Fourth of July – Meaning, History, Significance, Trivia

of July or Independence Day is the most celebrated day in the United State. On
this day, Americans love to showcase their patriotic side. The day that
commands special significance in American history is celebrated with great fun
and passion. Fireworks, parades, barbecues, and family get together add fun to
this day. Here we try to understand its meaning, history, significance fun
facts, and trivia.

National flag of the national flag - the July fourth

of Fourth of July

meaning of the fourth of July can be described as it is American Independence
Day. This day is being celebrated as the Independence Day of the US since
1776.  It is the day when the United
States as a nation came into existence. Fourth of July is celebrated throughout
the US with festivals, fireworks, parades, concerts, barbecues, and family
together. July 4th holiday is observed as the federal holiday.

Do We Celebrate the Fourth of July?

fourth of July is the Independence Day of America. It is the day to show our
love and patriotism to the country. It is on 4th July 1776 that Second
Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of independence and the country
got independence from Great Britain.

day has now been declared as the Federal holiday in America. This year 2021,
the country will be celebrating its 245th birthday as an independent nation. On
this day people greet each other with happy July 4th messages. Philadelphia was
the first state to celebrate the first Independence Day of America.

Day is known with other names as well. It is also called July the Fourth,
Fourth of July, and The Fourth.

Fireworks are an important part of July the fourth celebration.

of Fourth of July in American history

the United States celebrates its Independence Day on the fourth of July, the
significance of this day hardly needs an explanation. Here we list some of the
important points that tell a lot about its significance.

  • It
    is on this day that the Declaration of Independence was adopted.
  • The
    day marks the annual celebration of nationhood.
  • It
    is on 4th of July 1776; the continental congress made the declaration of
  • The
    voting in the favor of independence from Great Britain was made by Congress on
    2nd July but the process of Declaration of Independence could only be completed
    on July the 4th.
  • Initially,
    it was celebrated with a bonfire, bell ringing, solemn possession, parades,
    oratory, and toasting.
  • Later
    it became a symbol of national might and American qualities.


Bell is a large Bell located in Philadelphia that symbolizes US independence.
The bell was commissioned in 1751 by the state assembly of Pennsylvania to hang
in the new State House in Philadelphia. The new State House is now being called
Independence Hall. 

Liberty Bell - 4th of July

bell was built in London by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry and the price of the
bell was 100 pounds. The company delivered the bell in August 1952. 

the test, it was cracked and had to be recast twice. The bell was fixed in the
State House in June 1953. Its weight is 943 kg. its circumference is 12 feet
around the lip and its measurement from lip to crown is 3 feet.

motto of the bell was to Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the
inhabitants thereof.

is Independence Day Celebrated in America?

Independence Day which is celebrated on the fourth of July is a public holiday.
The day is celebrated with a number of activities throughout the country.


can’t even imagine the US Independence Day celebrations without firework
displays. Although fireworks of all kinds are on display there is a focus on
red white and blue colors as these colors symbolize the American flag.
Celebratory fireworks have been in existence for a long but in terms of US
independence, it traces its history to 1777 from the first Independence Day
fireworks display in Philadelphia. You can know about the Independence Day
celebratory firework display schedule from the local website.

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get-togethers or family gatherings are highly sought-after ways to celebrate
fourth July. On this day friends, and families join together in the backyards
of their homes or the neighborhoods of their homes for a barbecue or cooking.
People are waiting for the fourth of July 2021 as in previous year people
couldn’t come together due to Covid-19 pandemic. The celebration will be more
enjoyable as it is coming after grief-struck hard year.


a happy July 4th on a beach is an effort worth it. The beaches in America see a
large visitor turnout on this day. Families and bachelors come to the seashores
to celebrate this day in the cool surrounding.

Independence Day is celebrated on the fourth of July which falls in the summer
season many families and individuals prefer visiting beaches. The United States
with a vast coastline is home to several fabulous beaches. Some of the most
beautiful beaches to explore on July the 4th are Myrtle Beach in South
Carolina, Virginia Beach in Virginia, Hapuna Beach Hawaii, Huntington Beach in
California, Narragansett Beach in Rhodes Island, Ocean City Beach Maryland,
West Beach in Alabama, and Long Beach Peninsula in Washington.


this day, Americans greet each other with the happy Independence Day and happy
fourth of July greetings. The president of America receives congratulatory
messages from the other head of the nations. People search for Independence Day
and happy July 4th quotes and greetings to congratulate each other on this most
important day in America.


are an integral part of the Independence Day celebration and they can be seen
in every town and big city. Watching it march past could be an experience in
itself. Your children would like it the most. You can get the routes and
schedule of parades from a local website. Large number of people take part in
parades and wish happy fourth to each other.

Fourth of July Parade


take a lot of care while getting dressed on the most important day of America.
Dressing well is also important as they have to go to visit their friends and
relatives. Most of the people want to buy outfits of red, blue and white colors
which are commonly available in this market this time around. These colors also
resemble the national flag of America.


is also an important part of the fourth of July. Revelers make arrangements for
cookouts and barbecues as there is more emphasis on grilled food. Hamburgers
and hot dogs also feature prominently in the Independence Day menu. Bakers are
not behind in joining festivities as they also come up with cakes modeled on
the American flag. You can also order happy July 4th cakes. From glasses to
dining ware everything is printed with the colors of the American flag. Most of
these fourth of July get-togethers are organized in the backyards of houses.


is one of the important parts of fourth of July celebrations.  The streets and buildings are decorated with
flags, streamers, and balloons. Decorative materials with happy July 4 printing
are available in abundance. Elaborate decoration sets the mood for festivities.

