you should try to find a solution. Sometimes, children don’t express
    themselves and it is your responsibility to understand.

  42. Teach Him To Say No

    There is a quote that says most
     problems in the world are their because the people said yes, when they should have said no. So you teach your child to say no wherever necessary. Don’t let them be the people please.

  43. Being Polite Is Important

    Being polite is important in every aspect of your life. Teach your child that rudeness is unacceptable. Tell him to be respectful to others irrespective you’re their status and position.

  44. Love Your Spouse

    You may be wondering how loving your spouse is related to parenting. But yes, it is. Expressing love for your spouse will strengthen your child’s respect in m
    en women relationship. He will learn how to be respectful to your partner. These lessons will be highly useful for him and community at large.

  45. Team Up With Other Caregivers

    Good parenting is not just limited to parents. Instead you should take everyone concerned into this effort. Grandparents, relatives, friends and babysitters have also roles to play in it. With their help you can instill positive behaviors in you child.

  46. Teach Them To Be Brave

    Bravery is a skill or personality trait that makes your child confident. Ask
     them to face the difficult situation. Ask him to make eye contact while talking to others. Bravery boosts confidence and with confidence they can get highly successful.

  47. Teach Him To Be Helpful To Others

    Helping others is a positive personality trait and you must teach it to others. Interestingly children love helping and giving it to others. Putting others before self will help them be admirable citizens.

  48. Don’t Compare Them with Others

    Every child has its own talent and capability.  But most parents make the mistake of comparing them to other children. They compare them to those who have achieved high grades or has achieved something big. This habit affects your child negatively.

  49. Treat Your Child With Respect

    Even though they are your kids and are dependent on you for everything you should treat them with respect. A survey conducted on teens and adolescents found that they want to be treated with respect. And there is nothing wrong in it. As you start respecting them they will learn to respect others. And it is what you want.

  50. Don’t Shout at Them

    Most parents have the habit of shouting at children for even smallest of mistake
    . As per experts, it is not a good habit. Shouting at children make them fearful and if you continue doing this, they will start ignoring you. Don’t do this to your child. Explain them the right things but avoid shouting at them.

  51. Don’t Consider Them As Your Property

    Some parent consider child as their property and think that they have right to whatever they want. Instead consider them as a
    privilege God has given to you. Nurture them with care and love. Don’t see them as investments and don’t seek return.

  52. Don’t Burden Them With Your Expectations

    Most parents have certain aspirations they have failed to fulfill. They want to fulfil their dreams through their children. These dreams may not be in congruence with the natural talent. The children find themselves on the crossroad of their own goals and their parents aspirations.

  53. Provide Them a Supportive Environment

    Genetic factors for sure play their roles in shaping the personality but environmental factors also has a great role in shaping it. The major environmental factors that affect the children personality are upbringing, culture, life experiences and geographical location among the others.

  54. Hug and Cuddle with Them

    Children feel insecure at time and they wants you to show emotion. As parents you should not shy away from showing your emotions towards them. Show your love by hugging and cuddling with them.
    Remember this important parenting tip.

  55. Allow Them to Explore

    Most children learn by trial and error and you shouldn’t snatch away this opportunity from them. Don’t kills the curiosity in them. Let them explore the surrounding. Here, we doesn’t mean you should allow touching him dangerous and contaminated things.

  56. Let Them Play With Friends

    Children are
    the happiest when they play with their friends. They learn very fast from them. Don’t always keep them confined to your home. Let them go in the outer world, make friends and play with them.

  57. Take Them To a Relative’s Place

    You should teach your children to socialize and there is no better way to this th
    an teaching them in an actual setting. If you are going to visit a relative, take your child along. Teach them how to greet a relative and react in social situations. It is one of the most effective parenting tips parents can have.

  58. Allow Them To Imagine Things

    Imagination is at the core of a good personality. You should allow your kids to be imaginative. Let them sketch, paint and make castles with sand. These things will allow them to leverage their creative juices that can be further developed into a hobby or career option.

  59. Allow Them To Learn Self Defense Skills

    Self defense is an important skill yo
    ur child should be well equipped with and as a parents, it is your responsibility to acquaint your child with this skill. There would be self defense classes around where you can send your child to learn these skills.

  60. Allow Them To Read Biographies

    Biographies of renowned personalities can shape your child’s personality in a positive way. Biographies specially written for children are available. Order them and provide them to your child. These books have several stories and anecdotes that helps your child become a better person.

  61. Let Them Be a Part Of School Camp

    Most schools take their children for camping. If you child’s school want to take him on a camp don’t stop him going there. Outdoor activities make your child fearless and shape his personality in a positive way.

  62. Take Him On a Road Trip

    Road trips are well known for making a strong bond between parents and children. Ask  him to guide you on the road trip. Allow them to take decision on which road to take and what food to eat.
    It’s an important parenting tip.

  63. Take Them On Nature Walks

    We should learn to live with nature and your children should love it.
     To nurture this habit you should take him on a nature walk. There would be some nature trails around. If not, take him to a destination known for nature trails.

  64. Take Him To Watch Movies

    The entire world is new to your child and you should expose him to different things in life. Take him to watch movies.
     Watching movies develop a strong visual sense. There are several career options where a strong visual sense is required and your child could get an edge over others. Exposing children to different career options is an important parenting responsibility.

  65. Teach Them To Deal With Casualties

    One of the important parenting tips is to teaching children to deals with casualties. Casualties can strike anytime and your child should be ready to face it.
     Ask him to remembers emergency numbers like police, fire and child helpline. 

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