from being a day to show our patriotic side, fourth of July is a holiday filled
with countless fun activities. Fireworks and parades may be the customary parts
of the celebration, but there is more to do on this day than to remain confined
to customs. In recent days, Independence Day has become a day to indulge in a
plethora of fun activities. Here we list ways to celebrate fourth of July.

Fourth of July Celebrations

Fireworks Show

is no denying this fact that watching a firework show is one of the most loved
activities on fourth of July. And these shows can be watched in every small and
big city. You may be aware about the location of these shows in your city.
However, information about them can be obtained from the local newspapers and
websites. You should search Fourth of July events to find the fireworks show

fireworks in New York City, Los Angeles and Washington DC are highly coveted.
So, reserve a point from where you can see them blazing the night sky. There
are several bars in this city from where you can see these fireworks while
sipping your choice of drink.

at Home

you are not comfortable going out and see a firework show you can enjoy
sparklers at home. These sparklers are commonly available at nearby stores this
time around. If you are industrious, you can also prepare them at home. But
preparing them is no way cheaper than buying readymade sparklers.

Fireworks from a Plane

fireworks from a plane could be an exciting experience. Do you agree? What
seems a dream can be made reality if you take off in a plane at the time of
fireworks. The view of fireworks from sky will be memorable. What you have to
do is to match the schedule of firework with your flight schedule.

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into a Parade

Day in America is celebrated with parades that see participation from people
and families. Big and small parades are organized in every city. You can find
more about 4th of July events. Vibrant, exciting and full of patriotic
sentiments, these parades are nothing less than a visual delight. If your kids
are participating in school parade then don’t miss an opportunity to cheer

National Mall

you are living in Washington DC or areas around it, then you should plan a
visit to the National Mall with you kids. If you are living at a distance, a
road trip to this place can also be planned. The National Mall and Memorial
Park is home is to several memorials that tells the story of American history. The
place remains crowded on Fourth of July as it is frequented by a large number
of people. You should explore its some of the major attractions here that

  • Franklin
    Delano Roosevelt Memorial
  • Korean
    War Veterans Memorial
  • Lincoln
  • Martin
    Luther King, Jr. Memorial
  • Thomas
    Jefferson Memorial
  • Vietnam
    Veterans Memorial
  • Washington
  • World
    War II Memorial

National Mall Washington DC

addition, there are several memorials that should also be explored on your trip.
This visit will be an ideal way to know about the American history.

in Backyard

of homes come alive on fourth of July when people join together with family and
friends to cook together. You can see open air barbecues on this day. You can
also join with your friends and family to cook your choice of delicacies.


am not exaggerating if I use to say that hotdogs are synonymous to Independence
Day. A record number of hot dogs are consumed on this day. As you are all set
to enjoy this day with fun then why not organize a hotdog eating competition on
this day where the prize goes to those who eat most.

a Flag Shaped Cake

you have relished delicious hotdogs, now it is time to top it up with desert.
You should go for cake. You can easily find a cake with the US flag embossed on
it. You can get it delivered from a nearby bakery.

Some Ice Cream

you and your kids fond of ice cream? If yes, setting up an ice cream counter at
home could be a great idea. You can order blue, red and white ice cream to give
it a patriotic touch. You can get such ice cream from a nearby ice cream parlor.
It is better to get it in advance and store it in your home freeze.

Fourth of July Food

Fourth of July History

of us celebrate this one of the most important day in American history but very
few of us know the importance behind this day. We should introduce our kids
about how this day came into importance. Why the Independence Day is celebrated
on the Fourth of July and not any other day? When the declaration of
independence was adopted? There could be several things like that your kids
might be looking an answer for?

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a Historic Landmark

are various historic landmarks situated across the length and breadth of the
country and visiting them on fourth of July could be a great idea. This not be
a good outing for your family and friends but also let your children know about
the history of America. Statue of Liberty in NYC, Independence Hall in
Philadelphia, Bunker Hill Monument in Boston; there is a wide range of choices
when it comes to landmarks of historic importance. And there would must be a
landmark in your locality as well.

a Flag

is Independence Day and you shouldn’t shy away from showing your patriotic
side. And there can’t be a better way to do this than unfurling the national
flag. You can hoist the national flag at a nearby flag pole or your terrace.
Finding a flag is not difficult as you can easily buy it from a nearby store.

