Fourth of July Fireworks Display – Best Places to See Them


fourth of July and we get excited about several fun activities that mark the US
Independence Day. Fireworks is one such activity that attracts most of us.
People look for ideal locations from where they can catch the spectacular views
of fireworks displays. If you are also a person who wants to see the 4th July
fireworks then here is where you can watch them.

Fouth of July Fireworks

York City

few cities in the United States can meet the grandness of the fourth of July
firework display in New York City.  You
can see Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular.  It
can be best seen from the 86th-floor observatory of the Empire State building.
If you are not able to make it to the show you can see its broadcast.


Angeles is also well known for its spectacular fireworks. Here firework
displays and musical celebrations take place at the Hollywood Bowl.  You can also watch spectacular fireworks at
Hollywood Forever.  The other locations
to see fireworks are Rose Bowl, Janss Marketplace, Nordhoff High School,
Dignity Health Sports Park, Warner Ranch Park, and Palisades Charter High
School. However, there are several other places where fireworks are launched on
a small scale.

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DC is an ideal destination for those looking to see fourth of July fireworks.
Most of the spectators go to the national park which hosts spectacular
fireworks. These fireworks can be best viewed from the National Mall and
Northern Virginia along the Potomac River. However, fireworks can also be sent
from President’s Park, The U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial, Columbia Island,
Netherlands Carillon, and Gravelly Point among the others.


is also one of the most popular destinations to watch fireworks display. Most
of the fireworks display takes place at Bayfront Park. But this year firework
display will be missing as authorities have canceled it to avoid the risk of
Covid-19 pandemic.


is one of the best places to see fireworks in America where you can see a
spectacular firework at Bellevue’s Downtown Park. The Seafair fireworks won’t
be available for spectators while you can watch it virtually.

Fourth of July fireworks to take your kids


capital of Georgia is well known for its great fourth of July firework
celebrations. Here celebrations take place in Centennial Olympic Park. The
venue adds to the excitement with live entertainment followed by fireworks.


in Oregon remains abuzz with activities on the fourth of July.  Here firework display is held at Pilot Butte.
Pet parade, hulla hoop contests and three-legged race are major activities to
entertain yourself on this day.


Sin City Las Vegas, the biggest display of fourth July fireworks can be seen at
Caesars Palace Fireworks Show. You can also watch fireworks at Lake Las Vegas.
In addition, there are several other destinations where you can go to watch the


living in St. Louis and areas around it have many options to see fireworks. The
Gateway Arch in St. Louis is the hub of the fireworks display. The fireworks
display will see the launch of 3000 shells.


of the most popular destinations in Rhodes Island, Bristol remains abuzz with
activities on Independence Day.  Parades
and fireworks are major activities on this day.

large number of people gather at Poppasquash Point where fireworks are


Boston, the firework show is launched along the Charles River. The biggest
Fourth of July event takes place at the July 4th Boston Fireworks Spectacular
where a patriotic pops concert is followed by fireworks. This year the concert
will be organized at Tanglewood while fireworks will be launched at Boston


city of Chicago and its suburbs have several spots to see spectacular
fireworks. Here the fireworks are launched on Lake Michigan. The year Navy Pier
fireworks for 2021 have been canceled. Some fireworks spots in Chicago and
suburbs launches fireworks third July that is fourth of July eve while some
other continue to do it on Independence Day. You should keep checking the local
websites to see fireworks scheduled in Chicago.


holds a special interest in the history of American independence. The city
hosts a series of events including fireworks. The fireworks display hosted at
the Philadelphia Museum of Art see the arrival of a large number of spectators.
Most of the people who want to see this show gather at Benjamin Franklin


is an ideal destination for those willing to see fireworks. Here the firework
display is held at Riverfront Park. So, if you want to see these fireworks from
close quarters then you should visit the park early to take a convenient seat.

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Fourth of July fireworks to see in Houston


you living in Houston or nearby areas then you can see fourth July fireworks in
Houston? The city is home to several venues where you can see fireworks blazing
the night sky. One such venue is Eleanor Tinsley Park that hosts Shell Freedom
Over Texas.  A small firework up to 15
minutes can be seen in City Centre. You can also go to Kemah where celebrations
take place at Kemah Boardwalk.


from being famous as a resort town, Atlantic City is also well known for its
annual fourth of July fireworks that see the arrival of 250,000 spectators. A
good view of this firework can be had from the Boardwalk or one of the many


Tahoe in California is also a great destination for those who want to see
fourth of July fireworks. The fireworks spectacle here is attended by more than
a hundred thousand spectators. So, if you are residing in California, you
should try to make it to Lake Tahoe to see this firework which is a feast to
your eyes.


Diego in southern California is an ideal destination to see several
Independence Day activities including fireworks. Big Bay Boom is one such
activity where fireworks are launched from four barges in San Diego Bay.
Looking for an ideal spot to see these spectacles? You can see them from
Landing, Harbor Island, Shelter Island, Coronado Ferry, the Marina District,
and North Embarcadero.


one of the major cities in Alabama is also an ideal destination to watch some
spectacular fireworks on the fourth of July. Here the fireworks are launched in
the backdrop of Vulcan which is the largest cast-iron statue in the world and
symbolizes Birmingham. If you are interested in seeing the fireworks from close
quarters, then you should reserve a seat at one of the five viewpoints that
include the UAB campus, Homewood, Five Points South, Mountain Brook, and

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