Valentine Week 2022 – A Guide to 7 Days of Valentine’s Week


in love eagerly wait for 14th February, Valentine’s Day. But those who are
deeply madly in romance also wait for the week preceding Valentine’s Day. This
week is called Valentine Week. Valentine’s Day is the 8th day of the week. But
the rest of the 7 days are also interesting. On Valentine’s Week 2022 we try to
understand these days better.

Valentine's Week

Week – What is Valentine’s Week

week preceding Valentine’s Day or 14 February is called Valentine’s Week.
Starting from 7th February to 14 February the week constitutes 7 days
Valentine’s Day. Here every day has significance of its own and lovers have
elaborate plans to celebrate them. Apart from the massages to gifts and
celebrations, everybody needs a different approach and it’s what makes it
exciting. Here we elaborate every day of Valentine’s Week.


Day – A Lover’s Guide to Passionate Romance

Week 2022 Full List – 7 Days of the Week

eventful Valentine’s Week is just around the corner and your partner might be
making plans for it. Roses, teddy, and chocolates might be on their way. You
might be busy booking restaurants or venues where you can spend some moments in
privacy.  To make your plans more
efficient, here we give details of the 7 days of the Valentine’s Week list

Week Day 1- Rose Day – 7 February, Monday

Day which is the first day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated on 7th February.
Rose Day 2022 will be celebrated on Monday. 
This day is celebrated by gifting roses to the beloved. Red roses are given
to beloved while yellow roses are given to friends. If there is someone who is
more than a friend but not your beloved you should give him/her a pink rose.
So, the day is ideal for couples as well as friends. But don’t forget to pick
the right color roses. If you are someone who loves your partner secretly and
hasn’t conveyed your feelings then you can gift her/him a rose and they will
understand it even without saying a word.

from the popular category roses, you can also gift orange roses, white roses,
peach roses, blue roses and lavender roses to make the first day of Valentine’s
Day week list memorable.  

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Week Day 2- Propose Day – 8 February, Tuesday

Day, the second day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated on 8th February. In Valentine’s
Week of 2022 it will be observed on Tuesday. On this day couples share their
feeling for their partner. They propose to them. The day is meant for someone
with a crush on somebody who hasn’t proposed yet. If you have a crush on
someone, like somebody very much, friends with him/her but has not proposed
yet. Gather courage and speak out your heart. You will be on cloud 9 if your
partner accepts your proposal. If so happens, the second day of Valentine’s
week 2022 will remain etched on your memory for long.

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Week Day 3- Chocolate Day – 9 February, Wednesday

third day of the Valentine’s Week list is chocolate day and it is celebrated on
9th February. This year chocolate day falls on Wednesday. It goes without
saying that chocolate has been a staple gifting material for couples. As
chocolate is known for its mood uplifting properties you should buy a pack of
his/her favorite chocolate, get it gift-wrapped and present it to her.
Chocolate makers have become more creative to cash on this opportunity as they
are offering heart-shaped chocolates.

from being customary gifting material for valentine’s Week Chocolate Day;
chocolates are also well known for their several health benefits. It saves you
from sunburn, improves blood circulation, and brings a glow to your skin.
Additionally, it’s known for making your mood better, improving memory and
reducing cholesterol levels. So, if you want to see him/her in good health,
gift him/her chocolate on this third day of Valentine’s Day week which is
referred to as Chocolate Day. Try to know if she has a preference for
particular chocolate and order the same. The end goal is making her happy,
isn’t it?

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Week Day 4- Teddy Day – 10 February, Thursday 

Day is the fourth day of the Valentine’s Week list and it’s celebrated on 10th
February every year. In the Valentine’s Week 2022, Teddy Day is on Thursday. On
this Day Teddy is given as a gift. There is an interesting fact attached to
Teddy Day. The day is named after US President, Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt who
refused to kill an animal during one of his hunting tours. A teddy was designed
to appreciate this animal-saving decision.

idea behind it is that your partner can hug the teddy whenever she misses
you.  So, give her a cute Teddy to mark
this day and she would like this gift. Ask her if she has a particular
preference for a Teddy and order it accordingly. There is no denying the fact
that girls like to have a Teddy as Valentine’s gift. Apart from being a gift, a
teddy is also a great sleeping companion which is also loved by boys. 

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Week Day 5- Promise Day – 11 February, Friday

Day which is the fifth day of the Valentine’s Day week list is celebrated on
11th February every year. In 2022 Promise Day will be celebrated on Friday. The
day is known for proposing to your partner saying you will stand by him/her
during highs and lows of life. On this day, you would commit to your partner
that you will stand by her even when there is no one by their side. Everyone
wants commitment from her partner and your promise to respect her and stand by
her will make her love you even better. Assure her that she is the center of
attraction of your life and your life wouldn’t be the same without her. 

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Week Day 6- Hug Day – 12 February, Saturday

hugs bring warmth to a relationship, so Valentine’s Week list has a day
reserved for it. The 6th day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated as Hug Day every
12th February. In 2022, it is one Saturday. With a warm hug, you can dispel anxiousness,
insecurities and doubts from your partner’s mind. It shows your unconditional
love for your partner. A hug is a powerful way to communicate your feeling
towards your partner. A warm hug can say what even thousands of words can’t.
So, give her your unconditional love wrapped in a hug and she will never go
away from you.


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Week Day 7- Kiss Day – 13 February, Sunday 

7th Day of the Valentine’s Day week list is named as Kiss Day and it is
celebrated on 13 February. This year, kiss Day is on Sunday. As they say that a
kiss makes your bond stronger so Valentine’s Week has a day for it. You should
reaffirm your love for her with a passionate kiss. A kiss is a way to
communicate those intense feelings which words can’t.

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Week Day 8- Valentine’s Day – 14 February, Monday

here comes the much-awaited day of the week – Valentine’s Day. The day hardly
needs an introduction as there is a huge buzz around it. Greeting cards
companies create Valentine’s Day card, florists assure express delivery of red
roses to lovers and restaurants reserves tables for them. in short, the entire
world will be making arrangements so that couples in love don’t face any
difficulty while meeting to spend some quality time with each other.

you are also someone who is deeply in love waiting for this day, then wear your
best outfit, buy him/her a bunch of roses, go for a scrumptious dinner and if
time allows go watch a romantic movie. However, in all probability, you may
have your preference of things to do on Valentine’s Day.


knowing Valentine Week in detail, we should also know about the Anti-Valentine
Week which starts from Slap Day on February 15 and concludes on Breakup Day on
February 21. Here is the schedule of Anti Valentine Week 2022.


Day 2022 which is the beginning day of Anti Valentine Week will be observed on
February 15 which is Tuesday.


Day 2022 will be observed on February 16, which is Wednesday.


Perfume Day 2022 will be celebrated on February 17, 2022, Thursday.


Day is the fourth day of Anti Valentine Week. It will be celebrated on February
18, 2022, which is Friday.


Day 2022 is the fifth day of Anti Valentine Week. It will be celebrated on
February 19, which is Saturday.


will celebrate Missing Day 2022 on February 20. The day is Sunday. It is the
sixth day of Anti-Valentine Week.


Day is the last day of Anti Valentine Week. It will be celebrated on February
21 which is Monday.

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