Fourth of July National Flag


you are outdoorsy in nature, camping should be one of the most sought-after fun
activities for Fourth of July. There is no dearth of camping option in the
United States as the country is home to several mountains and national parks.
If weather is good, plan camping at a nearby destination. Organize fireside
story session and wake up early to enjoy a hike. If going outside is not
possible, you can camp in your backyard.

a Movie

you are a movie buff who is not feeling like going outdoors then you can see
movies at home. You should give preference to patriotic movies to make this day
memorable. Some of the major movies to be in your watch list is Saving Private
Ryan, Miracle, The Patriot, and Captain America. However, you can have your own
choice of movies.

a Bike Parade

a parade is good but being a part of it is fabulous. Sometimes youth in a city
organizes a bike parade which is open to all. Why not take part in such a parade?
You can join these parades with bike, flags and patriotic wear. Click some
pictures of it to keep the memories last for long. Most of the bike parades
cover a small distance only.

a Letter to Military Veterans

Independence Day could be an ideal day to recognize the contribution of
military and war veterans. You can write individual letters to the war and
military veterans you know. However, your friends and family can also join in this
effort. If you don’t know anyone in army then just create a social media post with
happy Fourth July message and ask everyone to share.

US Military


you are going to a lake, river or beach you should include fishing in our
outing. Keep some fishing equipment with you and try your hands if there is an
opportunity. Even if you are not able to catch a fish, it will be relaxing
experience for you. You may learn some skills while fishing.

Projects for Kids

you have plans to spend fourth July at home with family and kids? Why not give
them DIY projects like allowing them to make confetti poppers. Materials for
confetti poppers can be obtained from the local market. Your kids will be
engaged throughout the day. It is a good practice if you are enthusiastic about
taking them to fireworks.

a Water Fight

of July many not be a convenient day for your kids as it is in summers. Why not
give them some respite by planning some water activities where they can get
drenched. You should plan a water fights for your kids and their friends and
classmates. Such water fights can be organized at your backyards.

Colored Cookies

of July gets more delicious with cookies. You should bake some blue, white and
red colored cookies as these colors are the colors of American flag. Raw
material for these cookies can be easily found at the local stores. You can
bake these cookies in your kitchen or backyards while your children are playing
around. Relish these cookies with friends and family.

for a Road Trip

you someone who love to go on road trips? If you are one, then you should get
ready for a road trip this Independence Day. On this trip, you should stop at
various historic landmarks to know the history of America. If kids are accompanying
you, it would be a great time for them to know about the parades and
celebration in different cities on the way. Plan a road trip to nearby cities
to double the fun of Independence Day.


is one of the most loved sports in the US and playing it on fourth of July will
be a treasured experience. You don’t need to be excellent in this game. You
should collect friends and make two team and take them to a nearby park. You
will love this experience.

Baseball game


you nourish a love for boating? If yes, it is the right time to take to waters.
Go to a nearby boating club and hire a boat. Board it with your loved ones and
paddle it for some time. It will be a relaxing experience.

in the Pool

fourth of July fall in the summer season and there couldn’t be a better idea to
find some respite in a pool. There could be a pool in your house or your
neighbors house or a community center nearby. You can also visit the pool of a
nearby hotel to have fun with your family and friends.

Your Dog Feel Special

is Independence Day and everyone in your family is getting dressed well. So why
should your dog be left behind. Do some shopping to deck your dog. You can find
bandana, collar and accessories to give your dog a great look. It will add to
your fun.

to Music

you a music buff? Then Independence Day could be an occasion to listen to some
patriotic music. You should gather the friends and family members who have
liking for music. Prepare a playlist of favorite songs of every family member
and listen it.

Your Home with Lights

is Independence Day and you like to make your house looking at its elegant
best. And you can do it better by streamers and lights. But while selecting
streamers and lights you should pick blue, red and white lights to give it a
patriotic feeling.


should use patriotic lamps during the night. You can easily find them at nearby
stores. If you are not able to find them then you should buy glass jars and
wrap it with flag. You should put candle it in it and lit it. The flag covered jar
will illuminate it to give it a patriotic look.

a Board Game

can make your Independence Day night memorable by playing some board games.
Playing such games is great experience as every family member can join you. You
can get patriotic by organizing fourth of July Bingo.

Paint Plant Pots                                 

you want to give your home a patriotic touch? The flower pots at home can help
you in this regard. Beside giving your home a patriotic touch, it will also
keep your kids engaged. Ask them to paint plant pots in red, white and blue
paint. If they can paint stars, it is better.

Involved with Art and Craft

you have a love for arts and craft and want to create an interest for it in
your children? If yes, you should steal some time from your July 4th activities
for art and craft. You can request your kids to make a painting of your
national heroes or make some craft with patriotic symbols that can be gifted to
military veterans. Raw material for this can be obtained from the local stores.







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