Facts About Fourth of July the US Independence Day

of July, the national Independence Day of America is celebrated with patriotic
enthusiasm throughout the country. But there are some interesting facts,
trivia, and historical events that make this day further interesting. Here we
walk through some of the most interesting facts.

Thomas Jefferson has been the third US president.

  • Let
    start with 4th July 1776. The declaration of Independence was not signed on
    this day. It is the day when the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the
    Second Continental Congress.
  • Apart
    from being the Independence Day of the United States, 4th July is also
    considered as the Independence Day of the Philippines and Rwanda.
  • The
    shortest Independence Day parade is celebrated in Aptos California. The parade
    is just more than half a mile. This small parade is made beautiful with the
    participation of cars, well-decked trucks and a joyful crowd.
  • Parades
    are an important part of the fourth July celebration but it was in Bristol,
    Rhodes Island where the first parade was held in 1785.
  • The
    largest number of travel activities takes place in the first week of July
    around Independence Day that is the July 4th holiday. It even surpasses popular
    holidays like thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • It
    is a common belief that the US declared its independence from Britain on 4th
    July 1776. But it is far from the truth. The declaration was made two days
    before on 2nd July but it was adopted on 4th July.
  • Among
    other things, fourth of July is also known for its large consumption of hot
    dogs. As per the data from the National Sausage and Hot Dog Council (NHDSC)
    around 150 million hot dogs are consumed on this day.
  • On
    the day of the adoption of the declaration on 4th July, only two people Charles
    Thompson and John Hancock signed. The other 64 people signed it later.
  • The
    small cities spend anywhere between $8000–$15,000 on a fireworks display.
  • Apart
    from the fireworks, military cannons and gunfire were also part of the
    Independence Day celebration.
  • The
    city of New York has the glory of having the biggest firework display in
    America. It attracts a large number of visitors for 4th of July celebrations.

Fireworks in NYC on 4th of July

  • The
    celebration with cannon and artillery continued till mid of 18th century. Later
    it was discontinued keeping in view the public safety. But the fireworks were
    allowed to continue.
  • According
    to 2017 data of American Pyrotechnics Association projection, the country
    witnessed around 15000 firework displays on that year.
  • As
    per the data from American Pyrotechnics Association around $1 billion is spent
    on fireworks on 4th July.
  • The
    tradition of firework on 4th July dates back to 1777 the first anniversary of
  • Macy’s
    fireworks are one-of-a-kind fireworks is being held in New York City. It
    consumes 75000 cells of firework. Around $6 million is spent on this firework.
  • Benjamin
    Franklin then 70, was the oldest delegate to sign the declaration while Thomas
    Lynch Jr and Edward Rutledge both aged 26 were the youngest members to sign the
  • According
    to the estimates of the U.S. Census Bureau, only 2.5 million people lived in
    America in 1776. However, it is only an estimate as no census was done.
  • Many
    of us wear T-shirts, Shirts, and towels carrying American flags to celebrate
    July 4th. However, it is a violation of the US flag code.
  • Despite
    being Independence Day of America, the fourth of July was not declared a
    national holiday till 1870.  You will get
    amazed to know that July 4th holiday was not a paid holiday until 1941.

National Flag - US Independence Day
  • The
    fourth July also marks the death anniversary of three presidents namely Thomas
    Jefferson, John Adams, and James Monroe.
  • Apart
    from the death anniversaries, 4th July is also marked as the birth anniversary
    of President Calvin Coolidge who was born in 1872.
  • John
    Adams was of the opinion that the US Independence Day should be celebrated on
    2nd July. As his demands were not fulfilled, he never accepted the invitation
    of the Independence Day celebration.
  • Massachusetts
    was the first state to declare 4th July as an official holiday. The state is
    observing it as an official holiday since 1781.
  • Independence
    Day celebration took a toll on US president Zachary Taylor life as he died
    after eating contaminated fruit during the celebration.
  • As
    per 2016 data of the National Beer Wholesalers Association, the country
    consumes the largest amount of beer on fourth of July.
  • Independence
    Day is also known for some of the interesting traditions in some states. Eating
    salmon is one such tradition that is widely observed in New England. Isn’t it
    enjoyable to say happy July 4th with a slice of salmon?
  • The
    great US president George Washington was quite generous to his soldiers as he
    issued them the double ration of rum in 1778 for the fourth July celebrations.
  • Thomas
    Jefferson who also enjoys the pride of being the third president of America is
    referred to as the “author” of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Apart
    from Jefferson, there were four other members who drafted the declaration of
    independence. These members were Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Robert
    Livingston, and Roger Sherman.
  • In
    2020, many fireworks shows had to be canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
    Due to this, people associated with this industry were facing financial
    hardships. The American Pyrotechnics Association demanded financial assistance
    from the government to keep the business running.
  • Around
    65 percent of US citizens possess a national flag.
  • Fourth
    July might have been Independence Day but it was not before 1801 that the White
    House started hosting an Independence Day party.

White House hosted Fourth of July Party

  • Former
    Presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both were signers of the Declaration
    of Independence. Both signed the declaration on the same day. Both died on the
    same day on 4 July 1826.
  • The
    Bald Eagle is the national bird of America but Benjamin Franklin was not in
    favor of making it the national bird of America. For him, it is a bird with
    poor moral character. His choice was Turkey bird.

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